Focus Softnet

Focus Softnet


  • United Arab Emirates


Information Technology (IT)

Company size

501-1,000 employees



About Our Company

Focus Softnet rose from a regional IT company to a multinational business solutions provider and innovator. With its acclaimed products and services, strong emphasis on R & D, and richly experienced workforce, Focus Softnet has expanded across 17 countries and operates from 27 offices around the globe. Since its inception, Focus Softnet has ensured that its products include state-of-the-art technology and are feature-rich and built through extensive research. This has earned Focus Softnet partnerships and alliances with major international business organizations. As an IT solutions provider with over 29+ years of experience and multi-domain expertise, Focus Softnet's consulting services and skillsets are backed by a vast knowledge base and a keen understanding of what it takes to run and grow a business. Focus Softnet is recognized for re-engineering business processes, optimizing resources, and developing and deploying user-friendly, cost-efficient, & industry-specific solution.

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