Senior Data Scientist


  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 24000 - AED 38000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Title: Data Scientist

About The Role:
We are seeking an experienced Data Scientist to join our team operating in the Oil and Gas sector, specifically in upstream optimization. As a Data Scientist, you will play a crucial role in extracting insights from complex datasets, developing data-driven algorithms, and implementing AI solutions to optimize oil production operations. Your expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and optimization techniques will be vital in solving industry-specific challenges and driving efficiency gains in oil production processes. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to analyze data, implement, deploy and maintain solutions, and deliver actionable recommendations to improve production management and maximize operational performance.

- Understanding business objectives and developing AI solutions that help achieve them, along with metrics to track their progress.
- Prepare, clean, and preprocess data for analysis.
- Analyze data quality and proactively address issues.
- Develop data-driven algorithms for clustering, classification, regression, and optimization.
- Evaluate AI solutions aligned with business objectives.
- Deploy and manage AI models in production.
- Identify differences in data distribution that could potentially affect model performance in real-world applications.
- Analyzing the errors of AI models and designing strategies to overcome them.
- Maintain and enhance existing solutions to meet evolving business needs.
- Visualize and communicate results analysis effectively.
- Present ideas, plans, and findings orally and in written reports.
- Collaborate with data scientists, data engineers, and software engineers on production applications.

- 5+ years of experience demonstrating depth and breadth in state-of-the-art machine learning, deep learning, and optimization.
- Demonstrated experience in developing core AI algorithms in the industry or for real-world problems.
- Proven track record of implementing robust and scalable industrial AI solutions.
- Strong understanding of the unique challenges and complexities involved in optimization.
- Experience in the implementation of MLOps pipelines is a plus.
- Experience in the Oil & Gas industry is a plus.

Key Skills:
- Strong background in applied mathematics, algorithms, and coding.
- Proficiency in statistics, machine learning, and deep learning.
- Proficiency in Python programming and data analysis libraries (e.g., Pandas, NumPy).
- Proficiency in data manipulation, cleaning, preprocessing, and feature engineering.
- Proficiency in deep learning frameworks (e.g., Keras, PyTorch).
- Theoretical and practical knowledge of popular machine learning algorithms (e.g., PCA, Support Vector Machines, RandomForest, XGBoost, skforecast).
- Theoretical and practical knowledge of popular optimization methodologies (e.g., PSO, GA, SGD).
- Experience with common development tools (e.g., PyCharm, Jupyter, Docker, Git).
- Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

Educational Requirements:
- BSc or MSc degree in a relevant field (e.g., Computer Science, Statistics).
- PhD degree is a plus.

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