RAN O&M Expert


  • Jordan


  • JOD 1000 - JOD 3500 per month

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  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Opportunity: RAN O&M Expert

We are currently seeking a dedicated and experienced Telecommunications Project Coordinator to join our team. The successful candidate will be responsible for coordinating various activities related to the implementation, configuration, and optimization of 5G/4G overlay sites and related network elements. The project period is estimated to be 12-18 months.

Key Activities:

a. Work order (WO) issuing for new 5G/4G Overlay site integration (cell IDs, IPs, ports, etc.).

b. WO issuing for RAN hardware configuration/reconfiguration in the field.

c. Design and WO issuing for new OSS/5G CU integration, reconfiguration, and decommissioning.

d. LAC/RAC/TAC planning, optimization, and WO issuing for reconfiguration.

e. WO issuing for Core Network interface connectivity with RAN.

f. Database (IP, site topology, etc.) updates and audits.

g. WO acceptance.


- Technical Expertise: Proficiency in telecommunication technologies and project coordination.
- Interpersonal Skills: Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with various stakeholders.
- Problem Solving and Analytical Skills: Capable of analyzing issues and providing effective solutions.
- Adaptability: Willingness to adapt to changing project requirements and conditions.
- Time Management Skills: Efficiently manage time and prioritize tasks to meet project deadlines.
- Teamwork and Collaboration: Work effectively within a team environment.
- Ability to Cope with Stress: Maintain composure and focus in challenging situations.

If you have a strong technical background in telecommunications, excellent organizational skills, and the ability to coordinate complex projects, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join us in driving the success of our telecommunications projects.

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RAN O&M Expert

  • fulltime
  • Jordan

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