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Guide to Equivalency Certificate UAE: Application Process, Fees & Documents


Shini Ramith

November 16, 2023 · 17 min read
Guide to Equivalency Certificate UAE: Application Process, Fees & Documents - TalentPoint

Equivalency Certificate UAE 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's educational landscape, obtaining an equivalency certificate UAE is pivotal for individuals seeking to validate their academic qualifications. This guide provides valuable insights and essential information on the process. So, do you want to know all about the equivalency certificate UAE?

In this article, we will cover all the information about this document. Read on!


  • Guide to Equivalency Certificate UAE: Application Process, Fees, & Documents

  • Step-by-step process of applying for an Equivalency Certificate in the UAE. Learn about the fees, necessary documents, and essential details to ensure a smooth application process for your academic qualifications

  • Equivalency Certificate UAE 2023: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Understanding the Significance of an Equivalency Certificate UAE

  • Why Does it Matter? The Crucial Role of Equivalency Certificates in the UAE

    • Employment Opportunities

    • Educational Pursuits

    • Professional Licensing

    • Government Job Requirements

    • Ensuring Quality Standards

    • Alignment with International Standards

    • International Recognition

    • Cultural Integration

    • Promoting Equal Opportunities

    • Global Competitiveness

  • How Can I Get a UAE Equivalency Certificate?

    • Step 1: Attestation of Degree and HSS Certificate

    • Step 2: Applying for a 'Genuineness Letter'

    • Step 3: Applying for an ICA Travel Report

    • Step 4: Applying for the Equivalency Certificate

  • Equivalency Request for Foreign Curriculum Grade 12 Certificate in the UAE

  • Recognition of University Certificates Issued Outside the UAE

  • Why an Equivalency Certificate is Your Educational Passport

    • 1. Global Recognition

    • 2. Employment Opportunities

    • 3. Higher Education Pursuits

    • 4. Professional Licensing

    • 5. Skill Enhancement Programs

    • 6. Academic Mobility

    • 7. Professional Credibility

    • 8. International Exchange Programs

    • 9. Government Employment Eligibility

    • 10. Personal Satisfaction and Recognition

  • Exploring Career Horizons in the UAE: Top 5 Ideal Job Types

    • 1. Project Manager

    • 2. Digital Marketing Specialist

    • 3. Renewable Energy Engineer

    • 4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist

    • 5. Aviation Professional - Aerospace Engineer

Understanding the Significance of an Equivalency Certificate UAE

An equivalency certificate UAE serves as an official acknowledgment of the equality or comparability of an individual's foreign educational qualifications to those in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This process is essential for individuals who have completed their education abroad and wish to pursue further studies, seek employment, or engage in professional activities within the UAE.

Why Does it Matter? The Crucial Role of Equivalency Certificates in the UAE

The importance of obtaining an equivalency certificate UAE is underscored by a multitude of factors, each playing a pivotal role in shaping an individual's journey toward academic and professional success within the UAE's dynamic landscape.

Employment Opportunities

Securing an equivalency certificate significantly broadens employment horizons. However, many employers in the UAE require this validation to ensure that candidates possess educational qualifications meeting local standards. Therefore, this credential acts as a decisive factor in the hiring process, providing employers with confidence in the educational background of potential candidates.

Educational Pursuits

For individuals aspiring to pursue higher education, an equivalency certificate is not just a formality. In other words, it is a key that unlocks admission to local universities and academic institutions, enabling a seamless transition into the UAE's educational milieu. This recognition is vital for those seeking advanced degrees or specialized courses within the country.

Professional Licensing

Various professions and regulatory bodies in the UAE mandate an equivalency certificate as a prerequisite for obtaining professional licenses. This, therefore, becomes a critical step for those seeking to practice in regulated fields. Without this certification, individuals may face barriers in obtaining the necessary licenses to practice their professions.

Government Job Requirements

Aspiring to work in government positions? An equivalency certificate is often non-negotiable. That is to say, many government jobs stipulate this requirement, ensuring candidates meet the necessary educational benchmarks. Therefore, the government's emphasis on this criterion aims to guarantee that individuals in key roles have a solid educational foundation.

