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Doha Top 50 Highest paying Jobs In Qatar With Salary for 2024


Tom Mullens

February 22, 2024 · 13 min read
Doha Top 50 Highest paying Jobs In Qatar With Salary for 2024 - TalentPoint

Currently, there are many jobs in Qatar with salary that are a great exciting opportunity for people who want a lucrative career. Many professionals can grow in this country, especially those belonging to the technology sector. In this field, even recent graduates can have a significant and large salary. Just like this many other interesting sectors are in high demand in the Qatar labor market.

In this article, we will explore some of the most interesting and lucrative jobs in Qatar with salaries for professionals. For instance, currently, professionals in the technology sector are among the most sought-after in this constantly growing job market. Another booming industry is sales leadership, which is critical to the long-term success of many companies. Indeed, if you want to make a career change or want to have job stability, these options are excellent to study.

What is the job landscape like in Doha?

If you are moving, you should know about Jobs in Qatar with salary. In addition, it will be very useful to know details that are key to work culture, cost of living, and popular job models. Even though Qatar is an Islamic country, it is open to foreign professionals.

In this way, in recent years, labor laws have been updated. Indeed, this is to make it easier for employees and their families to change employers. Therefore, once their 2-year contract ends, contracted employees no longer need to wait 3 years.

As a result, to transfer they only needed to obtain a No Objection Certificate from their previous employer. On the other hand, expats can cancel their work visas if they want to obtain another one through a new employer.

What are the top 50 highest-paying job openings in Doha?

If you are wondering what are the highest Jobs in Qatar with salary, this list will help you.

General Surgeon

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 34,200.

  • Salary range: QAR 27,200 to 102,400.

A general surgeon is responsible for performing surgeries. Additionally, he performs other medical procedures to correct illnesses, injuries, and deformities. Because of the many years it takes to become a surgeon, it is justifiable that it is among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.

Executive Director

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 45,000.

  • Salary range: QAR 30,000 to 94,200.

He is the highest-ranking and also the highest-paid executive in Doha. Therefore, they must make key corporate decisions, managing the resources and operations of the entire company. Additionally, they communicate with the board management team and corporate operations.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 31,600.

  • Salary range: 23,000 to 68,000 QAR.

Indeed, he is in charge of managing the organization's finances. Additionally, he is responsible for financial reporting. As a result, they can evaluate the company's financial risks and opportunities and many other things related to the company's finances.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 35,400.

  • Salary range: QAR 20,400 to 67,000.

Judges are those who preside over legal proceedings in a court. As a result, they are responsible for ensuring that all correct legal procedures are followed in court. For this reason, your work is of utmost importance and is among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.

IT Manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 25,000.

  • Salary range: QAR 20,000 to 45,250.

These are responsible for ensuring that their employees have all the technology necessary to do their work. That is, this includes computers, VPN access, etc. Indeed, in IT companies, this is a very important job to ensure data security.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 21,200.

  • Salary range: 19,800 to 61,500 QAR.

Lawyers are also known as attorneys. These are professionals who are licensed and are responsible for representing individuals and companies in legal matters. Additionally, they can advise clients, create legal documents, etc.

Bank managers

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 27,900.

  • Salary range: 18,700 to 59,700 QAR.

Indeed, he is responsible for supervising the bank's financial operations and employees. Additionally, you must ensure that all transactions are accurate and professional. As a result, thanks to its importance, it is among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salary.

IT consultant

  • Average monthly salary: 16,400 QAR.

  • Salary range: 15,000 to 30,000 QAR.

They are external analysts who help evaluate companies' IT systems to achieve business objectives. In this way, they are responsible for analyzing and diagnosing the complete IT structure of a company.

Finance manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,700.

  • Salary range: 15,000 to 28,000 QAR.

Indeed, they are responsible for managing the compliance and financial health of the organization. Therefore, they are responsible for carrying out financial planning, which includes determining how to pay off debts and grow the company.


  • Average monthly salary: not known.

  • Salary range: 36,200 to 50,000 QAR.

A pilot is an expert in operating airplanes in different industries. For this reason, they can be found working in the commercial, private, and military sectors. In addition, pilots are generally part of a crew that includes the captain and his co-pilot.

Security specialist

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 19,000.

  • Salary range: 17,000 to 28,00 QAR.

They are responsible for protecting a company's databases from unusual activities and hackers. Additionally, they are responsible for updating software and hardware, addressing any unauthorized access, and many other things.

College professor

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 28,000.

