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10th of June 2002, was the foundation stone was laid for Al Rasikhoon Real Estate Company in the Emirate of Dubai, which was the main building block in the company’s wall.

In record time, the company was able to achieve the highest sales targets by forming a group of customers and obtaining their satisfaction, in addition to achieving diversification in investment and investment management, so that it included several areas of investment, starting from investment in buying and selling, all the way to invest in residential and commercial plans (land marketing), both residential and commercial

Al Rasikhoon Real Estate Company, with its young management, has taken the scientific approach in keeping up with the latest developments in the field of investment and real estate marketing, through a systematic managed from its main office in the Emirate of Ajman and its branches, which in turn forms a clear imprint of the impact on the level of the UAE real estate market.

In addition to Al-Rasikhoon Company, it is one of the companies that lived through the global crisis that overthrew Large companies, and we were able to overcome the crisis with a wise policy that brought the company to safety, which earned the company’s management and employees extensive experience.

The company enjoys sophisticated relations with many strategic partners from the Gulf countries, who are considered an extension of weight, and they deliver the message of Al-Rasikhoon Company to the final customer, who considers dealing with him and gaining his satisfaction as one of the finest arts.

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