Ensuring Quality Standards

The UAE places a premium on maintaining high-quality education. Therefore, the equivalency certificate acts as a gatekeeper, ensuring that individuals entering the educational landscape align with local standards. In addition, this helps uphold the country's commitment to excellence in education, fostering a robust and competitive academic environment.

Alignment with International Standards

While the UAE has stringent educational criteria, an equivalency certificate UAE bridges the gap for individuals educated in diverse international settings, allowing for a harmonized integration. Moreover, it ensures that individuals with global educational backgrounds are seamlessly integrated into the local academic ecosystem.

International Recognition

Holding an equivalency certificate provides international recognition of one's educational achievements, making it a valuable asset for those with global career aspirations. This recognition is not limited to the UAE but extends to a global stage, contributing to an individual's credibility in international professional arenas.

Cultural Integration

The certificate is not just a validation of academic prowess but also facilitates cultural integration. Additionally, it ensures that individuals comprehend and are attuned to the local educational ethos. This cultural alignment is crucial, especially for those intending to contribute meaningfully to the local educational community.

Promoting Equal Opportunities

The equivalency certificate UAE is instrumental in fostering equality by ensuring that individuals from diverse educational backgrounds are given equal opportunities in the UAE's competitive job market. Moreover, this commitment to equal opportunities contributes to a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Global Competitiveness

In an era of global competitiveness, possessing an equivalency certificate enhances an individual's competitiveness on the international stage, making them more marketable and adaptable to various professional environments. Furthermore, this global competitiveness positions individuals as valuable assets in the international job market, opening doors to a myriad of opportunities globally.

How Can I Get a UAE Equivalency Certificate?

Embarking on the journey to secure an equivalency certificate involves a systematic process, ensuring that your academic qualifications align with the standards set by the UAE. We will discover the step-by-step procedure:

Step 1: Attestation of Degree and HSS Certificate

Ensuring the legitimacy of your academic achievements is the cornerstone. Therefore, your Master's or Bachelor's degree, the highest award attained, must undergo attestation by the UAE embassy in the country of issuance. For non-English or Arabic degrees, translation is imperative.

  • Supporting Documents for Equivalency Submission:

  • Attested Bachelor's or Master's degree

  • Transcript

  • High school/Secondary school certificate (for Bachelor's degree applicants)

  • Transcript of the Bachelor's degree (for Master's degree applicants)

Step 2: Applying for a 'Genuineness Letter'

However, some countries require a genuineness letter from the UAE embassy or consulate to validate your academic history at an accredited institute. The cultural mission facilitates communication with colleges/universities, ensuring the information is valid for submission to the UAE Ministry of Education.

For the list of countries requiring genuineness letters, visit: Ministry of Education Countries List

If you're from India, apply for a Verification of Education Document via IVS Global. Track your application status to ensure it reaches the concerned university.

Track the Document - CGI Dubai: DTDC Courier Tracking

Step 3: Applying for an ICA Travel Report

In addition, submission of an ICA travel report adds a layer of documentation, outlining exit and entry details, locations, and passport specifics. The report, issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, contributes to the comprehensive evaluation.

How to Apply for an ICA Travel Report:

  • ICA customer happiness centre

  • Tasjeel

  • DubaiNow App (for Dubai visa holders)

Step 4: Applying for the Equivalency Certificate

Consequently, with all prerequisites in place, applicants can proceed to the Ministry of Education's online portal for the equivalency certificate UAE application. Essential documents include a valid Emirates ID, passport copy, and visa page, ICA report, and a genuineness letter if applicable.

  • Curriculum-Specific Requirements. Furthermore, different curricula have specific criteria, emphasizing subjects, exam scores, and language proficiency. The MOE outlines these requirements meticulously, ensuring applicants meet the necessary benchmarks for each CV.

  • What is the Cost and Processing Time? Moreover, the cost for applying for an equivalency certificate is 50 AED, as per the MOE website. On average, the process takes around 5 working days. However, factors such as the institute's accreditation and the need for additional checks can extend the processing duration.

