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About Our Company

At OceanAir, we believe that traveling, experiencing and exploring the different cultures of the world is the key to understanding, tolerance, and happiness.

Since our founding in 2010, following our belief, we made the decision to hire people who share this vision and who genuinely love to connect with others to enrich their experience.

Over the years, we have had the humbling pleasure of sharing adventures with hundreds of thousands of unique visitors, each bringing a small piece of their world into ours. Together we have observed ancient traditions, enjoyed spectacular natural phenomenons, fantastic architecture, exhilarating sports and shared laughs around the bonfire under a starlit sky.

It is the memories we create together that stick with us, make us wiser, and look back on with a smile on our face.

Our Mission:

We are committed to deliver the highest quality standards of service, offering experiences in which every detail has been taken care of for our guests to be able to live in a unique way the soul of our destinations. We invite our guests to breathe the fun and the excitement of a new adventure in the same way that they can enjoy the peace of the calm nature. We want our guests to come back home revitalized with a new sense of connection with the world.

Our Vision:

We pursue a contribution to a better world in which humanity can be unified through a common dream and our Earth valued by the dreamers.

Traveling and experiencing a new destination is a dream that has followed humanity throughout all times. If we can be part of that dream and see it transform into a stunning reality through our services, our purpose is accomplished; and our motivation, inspired to continue our journey of delivering excellence to our guests and our world.

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