Game Assistant (Paintball)

Al Forsan International Sports Resort

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 1500 - AED per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Opening: Game Assistant (Paintball)

Position: Game Assistant Paintball

Location: Abu Dhabi

Conditions of Work:

While main duties are predominately carried out in the paintball playing facility, work may be required in other areas of the property. During normal duties, the conditions will be predominantly outside, hot, and will include the risk of being hit by paintballs.

Role Overview:

Responsible for the safe operation and marshalling of the various games and scenarios within the paintball zones.

Main Duties:

1. Ensure that all public play areas meet health and safety standards enforced by the club and are clean and presentable at all times.

2. Conduct routine inspections in the paintball areas and report observations to the operations manager.

3. Conduct routine checks on all paintball equipment and report findings to the operations manager.

4. Conduct safety briefings and game instructions to players when required.

5. Observe and learn all relevant game operations and scenarios.

6. Assist in organizing players to ensure that games proceed in an orderly and safe manner.

7. Assist in the cleaning/maintenance of the equipment and facilities used in paintballing.

8. Assist guests and answer inquiries pertaining to Paintball services and activities.

9. Assist in issuing out players’ equipment as well as in receiving returned equipment.

10. Provide administrative support to the Operations Manager.

11. Ensure that the properties or equipment of the resort are all accounted for and well maintained at all times.

12. Attend team meetings and training when required.

13. Assist in other sports operations upon approval of the paintball operations manager.

14. Maintain appropriate standards of conduct, dress, hygiene, uniform appearance, and professionalism.

15. Follow company policies and procedures, demonstrate efficient teamwork, and contribute to the achievement of business goals.

16. Perform other duties that management may from time to time reasonably require.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

- At least 2+ years of experience related to Hospitality and/or Sports/Recreational Facilities Environment.

- Experience in an integrated Private or Semi-Private Resort and Country Club or Sports Club in the UAE.

- Ability to work well with others, accept criticism, and work well under pressure.

- Thorough and pays attention to details, a good memory.

- Excellent verbal communication skills.

- Desire to help people.

Male candidates preferred.

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