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How to correspond salary negotiation offer via email with 10 sample


Shini Ramith

September 21, 2023 · 10 min read
How to correspond salary negotiation offer via email with 10 sample - TalentPoint

Many times when people have been working efficiently in a company for a long time, they consider that it is time for a salary increase. To opt for this, the first thing that is needed is to request your direct boss. Currently, one of the best ways to achieve this goal is by sending a salary negotiation email to the manager. Generally, workers can be intimidated by this, but it is not as difficult as it sounds.

In this article, you will see all the relevant information about salary negotiation emails. The first thing will be to show the importance of offering a good job negotiation email. Later, you will see a small instruction on how to write the title of the message to send and some examples. Finally, you will see certain things that you should and should not put in your writing.

  1. Why are salary negotiation emails important?

  2. How to put the correct subject line for the salary increase email?

  3. How to write a good salary negotiation email?

  4. More examples of offer letter increase

  5. What things should you not include in your email?

  6. Some FAQs

  7. Enter The Talent Point to find a good job with a good salary

1. Why are salary negotiation emails important?

It should be noted that a salary negotiation email is one of the most important methods for you to get a raise. This is because without it your employer will not be able to know that you think you deserve a raise. When you decide to send a salary negotiation email it will tell the employer how seriously you take your career and that you want to be compensated for it.

Doing this sets, the stage for future negotiations with your employer. On the contrary, if they start badly, the negotiations will become more difficult in the future. You must make sure that the email you are sending is well-written and structured. In this way, you can make your point of view more easily understood.

If the salary negotiation email is not well written, you may face a back-and-forth conversation with the decision-makers. A correct email can help you define the terms and thus obtain the increase you want. These emails are very important in the world of work if you want your work to be noticed and rewarded for it.

2. How to put the correct subject line for the salary increase email?

All the emails that you are going to send must have a title, this is the first thing that the recipient reads. Thinking about this, the pay raise email subject line must be short, professional, and specific. A very common example is “salary increase request�? or “salary increase negotiation�?. The title must meet these characteristics so that your boss does not hesitate to read the email.

2.1 Some phrases that you can use as the email title

  • [Place your name] – Negotiation on my salary

  • [Place your name] – Salary increase request

  • Negotiate changes to my base salary

  • [Place your name] – Asking for an increase in my salary

  • Regarding my salary

  • [Place your name] – Salary negotiation

  • [Place your name] – Request for salary increase

  • I would like a meeting to discuss my salary

3. How to correspond to a salary negotiation offer via email?

Every negotiated salary offer email should start with a greeting, it should be short and polite. Subsequently, you must directly write the reason for the email, that is, your interest in a salary increase. It is important to be very courteous and specific when you say you are requesting a meeting to make a change to your base salary. You can also include the base salary you are receiving

The next paragraph that you must place is the reasons for which you make this request. For instance, several years with the company, performance, or an entry bonus. In addition to the salary increase, there is also the possibility of requesting bonuses. You end the letter by thanking you for the time invested in reading your email and you expect a prompt response.

There are some important things that you must include if you want to have a good negotiated salary email. The first thing is that you must be clear about what you want, that is, a salary increase or the inclusion of bonuses. The second thing is that you be honest in everything you write, both in your reasons and in the application. Finally, it is important that you have confidence in everything you write and that you lose your fear.

Before you send a negotiating salary offer email, it is important that you do your research regarding other people who work in other companies and have the same position as you. With this, you can have an idea of ​​what you are going to request in the mail. In addition, this type of information can be used when you are meeting with your manager.

3.1 Things to include in the salary negotiation email

Certain things are important to keep in mind when writing this letter. In this section, you will see everything you should include in a good salary negotiation email.

  • A warm and cordial introduction.

  • Any indication that the reason for this email is the base salary discussion?

  • Specify your wishes in all content.

  • Some examples of your achievements.

  • All about the research you did, but summarized.

  • A cordial and pleasant closing.