After completing the previous steps and gathering required documents, apply for the equivalency certificate through the Ministry of Education's online portal. Follow the provided instructions accurately.

Required Documents for Equivalency Certificate:

  • Copy of a valid Emirates ID.

  • Copy of a valid passport and visa page.

  • ICA travel report (exit entry report).

  • Genuineness letter obtained from the UAE embassy or consulate (if applicable).

  • Attested degree/award and higher secondary certificate.

  • Arabic Ministry exam (for Arabic passport holders).

  • Islamic Studies Ministry exam (for Muslims).

For the Ministry of Education UAE Equivalency Certificate Portal, visit: MOE Equivalency Certificate Portal

Equivalency Request for Foreign Curriculum Grade 12 Certificate in the UAE

This service offers a certificate confirming the equivalency of your Grade 12 certificate from a foreign curriculum General Education institute in the UAE.

Processing Time: 5 working days

Cost: 50 AED

Documents: 3-7


Optional Required Document Check:

1. Click on [Find out](#).

2. Select your curriculum and input relevant details.

3. View the list of documents required for your equivalency application.

Application for General Education Equivalency:

1. Log in to your account using UAE PASS. Ensure your UAE PASS account is verified. (Verify your UAE PASS account [here](#)).

2. Fill out your Certificate Details.

3. Upload the required documents.

4. Submit your application for review.

5. You may be asked to provide additional documents.

6. Once your application is ready for payment, you'll receive a notification.

7. Log in to your account and make the payment.

8. Receive your General Education equivalency outcome.


- Exceptional cases may be forwarded to the General Education equivalency committee for further review.

- Failure to provide the required additional documents within 7 days may result in the closure of your application. Our team will contact you three times before closing your application.

For questions or assistance, please contact: [email protected]


1. Ensure that your Grade 12 transcripts and certificates are attested by the local educational regulatory authority in your respective emirate:

   - Abu Dhabi – Department of Education and Knowledge

   - Dubai – Knowledge and Human Development Authority

   - Sharjah – Sharjah Private Education Authority

   - Other Emirates – Ministry of Education
2. A legal translation is mandatory for any certificates or transcripts issued in a language other than Arabic or English.

3. General Education certificates issued by schools following distance-learning or the open school mode of study will not be equalized.

4. Any form of academic study that deviates from the educational system in the United Arab Emirates will also not be equalized.

Required Documents:

  • Graduation Certificate: A document confirming the successful completion of your academic program.

  • Transcripts: Official records of your academic performance for the last three years of study.

Additional Requirements for Specific Groups:

  • Muslim Students: Islamic Studies must have been included in the curriculum during the last three years of study.

  • Students of Arab Nationality: Arabic language courses must have been taken in the last three years of study.

Recognition of University Certificates Issued Outside the UAE

This service offers a Certificate confirming the alignment of your higher education degree from an accredited foreign university with the UAE Ministry of Education's guidelines and international academic standards. This Certificate is valuable for employment opportunities, pursuing higher education in the UAE, or applying for a UAE visa.

Processing Time: Up to 30 days

Starting Cost: AED 100

Documents: 5-9

Before applying, understand the required documents by clicking [here](#)​.


This Recognition process comprises two stages. In the initial stage, verify your degree with one of the Ministry of Education’s trusted partners. In the second stage, apply for your Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Education. Ensure you complete Stage 1 before proceeding to Stage 2.

Optional Required Document Check:

1. Click on [Find out](#).

2. Answer questions about your degree and university.

3. View the list of required documents for your application.

4. If your documents are ready, proceed to your application with one of the Ministry of Education’s trusted partners.

Stage 1: Degree Verification from a Trusted Partner

1. Click [here](#) to start the application process with a trusted partner.

2. Log into their website.

3. Confirm entered details, select verification requirements, and check package details.

4. Input personal details and degree information.

5. Upload required documents.

6. Pay fees based on degree level and verification documents.

7. Specialists will review your application for completeness. You might be asked for additional information or documents.

8. The specialist contacts your university for degree verification. Once confirmed, your Verification Document is issued.

