Domestic Workers Visa or Maid UAE - [Rules #2023 ]


Shini Ramith

November 6, 2023 · 6 min read

Handling the daily tasks of running a household can be difficult for the average Dubai family. To make things easier, the UAE government has made it simpler for families to hire domestic staff to help with cooking, cleaning, childcare, and so on. People from various countries who possess the qualifications and desire to take on the job can receive the legal right to live and work in Dubai as domestic staff through the domestic worker visa UAE.

In this article, we will be explaining everything regarding the maid visa UAE, including the renewal and cancellation. If you want to employ a housekeeper and get a domestic worker visa UAE, look into our most recent guide to find out the latest news and regulations.

What is the domestic worker visa UAE?

A maid visa is a type of visa that gives foreign domestic workers permission to remain in the UAE for the length of their employment.

The government program TADBEER, is now in place to help both employers and employees in the field of domestic work. The program's goal is to provide a visa, commonly referred to as a maid visa, domestic worker visa, or TADBEER visa. While also guaranteeing the rights and well-being of the domestic worker.

Employers are the only ones eligible to apply for a maid visa. As long as an agreement has been reached between the employee and the employer.

Domestic work visa UAE validity

The UAE TADBEER visa has an expiration of 12 months and needs to be renewed annually.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for the domestic worker visa, sponsors must have a:

  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000 for residents.

  • AED 25,000 for expats.

  • Be married.

  • Lastly, be the head of the household.

The workers must fulfill the following conditions: they must be 18 years or older. Also, they must be from one of the following countries: 

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • Sri Lanka

  • Bangladesh

Requirements for the domestic worker visa UAE

Both workers and sponsors must submit the necessary paperwork. But, the exact requirements may vary according to the category.

For domestic workers: 

  • Original passport

  • Current visa copy 

  • Passport-size photo 

For employers:

  • Passport

  • Visa page copy

  • Original Emirates ID

For GCC nationals: 

  • Passport

  • Visa page copy of the spouses

  • Tenancy contract or title deed

  • Salary certificate

Foreign sponsors should provide the following paperwork:

  • Sponsor and spouse passport

  • Headshot picture

  • Marriage certificate

  • Labor contract

  • Salary certificate

  • Ejari tenancy contract

  • Water and electricity bill

  • Bank account number

What are the obligations and conditions for the maid visa UAE?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued the Federal Decree-Law No. (9) of 2022 on 15 December 2022. It establishes a full set of regulations to organize the recruitment and employment of domestic workers in the UAE.

The new legislation stipulates that recruiting or engaging domestic workers is only permissible if the appropriate license is granted by the MOHRE. Furthermore, there are certain conditions and requirements which all parts must comply with. 

Recruiters’ obligations

  • The domestic worker must not be sourced from their home country. Unless they receive clear information regarding the job duties, salary, and other benefits. As well as proof of their physical and mental health, psychological wellbeing, and occupational abilities.

  • Medical tests for the domestic employee must happen within no more than 30 days prior to coming into the country.

  • Recruitment agencies must either provide a new worker or reimburse the employer for the recruitment fees if the agreement was broken. Or if the worker is deemed incompetent or displays inappropriate behavior.

  • Likewise, the domestic worker should receive instructions about the traditions and practices of the UAE culture.

  • Recruitment agencies should ensure that domestic workers know their rights. Similarly, they must have access to the proper resources if their rights or freedom are in danger.

  • Recruitment agencies must not ask for or accept any fees or monetary compensation from employees for facilitating their arrival in the UAE or handling the process of beginning work in the region.

  • Also, the employer must be given any evidence that shows the worker has been paid their wages.

Employers’ obligations

  • Supply the employee with the necessary specifications for carrying out the contractual obligations, such as suitable lodging, meals and more.

  • Ensure the your family treats the employee with respect, maintain their honor and safety, and pay them the wages in the employment agreement.

  • Be responsible for the expenses relating to any medical care for the employee, or offer health insurance.

Domestic employees’ obligations

  • Employees should abide by their employer's instructions and the terms of their employment contract, and not cease work without a valid reason.

  • Take into account the culture and customs of the UAE and observe public decency, as well as the instructions of the employer, when carrying out the work. Except in circumstances where it would be in contravention of the agreement, the law, public morals, or put the individual at risk of legal repercussions.

  • Protect the confidentiality of the office, maintain the employer's belongings, equipment, and all that is entrusted to them.

  • Supply essential help and support in the case of any disasters or dangers that could endanger the workplace and its employees.

How to apply for the domestic worker visa UAE?

Potential sponsors can acquire a visa by utilizing the services of TADBEER visa services by adhering to these steps:

  • Access TADBEER’s website

  • Find the service

  • Submit the documents

  • Pay the fee

  • Lastly, receive the visa

It is possible to obtain your domestic worker visa UAE through the services of other organizations. Thus, you should verify that the firm you select has been approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

What is domestic worker visa uae cost ?

The fees necessary to obtain a domestic worker visa can differ depending on which service agency you use. People living in UAE and citizens of GCC countries are likely to pay AED 4,400 for the visa that is valid for 12 months. People from other countries may need to pay AED 9,600 for a year or AED 10,000 for two years.

Domestic worker visa UAE renewal

Once the validity of a UAE maid visa is close to expiry, employers can renew it. The process is similar, but with different fees. The cost is usually much less  costing around AED 2496 for GCc nationals & AED 7000 for expats / foreign nationals than when the visa was originally issued.

Domestic worker visa UAE cancellation

Once the contract or visa duration is coming to an end and no extension is in place, both the sponsors and the employees must take care of the termination of the visa process. Both parties must supply their passports, a copy of the visa, and the Emirates ID of the sponsor.

The fee for terminating the contract would be AED 251 if the laborers are still in the country, and AED 264 if they have been away for longer than 3 months.

After the termination of the agreement, the employees have a period of 30 days to look for another employer or to switch to a tourist visa. After this time frame passes, they must depart from the country to avoid any penalties.

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