Conference Moderator


  • Bahrain


  • BHD 263.7 - BHD 376.72 per month

Job Type

  • Part-Time

No. of Vacancies

  • 15

Job Description

Job Description:

The host of BitNest online conference is responsible for organizing and hosting all kinds of online activities, conferences, webinars, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of the activities, and to establish positive interaction with participants in order to achieve the desired objectives and results of the activities. Online conference hosts need to have excellent speech and hosting skills, be good at using the network platform to communicate and guide, be able to effectively control the process of activities, and deal with various situations that may arise in online activities.

Support Description:

As the conference host of BitNest, you will receive 400USDT ~ 6000USDT support funds provided by the platform every month. BitNest will provide professional training and guidance, including training in presentation skills, hosting ability, use of web conferencing tools and so on. We will arrange professional tutors to provide one-to-one guidance and counseling for network conference hosts to help them improve their abilities and levels.

Job Requirements:

1. Excellent speech and hosting skills, clear and fluent expression, loud and infectious voice.

2. Excellent online communication and guidance skills, able to effectively interact with participants online and guide them to participate in activities.

3. Proficient in the use of web conferencing tools, able to operate Zoom, Youtube, Google Meet, TikTok, Facebook and other online conferencing platforms.

4. Have a good live environment, and do not introduce other projects or any products in BitNest's live conference.

5. Have team spirit, be good at cooperating with team members to complete online activity planning and execution tasks.

Job Description:

1. To host a webinar:

Be responsible for guiding and presiding over the network meeting to ensure the smooth progress of the meeting, including opening speech, agenda introduction, theme explanation, etc.

2. Describe the BitNest platform features:

Introduce the functions and features of BitNest platform to new people in the live broadcast room, including how to register, use and participate in platform activities, so as to ensure that new people have a clear understanding of the platform.

3. Introduction to Platform Operation:

The operation mechanism, profit model and partnership of BitNest platform are introduced in detail, so that participants can understand the operation mode and business model of the platform.

4. Interaction with the audience in the live broadcast room:

Interact with the audience in the live broadcasting room, answer their questions, solve their doubts, enhance the interaction and communication with the audience, and enhance the participation and activity effect.

5. Ensure the quality of live broadcasting:

It is responsible for ensuring that the live pictures and sounds are clear and smooth, maintaining a good live effect, and improving the audience's viewing experience.

The above work will be carried out in the form of live video, aiming to provide new people with a comprehensive introduction and guidance of BitNest platform, and promote the development of the platform and the participation of users.

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