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Top 15 Highest Paid Jobs in UAE & Dubai For Expats and Locals


Tanzyn Stanley

November 14, 2023 · 7 min read
Top 15 Highest Paid Jobs in UAE & Dubai For Expats and Locals - TalentPoint

This article will cover the highest-paying jobs in Dubai and the UAE and provide an overview of the local culture, weather, and cost of living. We will also discuss the best-paying jobs and companies in the UAE.

Dubai Overview

  • Currency: AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham)

  • Language: Arabic (official), English (widely spoken)

  • Weather Conditions: Extremely hot — two main seasons are winter and summer

  • GDP (2023): $467 billion

The upward trend in Dubai’s GDP indicates a booming economy. Given the rapid economic growth, Dubai is an excellent place for international professionals.

Living in Dubai: Environment and Expenses


Dubai is sunny, with temperatures averaging 28°C but can drop to 19°C in winter. The city has a hot, arid climate with extremely hot summers and mild winters. Summer lasts from late April to early October, characterized by high temperatures, strong winds, and humidity.

Cost of Living

Dubai is an expensive place to live and work, but high salaries compensate for the costs. Major expenses include housing, transportation, and schooling. However, the absence of income tax offsets these costs, making Dubai attractive for high earners.

Economic Landscape and Tech Advancements

Dubai is a hub for smart urban development and a major innovator in AI, blockchain, and renewable energy. As Dubai shifts from an oil-based economy to tourism, commerce, logistics, and finance, opportunities for high-paying jobs are increasing. Additionally, free zones with tax and customs breaks create a conducive environment for startups.

Top 15 Highest-Paying Jobs in Dubai and the UAE

Here are the top 15 highest-paying jobs in the UAE, highlighting the best-paying jobs in Dubai.

1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Payscale Range: 300K - 1,500K AED

Average Salary: 700K AED

CEOs are in charge of the entire company, making executive decisions, managing human and financial resources, and ensuring the company’s performance. The high demands and responsibilities make CEOs in Dubai top earners.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Payscale Range: 250K - 700K AED
Average Salary: 450K AED

CFOs manage financial actions, including tracking cash flow and financial planning. They ensure financial health and stability, making them one of the top-paid professionals in Dubai's diverse market.

3. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Payscale Range: 200K - 500K AED
Average Salary: 350K AED

CMOs oversee marketing and advertising initiatives, driving business growth and market share. In Dubai, they must understand local and international markets, using innovative strategies to capture and retain customers.

4. Creative Director

Payscale Range: 100K - 300K AED
Average Salary: 200K AED

Creative Directors lead teams in producing advertising and marketing materials, requiring a blend of creativity and strategic thinking. Their high compensation reflects the demand for innovative advertising.

5. Retail Buyer / Merchandiser

Payscale Range: 50K - 120K AED
Average Salary: 75K AED

These professionals select and purchase goods for retail stores, analyzing market trends and consumer behavior to make informed decisions. Their role is crucial in Dubai's thriving retail market.

6. Neurologist

Payscale Range: 250K - 500K AED
Average Salary: 350K AED

Neurologists specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system. Given the specialized knowledge required and the high demand for their expertise, neurologists in Dubai earn substantial salaries. The healthcare sector in Dubai is advanced and continually growing, providing ample opportunities for neurologists to thrive.

7. Public Relations Managing Director

Payscale Range: 200K - 500K AED
Average Salary: 300K AED

PR Managing Directors oversee the public image and communications strategy of an organization. They manage media relations, corporate communications, and crisis management, which are critical for maintaining a positive public perception. In a city like Dubai, where reputation can significantly impact business success, PR professionals are highly valued.

8. Senior Bank Director / Vice President

Payscale Range: 250K - 700K AED
Average Salary: 400K AED

These professionals oversee large teams and manage financial portfolios, impacting the bank's performance significantly. Dubai's robust financial sector offers numerous opportunities for high earnings.

9. Surgeon

Payscale Range: 300K - 800K AED
Average Salary: 500K AED

Surgeons perform complex medical procedures, earning high salaries due to the extensive training required and the critical nature of their work. They play a pivotal role in Dubai's renowned healthcare system.

10. Airline Pilot

Payscale Range: 200K - 500K AED
Average Salary: 300K AED

Airline Pilots in Dubai earn high salaries due to the responsibility of safely transporting passengers and cargo. The rigorous training and certification required for this role also contribute to their high pay. With Dubai being a major global aviation hub, the demand for experienced pilots remains high, ensuring attractive compensation packages.

11. Petroleum Engineer

Payscale Range: 100K - 350K AED
Average Salary: 200K AED

Petroleum Engineers are in high demand in Dubai due to the region's oil industry. They design and develop methods for extracting oil and gas, ensuring efficient and safe operations. This role is critical to the energy sector, and the expertise of petroleum engineers is highly sought after, leading to significant salaries.

12. IT Manager

Payscale Range: 60K - 150K AED
Average Salary: 90K AED

IT Managers oversee technology infrastructure, ensuring smooth business operations. In Dubai's tech-driven landscape, their role is crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and security.

13. College / University Professor

Payscale Range: 80K - 200K AED
Average Salary: 120K AED

Professors in Dubai are well-paid due to the emphasis on high-quality education. They conduct research, teach students, and contribute to academic development, which are important for the country's educational standards. With numerous prestigious institutions in Dubai, professors enjoy both competitive salaries and opportunities for professional growth.

14. Lawyer

Payscale Range: 50K - 300K AED
Average Salary: 150K AED

Lawyers in Dubai earn high salaries due to the complexity of legal work and the importance of legal expertise in various business transactions. They provide legal advice, represent clients, and ensure compliance with laws. The legal landscape in Dubai is diverse and dynamic, offering lawyers numerous opportunities to specialize and excel.

15. Supply Chain Manager

Payscale Range: 80K - 200K AED
Average Salary: 120K AED

Supply Chain Managers oversee the production flow of goods and services. They manage logistics, inventory, and transportation, ensuring that products reach customers efficiently and cost-effectively. In Dubai, a major global trade hub, the role of supply chain managers is critical for businesses looking to optimize their operations and reduce costs.

Best Paying Companies in UAE

Several companies in the UAE offer attractive compensation packages across various industries. Here are some of the best-paying companies in the UAE:

  • Emirates Airlines: Known for competitive salaries for pilots and staff.

  • Etihad Airways: High salaries for senior pilots and executives.

  • Dubai Islamic Bank: Attractive packages for senior banking professionals.

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC): High salaries for engineers, especially in petroleum.

  • Emirates NBD: Lucrative salaries for senior banking professionals.

  • Dubai Holding: High compensation for top executives.

  • Emaar Properties: Attractive packages in real estate.

  • Mubadala Investment Company: Competitive salaries for finance and investment professionals.


Dubai and the UAE are top destinations for professionals worldwide, offering a mix of high salaries, advanced infrastructure, and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The highest-paying jobs span various industries, from finance and technology to healthcare and education. As these economies continue to grow and diversify, opportunities for well-paying careers will only expand, making Dubai and the UAE ideal destinations for ambitious professionals.

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