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Estethic dermatologist

Clinicare Medical Centre

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 5000 - AED 100000 per month

Job Type

  • Part-Time

Job Description

Job Opportunity: Part-time Aesthetic Dermatologist

Job Type: Part-time

About Clinicare Medical Centre:
Clinicare Medical Centre, a distinguished healthcare institution dedicated to providing comprehensive and patient-focused services, is actively seeking a highly skilled Aesthetic Dermatologist. This part-time opportunity, with a revenue-sharing model, invites a candidate fluent in Arabic to join their team. The ideal candidate should possess extensive experience in laser treatments, Botox, fillers, PRP, derma peels, skin whitening, tattoo removal, hair removal, and the latest skin and hair rejuvenating techniques.

Key Responsibilities:
1. Aesthetic Dermatology Services:
- Administer advanced aesthetic dermatology treatments, including but not limited to Botox, fillers, PRP, derma peels, skin whitening, tattoo removal, and hair removal.
- Stay abreast of the latest advancements in esthetic treatments.

2. Patient Care:
- Deliver the highest standard of patient care, addressing individual concerns and needs.
- Effectively communicate with patients, providing clear explanations of procedures and expected outcomes.

3. Arabic Language Proficiency:
- Fluency in Arabic is essential to communicate effectively with Arabic-speaking patients.
- Foster a culturally sensitive environment for patients seeking a broad spectrum of esthetic dermatology services.

4. Experience and Expertise:
- Demonstrate proven experience and expertise in a wide range of aesthetic dermatology treatments.
- Implement best practices to achieve optimal patient satisfaction and outcomes.

5. MOH/DHA Eligibility:
- Hold a valid MOH/DHA (Ministry of Health/Dubai Health Authority) eligibility to practice as an Aesthetic Dermatologist.

6. Revenue Sharing Model:
- Participate in a revenue-sharing arrangement based on the services provided with a basic fixed salary.
- Contribute to the growth and success of the aesthetic dermatology department.

7. Collaboration:
- Collaborate with other healthcare professionals within Clinicare Medical Centre to ensure comprehensive patient care.
- Engage in multidisciplinary discussions to enhance patient outcomes.

8. Professional Development:
- Engage in continuous professional development and training to stay current with advancements in aesthetic dermatology.

Qualifications and Requirements:
- Medical Degree with specialization in Dermatology.
- Proven experience in a wide range of aesthetic dermatology treatments.
- Valid MOH/DHA eligibility.
- Fluency in Arabic and English.
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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