City Agency Manager


  • Qatar


  • QAR 500 - QAR 100 per month

Job Type

  • Part-Time

No. of Vacancies

  • 15

Job Description

Job Description:

BitNest City Agents is a unique opportunity to grow and promote the BitNest platform in your local market. As a City Agent, you will be the primary BitNest representative in your city, coordinating and driving local community activity and business development. You will work closely with the BitNest team to ensure high quality service and support in your city.

Support Description:

1. Financial Sponsorship:

As the city agent of BitNest, when your team members exceed 2000, you will receive 10000USDT sponsorship from BitNest Community and a one-time reward of 50000 MEC tokens.

2. Activity funding support:

X · BitNest will provide financial support to city agents to help them carry out various marketing activities in the local area, such as seminars, lectures, product launches, etc.

· This includes expenses for venue rental, promotional materials, guest speaker fees, etc., to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the event.

· The activity fund support will be evaluated and distributed according to the agent's performance and market demand to ensure that the agent's activities can be carried out smoothly and achieve the desired results.

3. Resource sharing:

City agents will have the opportunity to share resources with other agents, including market intelligence, successful cases, promotion experience, etc., to support each other and grow together.

4. Exclusive training:

BitNest will provide professional training for city agents, including platform operation process, product function, marketing strategy and customer management, to ensure that agents can fully grasp BitNest's business and process.

Job Requirements:

1. Community building:

You need to actively set up a BitNest community group, such as a Whatsapp group or a Telegram group, which will become an important platform for you to connect and communicate within the region. In groups, you can invite your team members, and invite BitNest's team ambassadors to join to provide training and mentoring for your team members. This group will be a central place for you to promote teamwork and communication.

2. Team Member Invitation:

You need to actively invite potential team members to join your BitNest community group. You can attract people interested in the blockchain space to join your team through a variety of channels such as personal contacts, social media, offline events, and more. At the same time, you can also use the promotional materials and resources provided by BitNest to introduce potential members to the BitNest platform and opportunities for teamwork.

3. Extensive market experience:

You should have rich experience in sales and marketing, be familiar with the characteristics and needs of the local market, and effectively develop and develop customer groups.

4. Communication and coordination skills:

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to connect well with your community team, customers, and BitNest headquarters to ensure the flow of information.

5. Leadership and team management:

Be able to lead and manage your community team, motivate team members, and improve team productivity and business capabilities.

6. Excellent execution:

Be able to execute tasks quickly according to BitNest's strategy and plan, and drive the rapid development of business.

7. Market Acumen:

Have keen market insight, be able to find market opportunities and challenges in time, and formulate effective marketing strategies.

8. Network operation experience:

Familiar with the use of social media, short video and other network operation platforms, can effectively carry out online promotion, improve brand awareness.

9. Ability to work independently:

Be able to work independently under the guidance of BitNest headquarters and take the initiative to find and solve problems.

10. Integrity and responsibility:

Have a high sense of integrity and responsibility, pay attention to the rights and interests of customers and team members, and establish a good professional image.

11. Recognition of BitNest:

They have a deep understanding and recognition of BitNest's brand, products and services, and are willing to develop together with BitNest.

By fulfilling these requirements, you will be qualified for the position of BitNest City Agent to succeed in your local market, driving the BitNest brand's business growth within your city.

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