  • Salary range: 18,000 to 54,300 QAR.

Higher education institutions employ professors and they divide their time between research and teaching. Additionally, they can act as supervisors, help colleagues, etc. Thanks to his important work, he has earned a position among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.

Human resources manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 23,300.

  • Salary range: 11,700 to 36,200 QAR.

They are responsible for maintaining and developing effective internal procedures, handling any employee-related issues, etc. In this way, these professionals are trained to find solutions to problems.

General practitioner

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 29,400.

  • Salary range: 17,200 to 42,000 QAR.

These health specialists provide service to the residents of their community. Therefore, they are responsible for performing physical examinations on patients and creating treatment plans. In this way, due to the importance of health, it is one of the jobs in Qatar with salary highest.

Project Engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 13,600.

  • Salary range: 11,000 to 22,000 QAR.

Supervises all technical and engineering aspects of a project. As a result, it plans projects, creates criteria, coordinates reviews, and ensures that all elements of a project are correctly implemented.

Database administrator

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 14,700.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,200 to 24,000.

It is responsible for overseeing the security and maintenance of a company's databases. Additionally, they are responsible for monitoring and updating protection software against any malware.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 17,900.

  • Salary range: QAR 9,000 to 28,000.

An architect can design, plan, and execute construction plans. Additionally, they create feasibility reports, prepare project proposals, assess environmental impact, estimate costs, and manage construction.

Electrical engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 15,300.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,400 to 24,000.

Electrical engineers design, develop, and test electrical equipment and devices. For instance, communications systems, power-generating engines, and many other things are included.

Project Manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 17,500.

  • Salary range: QAR 8,770 to 28,700.

Indeed, it is one of the jobs in Qatar with salary highest. This is because they are in charge of managing clients' key projects. In this way, they coordinate projects so that they can be completed on time. In addition, they oversee all aspects, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines.

Sales Manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 29,500.

  • Salary range: QAR 13,600 to 39,700.

Indeed, he is responsible for managing all daily operations of the sales department. Additionally, they are responsible for hiring and training all sales staff and communicating information from senior management to the department.

Aerospace Engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,700.

  • Salary range: QAR 8,500 to 25,300.

They are also known as aeronautical engineers. Therefore, its responsibility is the design, maintenance, and improvement of commercial and military spacecraft and aircraft.

Business analyst

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 19,100.

  • Salary range: QAR 9,110 to 29,800.

It collects data about an organization's operations in order to improve its processes and systems. Additionally, they are responsible for investigating company processes and making recommendations to management.

Mechanical engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 8,400.

  • Salary range: QAR 6,000 to 18,000.

A mechanical engineer can design, build, and evaluate mechanical devices. In this case, heating and cooling systems, tools, industrial machinery, robotics, and transportation systems.

Business development manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 12,400.

  • Salary range: QAR 10,200 to 37,000.

It is generally the first contact that a potential customer has with a company when they need information about the company's services or products. Therefore, it plays an important role and that is why it is one of the jobs in Qatar with the highest salary that you can find.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 22,000.

  • Salary range: 18,000 to 48,000 QAR.

They are specialists in diagnosing, correcting, and preventing any irregularity in the teeth and jaws. As a result, its main function is to design, manufacture, or use orthodontic appliances that realign the jaws and teeth.

Front-end developer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 13,000.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,000 to 20,000.

Indeed, they are responsible for using their knowledge of the programming language to create applications on a user's side. In other words, visual elements include menu bars and, the general design of web pages or web applications.

Full stack developer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 10,000.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,900 to 20,000.

Indeed, they design and develop platforms and websites. Additionally, they collaborate with design teams so they can ensure that user interaction on web pages is more attractive and intuitive. Thanks to its great importance in web page design, it is one of the jobs in Qatar with salary highest.

Back-end developer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 11,000.

  • Salary range: 6,800 to 20,000 QAR.

It is a programmer who creates the components and functions on the server side. As a result, they are responsible for creating, testing, debugging, and maintaining the entire back-end.

Construction manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,900.

  • Salary range: 13,000 to 30,000 QAR.

In order for a construction project to be completed, managers collaborate with other professionals. For instance, are architects, engineers, and project managers. This ensures that the project can be completed on time and within the established budget.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 12,300.

  • Salary range: QAR 8,000 to 31,000.

Ensures that the quality and hygiene of a restaurant's food production is maintained at a high level. Additionally, he is largely responsible for selecting the menu of any restaurant. You can also assign tasks to other chefs and set the kitchen budget.

