Bismi International General Trading

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 6000 - AED 6000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Position: PRO (Public Relations Officer)


Ministry of Labour:
- Opening new files for establishments and company signatory cards.
- Obtaining new work permits and employment visas.
- Handling new labour cards and employee-employer agreement contracts.
- Managing the cancellation of employees' visas and labour cards.
- Coordinating the approval of internal visa transfers (Release).
- Renewing labor agreements and labour cards.
- Facilitating new work permits under father/husband sponsorship.
- Assisting in the approval of mission/group visas.
- Updating company files with the Ministry of labour.
- Handling absconding reports of employees.
- Coordinating initial inspections for company status and employee quota increases.
- Clearing issues and complaints from employees in labour disputes.

Ministry of Immigration:
- Obtaining establishment and specimen signatory cards.
- Updating and clearing company files.
- Facilitating official and individual visit and tourist visas.
- Stamping residence visas on passports.
- Receiving employment visas for workers.
- Processing visa amendments (In & Out).
- Handling residence and visit visa cancellations.
- Obtaining temporary employment visas.
- Assisting in obtaining parents' residence visas for one year.
- Facilitating housemaid visas and family visas.
- Handling online visit and tourist visas, extensions, and clearances.
- Clearing from blacklists and handling absconded employee reporting.
- Attesting salary contracts from the Ministry of labour.
- Facilitating initial approvals for visa increases and revisions.

Economic & Chambers of Commerce Departments:
- Initial approval of new trade licenses.
- Coordinating plot verification and tenancy contract attestation.
- Registering company logos and signboards.
- Conducting physical and safety inspections with civil defense.
- Following up on payment vouchers and trade license processing.
- Receiving certificates from chambers of commerce.
- Attesting power of attorney from Notary Public related to partner licenses.
- Renewing trade licenses and handling branded name approvals.
- Managing tax reduction and municipality fees related to trade licenses.
- Clearing issues related to trade licenses.

Embassies & Consulates:
- Facilitating business, visit, and tourist visas to foreign countries.
- Handling passport renewals and document attestations.
- Expedited issuance of death and birth certificates.
- Resolving passport and certificate-related issues.

Ministry of Health & Medical Departments:
- Processing health cards and medical fitness certificates for company employees.
- Facilitating fast attestation of death and birth certificates.
- Following up to expedite employees' medical results.
- Facilitating special medical tests for visit visas to certain countries.
- Handling VIP, VVIP, and diplomats' medical tests and results.

Notary Public & Courts:
- Attesting power of attorneys and memorandum of association for companies.
- Submitting documents to release clearance letters for bounced cheque cases.
- Following up to issue court judgments for accidental and normal death reports.
- Handling document attestations related to individual and official certificates.
- Facilitating L.L.C agreement and sponsorship contract attestations.
- Following up for marriage contract issuance after attestation from the Ministry of Justice.
- Coordinating amended resolution of memorandum association with authorized signatories.

RTA & Other Departments:
- Handling vehicle registrations, renewals, and transfers.
- Coordinating with HR staff for department-related tasks.
- Assigning jobs to field assistants and monitoring their work.
- Keeping records of around 1200 employees.
- Updating records and ensuring timely renewals.
- Forwarding statements to the finance department.
- Reviewing documents for compliance with regulations.
- Preparing letters in Arabic and English to various departments.
- Processing documents through the Ministry of Labour & Immigration Portal and Immigration Software.
- Expertise in processing formalities for L.L.C registration, court agreements, and company trade licenses.

- Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.
- Extensive experience in PRO roles.
- Excellent communication and organizational skills.
- Proficiency in relevant government portals and software.
- Knowledge of labour, immigration, economic, health, and legal procedures.
- Ability to multitask and prioritize effectively.

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  • fulltime
  • United Arab Emirates

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