Commercial Manager Job Description - What Is It and How to Become One?


Shini Ramith

May 6, 2024 · 5 min read

In this new working era, there’s a role that holds a special place - A Commercial Manager Job Description . 

Think of them as the captain of a ship, steering through the challenges of business to reach success. They are the ones who make sure deals are made, contracts are negotiated, and profits keep rolling in. 

But what exactly does a commercial manager do? What skills and qualifications are needed to excel in this role? Let's shed light on the details to uncover the mysteries surrounding the job description of a commercial manager in this article.


Topics to be covered

·         What Does a Commercial Manager Do?

·         What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Commercial Manager?

·         What Skills and Qualifications Are Required to Be a Top-Notch Commercial Manager?

·         How Can You Sharpen Your Skills in Commercial Management?

·         Physical Work Conditions and Hours/Travel for Commercial Manager

·         What Is the Salary Overview?

·         Some General FAQs Related to the Commercial Manager


What Does a Commercial Manager Do - Exact Description

At its core, the role of a commercial manager revolves around maximizing business opportunities and driving profitability. 

They are responsible for overseeing all commercial activities within an organization, from negotiating contracts to managing client relationships. Essentially, they act as the bridge between the company and its clients, ensuring that both parties benefit from the partnership.


What Are the Job Responsibilities of a Commercial Manager - Entry-Level & Experienced

In the following section, you will discover the key responsibilities of a commercial manager for both fresher and experienced professionals.


For Entry-Level:

·         Assisting in business development activities such as market research and client prospecting.

·         Supporting contract negotiation processes under supervision.

·         Contributing to financial analysis and budget management.

·         Assisting in building and maintaining client relationships.

·         Conducting market research and analysis to support decision-making.

·         Learning and development under the guidance of senior team members.


For Experienced:

·         Leading business development efforts and identifying new opportunities.

·         Negotiating contracts with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

·         Managing budgets, forecasting revenue, and monitoring financial performance.

·         Building and maintaining strong client relationships.

·         Conducting in-depth market analysis and providing strategic insights.

·         Leading and mentoring junior team members, providing guidance and support.


What Skills and Qualifications Are Required?

After learning about the job responsibilities of a commercial manager, let’s learn about skills and qualifications required to become a commercial manager.



·         Strong communication skills for effective negotiation and client relationship management.

·         Analytical thinking to interpret market data and financial reports.

·         Leadership abilities to motivate and guide teams.

·         Business acumen to understand industry dynamics and make informed decisions.

·         Adaptability to navigate changing market conditions and evolving business landscapes.



·         Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, marketing, or related field.

·         Relevant work experience in business development, sales, or marketing.

·         Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and other relevant software.

·         Additional certifications or training in areas such as negotiation, leadership, or project management may be advantageous.


How Can You Improve Your Skills?

By actively investing in your professional development and continuously seeking opportunities to learn and grow, you can enhance your skills as a commercial manager. This positions you for success in your career.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated on industry trends and technologies through reading, workshops, and online courses.

Networking: Connect with industry peers and mentors to gain insights and knowledge.

Seek Feedback: Actively seek feedback from colleagues, supervisors, and clients to identify areas for improvement.

Professional Development: Invest in workshops, seminars, and certifications to develop specific skills.

Mentorship: Learn from experienced professionals to accelerate your growth.

Practice Active Listening: Understand client needs by listening attentively and incorporating feedback.

Embrace Challenges: View challenges as learning opportunities to expand your skills.

Stay Organized: Manage projects efficiently with calendars and task lists.


What's the Deal with the Work Environment and Hours for Commercial Managers?


Commercial managers typically work in office settings, where they spend their time attending meetings, negotiating deals, and strategizing business initiatives. While standard office hours may apply, flexibility is often required, with occasional evening or weekend work to accommodate client needs. 


Depending on the industry, commercial managers may also travel frequently for client meetings, conferences, or project oversight. Though not physically demanding, the role requires strong communication skills and the ability to handle complex business challenges. Maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging, but many companies offer support programs to help employees manage their workload effectively.


What's the Typical Salary Range for Commercial Managers?

In India, the average annual salary for Commercial Managers is ₹14,00,000, with additional cash compensation averaging ₹2,00,000. Salaries range from ₹70,000 to ₹3,62,500 per year, based on data from 270 Glassdoor submissions.

 In the United Arab Emirates, Commercial Managers earn an average monthly salary of AED 29,958, with additional cash compensation averaging AED 9,958. Salaries in the UAE range from AED 1,979 to AED 60,000 per month, based on 50 Glassdoor submissions.


Any Burning Questions? Here Are Some FAQs Related to the Life of a Commercial Manager

What are the roles of a commercial manager?

The roles of a commercial manager include business development, contract negotiation, financial management, client relationship management, market analysis, and team leadership.


What are the skills required for a commercial manager?

Skills required for a commercial manager include strong communication, analytical thinking, negotiation skills, leadership abilities, and business acumen.


What is the role of a commercial project manager?

A commercial project manager oversees the commercial aspects of a project, including budget management, contract negotiation, and client communication.


What is the difference between a sales manager and a commercial manager?

While both roles involve generating revenue for a company, a sales manager focuses on managing sales teams and achieving sales targets, while a commercial manager oversees a broader range of commercial activities, including business development and client relationship management.


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