9. Receive a reference number for applying to the Ministry of Education's Certificate of Recognition service (Stage 2).

Stage 2: Certificate of Recognition

1. Click on [Complete application](#).

2. Log into the Ministry of Education portal with your UAEPass.

3. Enter the reference number from QuadraBay or DataFlow and your date of birth.

4. Personal and education information is automatically populated.

5. Confirm your details.

6. Pay for your application.

7. Receive the Certificate with a Recognition decision (Recognized / Not Recognized) via email. Download the result from your Ministry of Education account.


- In exceptional cases, applications may undergo further assessment, requiring additional processing time.

- Failure to provide additional documents within 7 days will result in application closure, with a reminder to upload documents before closure.


The fees for Stage 1 of the process depend on the specifics of your certificate and will be calculated when you initiate your application with one of the Ministry of Education’s trusted partners. Once you successfully complete Stage 1, you can proceed to apply for your Certificate of Recognition at the following prices based on the degree level:

  • Undergraduate degree: 100 AED

  • Postgraduate degree: 150 AED

  • Doctorate degree: 200 AED

Non Recognizable Certificates 

Certificates that do not meet the specified recognition criteria cannot be acknowledged by the Department. The reasons for non-recognition vary depending on factors such as the field of study or the type of university. Here are some common reasons for non-recognition:

1. The student studied within the UAE at an institution unauthorized to operate in the higher education field.

2. The institution is not recognized by the Ministry of Education in the UAE.

3. The institution lacks accreditation from relevant academic accreditation bodies in the country of study.

4. The student failed to fulfill the attendance requirement in the country of study, as specified in the conditions section above.

5. The student did not obtain a Bachelor’s degree, contradicting a core principle of the National Qualification Framework.

6. The student’s previous degree (Bachelor’s) certificate was not approved.

7. The study was conducted through non-recognized and non-traditional modes (Distance learning/Open learning/Online Learning).

8. The student did not obtain the Licensure Examination in the Philippines (PRC certificate).

9. The study period proved to be shorter than the duration required for the relevant degree.

10. The study institution is not listed by the Ministry of Education for distance education (interactive online education).

11. Insufficient evidence was presented to confirm the authenticity of the degree.

12. The study program falls outside the mandate of the Certificate Recognition Committee.

13. The student studied at an institute other than the one that issued the degree.

14. The academic program lacks accreditation from Specialized/Professional Accrediting Organizations in the country of study.

15. The percentage of study hours conducted in non-traditional modes exceeded the allowed percentage set by the Ministry of Education.

16. The percentage of transferred credit hours exceeded the allowed percentage set by the Ministry of Education.

17. The study college is not recognized by the Ministry of Education.

18. It was not possible to obtain evidence of the institution's accreditation from the academic accreditation bodies in the country of study.

19. The certificate violates specific certificate recognition conditions.

Why an Equivalency Certificate is Your Educational Passport

Here are the benefits of an equivalency certificate UAE:

1. Global Recognition

An Equivalency Certificate not only aligns your qualifications with UAE standards but also enhances global recognition. This accreditation fosters acceptance and understanding of your educational background worldwide. Moreover, by attaining global recognition, individuals can seamlessly integrate into international educational and professional landscapes.

2. Employment Opportunities

Unlocking a myriad of job prospects, an Equivalency Certificate UAE opens doors to a spectrum of employment opportunities. Employers value the standardized evaluation, ensuring that candidates meet the educational prerequisites for diverse roles. In addition, this accreditation broadens your job horizons, making you eligible for positions that mandate specific educational qualifications.

3. Higher Education Pursuits

For those aspiring to pursue advanced studies, an Equivalency Certificate serves as a key to unlocking opportunities in higher education. Recognized by universities and institutions, it facilitates enrollment in various academic programs. Therefore, individuals holding an Equivalency Certificate can pursue further studies, paving the way for career advancements and specialized knowledge.

