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Damas Medical Center was established in 2007 initially as a dental clinic, we have added 4 highly advanced dental clinics.

In 2010, our dermatology and laser departments were opened.
Our main goals at Damas Medical Complex are to provide excellent service in terms of the medical care provided and a calm, comfortable and clean atmosphere in accordance with other international medical standards and specialized standards.

Therefore, we spare no effort in providing the latest medical tools and machines as well as the latest administrative system for keeping files and organizing appointments through a team of highly experienced reception staff.

We aim to open other branches of Damas Medical Complex in different regions of the United Arab Emirates soon
Our vision at Damas Medical Complex is based on providing the most excellent and safest medical care with the latest, highly qualified technologies to our dear patients in the fields of dental treatment, oral surgery, cosmetic dental treatment, laser for skin diseases, and all cosmetic matters including skin and body care, hair removal, face lift, and Botox. Fillers and many more.

We also go to great lengths to carefully select the members of our medical team who represent us.

We provide all our advanced services to our dear patients, at the most competitive prices that distinguish us from other medical complexes.

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