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Current Employer or present employer meaning- Get information


Shini Ramith

September 14, 2023 · 5 min read
Current Employer or present employer meaning- Get information - TalentPoint

What is the meaning of current employer? You can be asked to mention your current employer when submitting applications in person or online. On these documents, individuals must give specific information; such as their entire legal name, current mailing address, and any previous jobs.

Many people wonder “what does current employer mean?” or “what does present employer mean?” The meaning of current employer purely refers to the organization for which you are currently working. If you happen to work for X company, that is your current employer; consequently, that is the most recent employer meaning. You should not list them if you had done work for them and no longer do.

You can omit the question on an application asking for your current employment; especially, if you are unemployed or between jobs at the time. However, if you mention an employer that you do not work for or if you lie about it, your application may be rejected.

You should always mention your current employer as your place of employment. In general, the amount of time you have worked for that certain employer should not be a factor. That company will continue to be your employer, whether you have worked there for one day or ten years.

Now that you know the meaning of your current employer, it is important to note that some job applications will ask you about your current employer. On the application, they request authorization to expedite contact and, if required, to ask questions during the interview. Also, they ask you about your prior employment history with the organization in doing this.

What if a job application wants to contact my current employer?

As you now know the current employer means if a question on a job application asks who your current employer is, you can feel comfortable answering. If a job application asks who your current employer is, you should feel comfortable providing that information. However, if questioned on a job application if the interviewer can contact your current employer, we recommend that you decline.

It is not unusual for candidates to not allow prospective employers to contact their current employers; which will not affect your chances of getting the interview or the job. You do not want potential employers to contact your current employer; because your current employer is likely unaware that you are searching or interviewing at other organizations or companies. 

Letting another company or employer contact your current employer puts your current employer on notice that you are looking for new opportunities. Although this is not necessarily wrong or illegal; most employers do not know when someone wants to leave. Consequently, putting them on notice can create conflict and friction at your current job. Your current employer will be aware that you are searching for jobs elsewhere and could begin to reduce your workload to replace you.

Additionally, if the prospective company does not make you an offer, you run the danger of alienating your existing employer. Always try to keep your interview and job search activities a secret. Subsequently, keep your intentions to leave the company quiet and do not tell any coworkers or colleagues.

Even if you get along with your coworkers, telling them you are looking for a job could lead to tension and animosity. Only after receiving a job offer and a start date should you inform coworkers about your new employment. 


Even if someone asks you to name a reason why someone might quit their job in casual conversation, you should not tell them your intentions. Now that you understand the meaning of current employer, you must know that the most common technique to identify your previous employment is by giving the company name and general contact information.

If your new employer asks for it, you do not necessarily need to include the name and contact information of a specific former superior; although occasionally you might want to. Giving your prospective employer the personal contact details of a superior who will write a favorable assessment may help you obtain the job if you believe your new employer will request a referral from your old employer.

In general, you should always be genuine while applying for jobs. You must include all relevant information, like your job role, a list of your tasks in bullet points, and an outline of your employment history.

Even if you do not want your prospective employer to get in touch with your existing employer, you must be honest about it. It is acceptable to decline the suggestion that you get in touch with your current employer. They are aware of how dangerous it could be to risk missing your current position before working your two weeks.

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