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Danat Al Uloom Schools


  • Saudi Arabia


Company size

51-200 employees



About Our Company

Starting with the next academic year 2023/2022, Danat Al Uloom schools aspires to provide an educational model based on carefully chosen principles and values to be its ruler in caring for its students in a serious quest to be one of the Distinguished Schools with its educational outputs, educational programs and leading achievements not only at the local level, but also at the regional and global levels and in a direction to align with the goals of the vision 2030.

Danat Al Uloom schools has started building its educational model based on the Vision 2030 and its goals in human building, achieving development and according to the latest studies and research in education and teaching, as we consider that education is a comprehensive integrated system that is united in human building, as it is the cornerstone of every development, and civilization, and the school is in fact one of the specialized institutions in society that works to raise the quality of life, access to well-being and achieve comprehensive and productive development, and therefore we exceed in our programs to take care of our students grade boundaries to form an integrated environment for teaching and learning with which students interact with a positive and growing attitude, and through it to Interaction with the environment that surrounds it outside the school, and we go beyond the boundaries of the prescribed book to the limitless in the evolving and changing world of knowledge and stimulate creativity, communication and sustainable learning to build the integrated personality of the student and enable him to interact with the components of his society in various spectrums and institutions.

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