Marketing director

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 18,900.

  • Salary range: QAR 10,500 to 32,500.

Supervises all marketing-related activities in the company. Additionally, he is responsible for creating strategies and campaigns to reach new customers.

Cosmetic surgeon

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 24,000.

  • Salary range: 18,000 to 35,000 QAR.

It specializes in the repair, reconstruction, and modification of the human body. In this way, he deals with patients who have birth defects, are recovering from an injury, or wish to alter their appearance. Therefore, thanks to its high demand in today's world, it is jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 4,800.

  • Salary range: QAR 4,000 to 10,000.

Responsible for teaching students using national curriculum guidelines. Therefore, they are responsible for assigning homework, evaluating tests, documenting progress, and maintaining constant communication with parents.

Civil engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,300.

  • Salary range: 14,000 to 20,000 QAR.

It is a professional who can design or construct the infrastructure of a building. Furthermore, this is a profession that includes aspects such as design, planning, construction, and the renovation of existing structures.

Cabin crew

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 8,000.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,000 to 17,000.

Provides onboard services to ensure that passengers can have a satisfactory experience. In addition, they answer any questions from passengers and serve food and drinks on board.

Public relations specialist

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,500.

  • Salary range: QAR 9,000 to 25,000.

They are media and public relations professionals. In this way, they create, plan, and execute different public relations strategies to improve the client's perception in different audiences.

Petroleum engineer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 16,300.

  • Salary range: QAR 8,790 to 24,900.

A petroleum engineer can work at all levels of oil and natural gas production. Development and evaluation are also included. In this way, its objective is to maximize the recovery of hydrocarbons at a minimum cost and minimize environmental impacts.

Laboratory technician

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 11,700.

  • Salary range: QAR 6,100 to 17,500.

They carry out tests and analyses in laboratories. Additionally, they may work for a variety of organizations, including educational institutions, healthcare, and manufacturing companies. They have many fields such as medicine. Biology, electronics, and environmental sciences.

Communications Manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 20,000.

  • Salary range: 15,000 to 26,500 QAR.

They are responsible for supervising the planning, control, implementation, and management of communication processes with a strategic approach. In addition, it is oriented towards objectives between companies, governments, associations, non-governmental organizations, and other interested parties.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 48,800.

  • Salary range: 26,000 to 70,000 QAR.

A doctor administers anesthesiologists in order to reduce or completely eliminate pain sensations during or after surgery. Additionally, they work closely with surgeons and other medical professionals, positioning themselves among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 35,420.

  • Salary range: 26,000 to 45,000 QAR.

He is a medical professional who has experience in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of hair and skin diseases. Additionally, they can work in hospitals, and clinics for skin conditions.

Quality Assurance Officer

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 13,750.

  • Salary range: QAR 9,000 to 21,000.

They can work in many industries, including food production and manufacturing. In addition, they must inspect outgoing products so that they are free of defects.

Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Average monthly salary: 6,500 QAR.

  • Salary range: QAR 4,100 to 15,000.

They help senior managers and executives so they can increase their productivity. This way, they are responsible for scheduling meetings, managing travel arrangements, and any other administrative tasks.

Data analyst

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 14,200.

  • Salary range: QAR 7,550 to 25,500.

They collect and store all data that is associated with sales figures, logistics, market research, and languages. Additionally, they have the knowledge necessary to ensure that the data is reliable and accurate.

Social media specialists

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 11,300.

  • Salary range: 6,200 to 20,000 QAR.

They can create and manage content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and X (Twitter). In this way, it seeks to grow the audience as well as customer participation. Additionally, they can oversee creative design.

Real estate manager

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 17,400.

  • Salary range: QAR 10,500 to 29,000.

They manage the operations of commercial and residential properties. Additionally, they select financial statements and supervise maintenance workers. They even have to negotiate contracts with suppliers and contractors.


  • Average monthly salary: QAR 41,600.

  • Salary range: 19,600 to 65,700 QAR.

Gynecologists specialize in women's health care, especially reproductive health. Among its main functions are the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. For this reason, it is among the jobs in Qatar with the highest salaries.

Insurance Coordinator

  • Average monthly salary: QAR 9,500.

  • Salary range: QAR 6,090 to 17,000.

He is responsible for validating and evaluating all insurance information. This way, you can verify claims and resolve disputes for the parties. Therefore, an insurance coordinator sends claim statements immediately to insurance officials for review.

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