4. Professional Licensing

Certain professions require specific educational qualifications for licensing. The Equivalency Certificate acts as a catalyst in obtaining professional licenses, enabling individuals to practice in their chosen field within the UAE. Furthermore, it streamlines the licensing process, ensuring compliance with educational standards set by regulatory bodies.

5. Skill Enhancement Programs

With an Equivalency Certificate UAE, individuals gain access to skill enhancement programs and workshops. Consequently, recognized by educational and training providers, this accreditation becomes a gateway to continuous learning and professional development. In other words, holding an Equivalency Certificate not only validates past education but also opens avenues for ongoing skill refinement.

6. Academic Mobility

Facilitating academic mobility, the Equivalency Certificate empowers individuals to seamlessly transition between educational institutions. Therefore, this mobility proves crucial for those who may need to change schools or pursue additional courses. Moreover, it ensures a smooth educational journey, allowing individuals to adapt to evolving academic needs and goals.

7. Professional Credibility

Earning an Equivalency Certificate enhances your professional credibility. Also, employers and colleagues recognize the commitment to aligning your qualifications with local standards, establishing you as a credible and qualified professional. Therefore, this accreditation becomes a testament to your dedication to professional growth and adaptation.

8. International Exchange Programs

For students aspiring to participate in international exchange programs, an Equivalency Certificate UAE is indispensable. For this reason, recognized by foreign educational institutions, it facilitates smooth participation in exchange initiatives, fostering cross-cultural experiences. Consequently, students can broaden their horizons by engaging in enriching international academic exchanges.

9. Government Employment Eligibility

Certain government positions in the UAE necessitate specific educational qualifications. An Equivalency Certificate ensures eligibility for government employment, aligning individuals with the academic prerequisites mandated for public service roles. As a result, individuals can explore opportunities within government sectors, contributing to public service initiatives.

10. Personal Satisfaction and Recognition

On a personal level, obtaining an Equivalency Certificate UAE is a source of immense satisfaction. So, it represents an acknowledgment of your academic journey, bridging the gap between international education and local standards. Moreover, the certificate provides a sense of personal achievement, instilling confidence in your educational background.

Exploring Career Horizons in the UAE: Top 5 Ideal Job Types

If you have the UAE equivalency certificate, you may be interested in these jobs, so they are some of the best paying jobs:

1. Project Manager

In the UAE's flourishing business environment, Project Managers play a pivotal role in overseeing and executing diverse projects. Also, from construction and infrastructure developments to IT initiatives, experienced Project Managers are in high demand. Moreover, their strategic planning and leadership skills are crucial for steering projects to success, making them integral to the country's continuous growth.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist

Given the UAE's rapid digital transformation, Digital Marketing Specialists are essential for businesses aiming to establish a robust online presence. From social media campaigns to SEO strategies, these professionals navigate the digital landscape with agility. Furthermore, their ability to harness technology aligns with the UAE's tech-driven vision, making them key contributors to the marketing realm.

3. Renewable Energy Engineer

As the UAE focuses on sustainable development, Renewable Energy Engineers are instrumental in driving the transition towards eco-friendly energy solutions. From solar to wind energy projects, these engineers contribute to the nation's commitment to environmental responsibility. In addition, their expertise aligns with the UAE's goals for a greener and more sustainable future.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist

With the UAE investing heavily in AI and smart technologies, specialists in Artificial Intelligence are highly sought after. Therefore, these professionals contribute to the implementation of AI-driven solutions across various sectors, from healthcare to finance. In addition, their role is integral in shaping the UAE's vision of becoming a global hub for AI innovation and technology advancement.

5. Aviation Professional - Aerospace Engineer

Given the prominence of the aviation industry in the UAE, Aerospace Engineers play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of cutting-edge aircraft. From designing to testing, these professionals contribute to the nation's status as a hub for aviation excellence. Furthermore, their skills are vital for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the UAE's thriving air transport sector.

In summary, the journey to obtain an equivalency certificate UAE involves strategic steps, meticulous documentation, and adherence to curriculum-specific criteria. This comprehensive guide aims to simplify the process, empowering individuals to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of obtaining an equivalency certificate in the UAE. For more information and personalized assistance, contact us. 

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