Customer Service Representative


  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 5000 - AED 6000 per month

Job Type

  • Part-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Customer Service Representative :


To serve customers by providing product and service information, resolving issues, and maintaining high-quality standards. Ensure the financial and reputational integrity of the organization and provide end-to-end solutions for a better customer service experience. Possess a strong team spirit, motivation, and a friendly environment with all customers and colleagues.

Specific Job Accountability:

1. Provide excellent customer service by attending to incoming calls within quality guidelines.
2. Handle and resolve customer complaints to customer satisfaction within defined authority limits and escalate as per the process.
3. Recommend potential products or services to management by collecting customer information and analyzing customer needs.
4. Ensure the quality of inbound/outbound calls by achieving set targets in terms of service standards and customer satisfaction scores.
5. Contribute to the business by generating new prospects/leads and upselling for all types of FAB products.
6. Maintain customer records by updating customer history through service requests/complaints and notes.
7. Maintain the confidentiality of the bank’s customers and data.
8. Ensure the business meets its obligations under the bank’s policies and standards and under local laws/regulations.
9. Attend to special tasks assigned by team leaders and managers.
10. Demonstrate flexibility in adhering to planned/scheduled shifts and on-call/unplanned shifts for achieving all defined Service Level and Abandoned rates.
11. Ensure self-punctuality, adherence to policies & procedures, and discipline to the Center.

- Excellent communication skills in English & Arabic

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