Registered Nurse

Vitalite Medical Centre

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 2200 - AED 2400 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Registered Nurse

Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Assess and Prioritize Patient Care Needs:
- Evaluate patient conditions and medical history to determine care priorities.
- Prioritize patient care based on urgency and severity of conditions.

2. Medication Administration:
- Administer medications and treatments as prescribed by physicians.
- Ensure accurate dosage and monitor patient response to medications.

3. Patient Monitoring and Reporting:
- Monitor and record patient vital signs and symptoms regularly.
- Report any changes in patient condition to the healthcare team promptly.

4. Patient Education:
- Educate patients and their families on health conditions, medications, and self-care techniques.
- Provide guidance on managing medical conditions and promoting overall wellness.

5. Collaborative Care:
- Collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals to develop and implement patient care plans.
- Communicate effectively with interdisciplinary team members to ensure comprehensive patient care.

6. Safety and Infection Control:
- Ensure patient safety by adhering to infection control protocols.
- Maintain a clean and organized work environment to minimize risks of infection.

7. Emotional Support:
- Provide emotional support and comfort to patients and their families during challenging times.
- Foster a compassionate and caring environment to promote healing and well-being.

8. Documentation and Recordkeeping:
- Document patient care activities accurately and maintain up-to-date medical records.
- Ensure compliance with documentation standards and regulatory requirements.

9. Continuous Learning and Professional Development:
- Stay updated on advancements in nursing practice through continuing education.
- Enhance skills and knowledge to provide high-quality patient care.

10. Advocacy and Ethical Care:
- Advocate for patients' rights and ensure they receive ethical and compassionate care.
- Uphold professional standards of nursing practice and adhere to ethical guidelines.

11. Support in Operational Processes:
- Assist in Op Registration, Billing, and Insurance approvals processes.
- Collaborate with administrative staff to ensure smooth workflow and patient satisfaction.

This role requires a dedicated Registered Nurse committed to providing high-quality patient care, promoting safety, and advocating for patients' well-being. If you possess strong clinical skills, compassion, and a commitment to continuous learning, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding position.

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Registered Nurse

  • fulltime
  • United Arab Emirates

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