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Established in 2004 Scientific Analytical Tools has continuously developed and expanded its fields of activity so that today we can proudly present ourselves as one of the leading Analytical Instruments provider in the region.

Our Activities reach from supply, installation, service and maintenance of Analytical/Laboratory instruments up to designing & planning of Laboratory building including service ceiling Laboratory Furniture. While our attention has mainly focused towards Forensic laboratories, we still seek to serve the healthcare, educational, industrial and material sciences clientele. Major departments of forensics that we are specialized in are:

Forensic chemistry & toxicology Latent fingerprints Shoe Print Analysis
Crime-scene reconstruction Cyber forensics
Crime-scene investigation Biology & DNA
Autopsy & Legal medicine Photography
Questioned documents Ballistics
Firearms & Tool marks Arson

As part of laboratory building design we also provide integrated network security solutions which are an in-house development of our engineers in order to ease and increase efficiency of security systems in a building or compound. The solutions puts all the different security parameters such as Cameras, Access Controls, Alarm sensors, Paging speakers, etc. on the same network so that they can be controlled from any point within the network and access can be limited to various operators.
Finally, our dedicated team of engineers is open for new fields of activities and keen to develop and integrate with emerging technologies.

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