• United Arab Emirates


  • AED 10000 - AED 20000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Forward European Power Trader

About Cobblestone Energy

Cobblestone Energy is an energy trading company specializing in the European Gas and Power markets. Established in 2017, we are shaping the future of global commodity trading with a focus on deep analytics and technological innovation. Our success is driven by our people, whom we back with real responsibility from the start. At Cobblestone Energy, excellence is valued and extraordinary talent from around the world is welcomed. Our flat organizational structure encourages a culture of innovation, granting team members autonomy and ownership of their work.

Cobblestone Values

- Lifelong learning with continuous reflection
- Independent thinking through a meritocracy of ideas
- The team is more important than the individual.
- Being the best in any market we enter
- Hiring and keeping only the most effective people
- Others must benefit from our existence.

Job Description

We are seeking a Forward Power Trader to join our team. Your primary responsibility will be to develop and implement trading strategies across the continental European markets. Trading will be from DA out to Y+2. These can be both fundamental and systematic strategies, looking at fuel, location, and time spreads. You will receive support from our Analytics and Tech teams, fostering an environment for professional growth and ownership.

What we offer in this role

- A full-time position on our Commercial team
- Committed and remarkably talented colleagues.
- Highly competitive compensation dependent on your experience and contributions
- An exciting, challenging, and fulfilling career.
- Opportunity to work on new projects from scratch and make independent decisions.
- Equity participation, ensuring aligned long-term interests.


- Develop and implement trading strategies for the Continental power market.
- Full PnL and risk ownership of a spec book.
- Conduct in-depth market and fundamental analyses to inform trading decisions.
- Collaborate with Analytics and Tech teams to enhance trading capabilities.


- Demonstrable contribution to business growth with a consistent track record of performance in the forward power markets.
- Experience with European power market dynamics and regulatory frameworks
- Appreciation and understanding of available technologies for advancing our trading edge.
- Programming skills (e.g., Python, Java) are desirable but not mandatory.
- Resilience and determination to succeed.
- Independent thinking with a growth mindset
- Very strong numerical, logical reasoning, and analytical skills
- Experience in Algorithmic/Automated Trading is desirable but not mandatory.

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  • fulltime
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