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Physical Security Supervisor

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  • EGP 3000 - EGP 15000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Physical Security Supervisor


1. Develop policies and procedures designed to mitigate risk to company assets & information.
2. Identify, develop, and gather necessary resources to complete projects.
3. Overview assessments, inspections & audits to monitor compliance with physical security protocols and regulations.
4. Responsible for opening & closing the site security system.
5. Evaluate the Physical Security team's performance & technical skills to provide necessary guidance accordingly.
6. Provide coaching, direction, and leadership support to employees to achieve department and company objectives.
7. Conduct and ensure the completion of performance appraisals annually.
8. Monitor surveillance cameras and ensure the verifications cycle regarding employees and visitors in the buildings.
9. Develop the security plan defining security strategy in design and development implementation.
10. Prepare and submit assessment reports weekly.
11. Monitor operational reports trends, variances, and issues and take appropriate action.
12. Review the weekly and monthly reports.
13. Audit the Security CCTV regularly.
14. Ensure employees adhere to legal and operational compliance requirements.
15. Supervise and oversee physical security operations concerning access control, lockers, lost & found, security guards, and other related processes.
16. Assign security maintenance-related work for technicians and follow up to ensure all tasks are solved within the deadlines.
17. Manage and oversee day-to-day overall security operations of the various security infrastructures.
18. Monitor equipment; view surveillance videos and investigate reports of accidents and security concerns.
19. Manage ID badge access control system for all sites.
20. Conduct physical security surveys and audits and work with the team to investigate daily issues.
21. Review and determine the logical and technical design of building security systems.
22. Facilitate repairs and upgrades related to security hardware and software, coordinating internal and external resources and guiding projects to completion.
23. Provide solutions for security-related concerns, requests, and questions.
24. Comply with GDPR from a physical security perspective.
25. Manage special events and visits.
26. Ensure that the team keeps company values and follows all policies and procedures.
27. Cooperate with internal departments & external clients.
28. Maintain a keen understanding of industry trends, developments, and best practices.
29. Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


- Bachelor's Degree in a related field, facilities management, or property management.
- 5 years of experience in Physical security management or a related field.
- Very good English.
- Knowledge and comfortability with global technical security monitoring systems.
- Knowledge of enterprise physical security risk management principles.
- Familiarity and experience with executive protection protocols.
- Perform both long- and short-term facilities assessments.
- Knowledge of building construction, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing.
- Knowledge of facilities regulations and safety standards.
- Strong interpersonal skills.
- Excellent communication skills.
- Excellent Project management & time management skills.
- Knowledge of regulations and laws.
- Good negotiating skills.
- Excellent presentation & MS skills.
- Generates Solutions.
- Prioritizing and the ability to handle a complex, varied workload.
- Ability to maintain confidentiality.

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