5. What things should you not include in your email?

It is important that you touch on certain topics when writing your salary negotiation email. However, there are some things you shouldn’t mention when composing your email. Some examples of these can be seen below:

5.1 You should not give an ultimatum

If in writing you decide to threaten to leave the company if you do not get the raise you want. This can cause your employer to decide that you are not worth continuing with the company. You must avoid this since you will not achieve the goal and you could even lose your job.

5.2 Avoid being too personal

You must bear in mind that this is a purely commercial negotiation. In this way, you should stick to the fact and avoid emphasizing circumstances or emotions that are personal. On many occasions, touching on personal issues in these negotiations can cause discomfort for the reader.

5.3 Avoid mentioning things about other job offers

It is common for people to consider other jobs that provide a higher annual salary. Therefore, mentioning this in your email will only cause your employer to think about lowering you. This would completely cause the opposite effect that is desired, so you should avoid it.

5.4 Focus only on negotiating your ideal salary

This post will not only discuss the basic salary component. In these negotiations, you can also include extra benefits packages that include additional vacation days. In addition, flexible hours and/or work from home and arrangements.

5.5 Do not compare yourself with other workers

It is unproductive for you to reference other people’s wages from your job in the mail. It doesn’t matter if they earn more or less than you, this will significantly hurt the negotiation process. Therefore, do not mention in your mail anyone else from your work or any of the salaries of other colleagues.

5.6 Avoid creating a long list of your demands

Touching on many topics in your mail can be tedious and result in not being taken into account any of your demands. You are more likely to get what you want by focusing on two key points as much as possible rather than spreading yourself too thin.

5.7 Avoid going overboard with your research

You do not need to spend a great deal of time researching the various average salary ranges out there on the market. Also, avoid spending long amounts of time looking for forms of compensation or additional benefits. These are issues that a quick Google search should give you an idea of ​​what reasonable salary expectations you can ask for.

5.8 Do not be rude or unprofessional

With this email, you seek to build a relationship with your employer and not destroy a possible desired path. For this reason, you must remain calm at all times in your mail and be courteous. No matter how frustrated you are, maintaining your composure right now is critical to getting the raise you want.

6. Some FAQs

6.1 When is the best time to ask for a raise?

You can apply for a pay raise at any time while you work for a company. However, a good recommendation is that you do not do it during the trial period. If from the beginning, you do not like the salary you should discuss it during the interview. Also, if another company makes you an offer with an amount greater than your current salary, you can use that as a reason.

6.2 Some tips on how to make a salary negotiation

When you write a salary negotiation email, it is important that you always write the base salary you were hired with. You must also include other data, such as the time you have been working in the company. Another thing you can add is what you investigated about the salary earned by other people who work in the same position but in another company. Finally, you can mention the contributions you have made to the business.

6.3 How can you negotiate your salary?

It is important that you research what you can demand in the position you work for. It is not the idea, that you request a salary increase to a meaningless amount; this can cause you a bad image with your employer. Therefore, you should get an idea of ​​what a person with the same obligations and educational titles earns from another company.

6.4 What are the most common mistakes people make when requesting pay raises?

The most serious and common thing is that people request the salary, without doing the necessary research. It is important that you know what is the average salary of a person with the same functions as you. Also, many workers are afraid to make these requests, you should not be; it is important that you have a lot of security in what you ask for.

6.5 Is it difficult to make these types of requests? If so, what recommendations can I take to make it easy?

Generally, making these requests is not easy, there is always the fear of the reaction that the employer may have. Therefore, before making the first contact, it is important that you are prepared. Once you do the research, you must be convinced that the value of your work is higher and thus increase your security. In addition, it is important that you have at your disposal information that can serve as a reference and support. For instance, some testimonials from other people who earn more than you in the same position, but in another company.

7. Enter The Talent Point to find a good job with a good salary

Unfortunately, making a good negotiate salary offer email is not enough to achieve the goal. The salary increase may be not granted, which generates frustration in you and you do not feel like continuing to work in that company. But, to make that decision, you need to be able to count on another job offer.

If you are thinking of leaving your job and you need another, the solution to this problem is to enter and register on The Talent Point. On our website, you can find a lot of job offers according to what you are looking for. In addition, we have various tips on labor issues, including tips to have a good CV. Also to succeed in interviews, plus other interesting matters. 

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