Print quality manager

IPC - International Printing Company

  • Saudi Arabia


  • SAR 25000 - SAR per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

"Job Description

His job duties:

1. Developing quality items, policies and procedures, explaining them to employees and employees of the company, training them on them, and motivating them to act accordingly.

2. Carrying out internal control and auditing of all departments and sections to ensure their implementation of these procedures.

3. Work to improve and develop the quality procedures and models currently in use in the company in a manner that does not contradict the general objective, laws, and instructions.

4. Issuing regulations and instructions related to the application of these procedures and following up on their implementation.

5. Permanent monitoring of health and occupational safety conditions in the factory and ensuring their validity.

6. Examining the raw materials supplied to the factory and making sure of the quality of the materials used in manufacturing and whether they conform to the specifications or not.

7. Permanent supervision of the production processes in the factory, the cleanliness of the factory and its surroundings, and the cleanliness of the workers, and verifying their compliance with quality standards.

8. Direct supervision of laboratory technicians, laboratories and quality supervisors.

9. Participate in evaluating and qualifying suppliers.

10. Participate in evaluating the performance of employees and workers in all departments through their application of quality standards.

11. Supervising storage conditions in warehouses for both materials

Check if line clearance done properly

Check daily job schedule

Check all information on the job jacket and inside as to the following document.

Check kind of stock

Check size of stock

Check key line

Check approved sample

Check required inks

Check required coating

Check running sheets against signed off sheets for colour matching

Check images are in correct position on sheet (Use job key line)

Check GSM

Put and check labels on pallets


1. Printing Expertise:

In-depth understanding of printing processes, techniques, and technologies, including offset, digital, screen, and more.

2. Quality Control:

Proficiency in quality control methodologies, including visual inspection, color accuracy, and print consistency.

3. Color Management:

Skill in managing color accuracy and consistency across different printing processes and materials.

4. Print Materials Knowledge:

Familiarity with various print substrates, inks, coatings, and their effects on print quality.

5. Technical Skills:

Proficiency in using printing software, color measurement tools, and quality control equipment.

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