Electrical Industries Company

  • Saudi Arabia


  • SAR 5000 - SAR 8000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Draftsman

Overview of the Role:

We are currently seeking a skilled Design Draftsman with expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping design for Metallic Pre-Fabricated Power Control Rooms (PCRs), Substations, and E-Houses. The Design Draftsman will be responsible for drafting activities using various software tools, ensuring accuracy, compliance with standards, and timely delivery of quality drawings and documents.


1. Design Drafting:
- Perform drafting activities related to Mechanical, Electrical, and Piping design of PCR using software such as AutoCAD, Microstation, and other design tools.
- Generate accurate, complete, and high-quality drawings/documents as per client requirements.

2. Compliance and Standards:
- Study and comply with required standards, specifications, and relevant industry standards.
- Prepare design drawings and documents in adherence to established standards.

3. Enclosure & Structural Design:
- Prepare enclosure and structural design drawings and documents for PCR.
- Ensure the accuracy of design elements such as steel metal sheets, members, I-beams, walls, roof doors, and accessories.

4. Electrical Design:
- Develop drawings for electrical equipment, battery banks, lighting, and cable/conduit routing.
- Create Bill of Material (BOM), documents, and 2D/3D models.

5. Other Products Design:
- Prepare design and development drawings and documents for other products as required by the company.

6. Material Knowledge:
- Possess in-depth knowledge of electrical, mechanical, and piping materials, components, and equipment used in PCR and HV/MV substations.


- Proficient in English language and computer literacy.
- Strong skills in AutoCAD, Microstation, and other relevant design software tools.
- Knowledgeable about electrical, mechanical, and piping materials, components, and drawings/documents in a typical PCR and HV/MV substation.
- Conversant with ISO/QMS/EMS functions and documentation.

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