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Twenty Two Building Contracting Co LLC

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Job Description

Revised Job Description:

Position Title: Executive Assistant

Job Summary:

The Executive Assistant plays a pivotal role in our organization, contributing to the efficient operation of the office by providing high-level support to executives and ensuring seamless communication, project management, and information handling. We are seeking an individual with experience in interior, civil, and engineering-related fields, which will be considered an added advantage.

Key Responsibilities:

Communication Management:

Screen and prioritize incoming communication, including emails, phone calls, and messages, demonstrating exceptional discretion and professionalism in handling confidential information.

Carefully filter and rank incoming correspondence, displaying exceptional professionalism and discretion in managing confidential data.

Document Creation and Management:

Thoroughly generate precise and detail-rich reports, presentations, and documents that highlight the assistant's adeptness in communication and organizational acumen.

Meticulously compose thorough and precise reports, presentations, and documents, evidencing the assistant's exceptional communication and organizational capabilities.

Research and Information Compilation:

Diligently carry out research and information compilation spanning various domains to contribute to decision-making, displaying a proactive mindset and resourceful competence in delivering pertinent viewpoints.

Coordination and Relationship Building:

Expertly facilitate the harmonious coordination and communication between multiple departments, clients, and external stakeholders, cultivating robust relationships and nurturing a cohesive work setting.

Required Skills:

Effective Communication:

Strong written and verbal communication abilities, enabling clear and concise interaction with team members, clients, and stakeholders. Skilled in drafting emails, creating reports, and maintaining professional correspondence.

Discretion and Integrity:

Proficient in exercising the highest level of discretion when handling confidential information and sensitive matters, ensuring professionalism and integrity in all interactions.

Time and Calendar Management:

Skilled at managing complex calendars, scheduling appointments, and organizing travel logistics to maintain a seamless workflow for the employer.

Multitasking and Attention to Detail:

Adept in the art of flexible multitasking, skillfully handling a multitude of responsibilities within a fast-paced context, all while upholding meticulous attention to detail and meeting important timelines.

Demonstrates an exceptional ability for adaptive multitasking, proficiently managing multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment, maintaining meticulous attention to detail, and consistently meeting crucial deadlines.

Technology Proficiency:

Mastery in harnessing technology, seamlessly navigating an assortment of productivity tools including calendar management apps, virtual meeting platforms, and document management systems.

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