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IT Operations Specialist

MENA Energy

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 5000 - AED 6000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Position: IT Operations Analyst

1. Job Purpose:

The IT Operations Analyst is responsible for executing and monitoring all operational tasks through manual and automation tools. This role involves daily operations, end-of-day processing, monitoring databases, administering backup policies, supporting DBA and system admin teams, and handling escalated user-reported faults. The Analyst will contribute to maintaining IT operational procedures, participate in disaster recovery tests, and ensure the availability of IT services across the bank.

2. Principal Responsibilities:

Daily Operations:
- Execute and monitor all operational tasks through manual and automation tools.
- Perform end-of-day processing and monitoring.
- Monitor Oracle and SQL server databases in the bank.
- Co-ordinate with the Vulnerability management team and apply authorized patches.
- Administer the backup/restore policy of all business applications.

Disaster Recovery:
- Activate and co-ordinate disaster recovery tests from the operating systems perspective.
- Monitor alert log files and handle escalations.
- Administer the backup/restore policy of all business applications.
- Monitor and manage data replication to DRC.
- Daily data backup of all business applications and systems.

Support and Monitoring:
- Provide support to the DBA and System admin team.
- Escalate user-reported faults.
- Take over first-level help desk responsibility after normal working hours.
- Run all IT operations for the bank.

Database Management:
- Manage the database alert, trace log, error log, and proactively monitor DB for abnormalities.
- Handle database replication services like ODG, ADG, Log shipping, Always ON, and database mirroring.
- Perform database backup and restore as required.
- Monitor/administer datafile size, tablespace growth, and file system size-related issues.

Additional Responsibilities:
- Periodically update and maintain IT operational procedures.
- Resolve sync gap issues on Database replication between primary and DRC center.
- Work on operating systems such as Solaris, Linux, Windows, etc.
- Participate in DR & BCP drills.
- Monitor system alerts and job flows.
- Perform periodic scanning of Group IT infra for vulnerabilities and patching of systems and databases.

3. Job Requirements:

Knowledge and Skills:
- Programming experience with proficiency in Unix Shell (Korn, Bash) scripting.
- Bachelor’s in computer science or equivalent.
- Excellent customer service, interpersonal, and communication skills.
- Strong documentation and automation skills.
- Excellent troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and permanent problem resolution skills.
- Ability to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment.

This role requires a candidate with a strong background in IT operations, database administration, and disaster recovery. The individual should have excellent problem-solving skills, the ability to work in a 24/7 environment, and experience in financial services or banking.

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