Electrical Technician

Zahid Tractor & Heavy Machinery Ltd

  • Saudi Arabia


  • SAR 3000 - SAR per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Opportunity: Electrical Equipment Technician


- Troubleshooting and Maintenance:
- Troubleshoot, maintain, and repair electrical problems on all rental equipment at the site.

- Inspection Reports:
- Submit accurate and complete inspection reports as required by service procedures at the site.

- Defect Reporting:
- Note and report all defects, damage, misuse, abuse, or lack of maintenance on inspected equipment at the site.

- Electrical Repairs:
- Responsible for minor and major electrical repairs within technical ability.

- Equipment Setups:
- Fit, connect, and arrange setups, including cabling of generators and auxiliary equipment, following technical specifications and safety precautions.

- Generator Synchronization:
- Perform manual synchronization of generator sets to live utility signals using the EMCP control panel.

- Monitoring and Adjustment:
- Monitor and adjust vital generator set meter readings (kW, A, kVAR, p.f., etc.) for satisfactory operation.

- Overtime and Location Flexibility:
- Work overtime when required.
- Ready to work at any location, wherever required in the Kingdom.

Skills and Qualifications:

- Educational Background:
- Secondary level education, followed by a minimum of 3-4 years in Electrical Apprenticeship.

- Knowledge:
- Ability to work independently with a good understanding of the English language to read and understand service manuals and write work orders.
- Knowledge of parallel operation of generator sets is a must.
- Medium voltage works experience is preferable.

- Language Skills:
- Fluent in English and Arabic.

If you are a skilled Electrical Equipment Technician with experience in troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair of electrical equipment, and if you have the ability to work independently, along with proficiency in English and Arabic, we invite you to apply for this position. Join our team and contribute to the efficient operation of electrical equipment at various locations.

Note: Only candidates meeting the specified requirements will be considered for this position.

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