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IT Services and IT Consulting

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About Our Company

Welcome to the Augmented Era - creator of multiple global brands.
We engineer a place of work bringing together an unparalleled and ever-expanding range of solutions, accessible to anyone to thrive and expand in the evolving digital world - equipping the current generation for the future.

By 2025, 50% of today’s occupations will vanish. The preciseness of Artificial Intelligence will take over, and the workforce will require less manpower. Today’s generation is unprepared to cope with this drastic change.

To prepare today’s generation in the Augmented Era, we design and build world-class products and services that create a workplace for forward-thinking people. Each product makes a meaningful impact and compelling experiences that deliver results - from e-learning to travel, fintech, and sustainable fashion.

We are loads of fun! We’re a team of makers, thinkers, and curious explorers. We approach work and play with curiosity and experimentation, using what we learn to create meaningful digital products that connect with people just like you. Today we have over 200 dedicated and passionate professionals in our numerous offices across Dubai and beyond. Our dynamic in-house team comprises departments that drive exceptional experiences for our customers -- from Marketing to Tech, Finance, Support, and Legal.

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