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Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia 2024: Fee for Expats & Family


Shini Ramith

December 21, 2023 · 8 min read
Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia 2024: Fee for Expats & Family - TalentPoint

Renewing Residence Permit (Iqama) 

Renewing your Iqama (residence permit) is a vital process for expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia. This legal document not only validates your lawful stay in the country but also grants access to essential services. Here's a comprehensive guide to navigate through the Iqama renewal process in 2024.

Understanding Iqama Renewal

Your Iqama in Saudi Arabia has a validity period ranging from one to five years. It's crucial to keep track of its expiry date and initiate the renewal process at least three days before it lapses.

Iqama Renewal Process


To renew your Iqama, you must:

  • Pay the renewal and penalty fees, if any.

  • Clear any traffic violations on the domestic worker’s driving license.

  • Have fingerprints and a photo in the passport system, along with family members over 15 years old.

  • Possess a passport valid at the time of renewal.

  • Be present in Saudi Arabia.

  • Not be reported as absent from work.

Renewal Procedure:

  • Log in to the Absher Platform using your username or ID number and password.

  • Receive a text message on your registered mobile number in Absher.

  • Navigate to the main page of Absher services.

  • Click on "E-services," then select "Sponsored services."

  • Choose "Renewing Iqama" from the list.

  • Read the service instructions and click "Next."

  • Select the worker for whom you want to renew the residency permit.

  • Choose the renewal period, confirm information accuracy, and click "Renew Iqama."

Renewing Residence Permit (Iqama) for Foreign Investors: Step-by-Step Guide

This service facilitates the renewal of residence permits (Iqama) for foreign investors for a duration of one year. It is particularly designed for investors who have received a cancellation decision, whether punitive, license withdrawal, non-renewal, or voluntary. Here's a simple guide to navigate through the process:


  • Access the e-portal:

    • Log in to the Authority services.

  • Select (private services):

    • Click on the option for private services.

  • Click (Renewing Iqama):

    • Locate and click on the "Renewing Iqama" service.

  • Fill in the required information and attach documents:

    • Provide the necessary details and upload the required documents.

  • Click (Submit):

    • Submit your application after ensuring all information is accurate.


  • A copy of the foreign investor's residence permit.

  • A copy of the commercial registration.

Important Notes:

  • The investor is eligible for a residence renewal application only once in the first year.

  • The obtaining of the service is subject to the regulations and instructions of the government agency providing the service.

  • If business owners have submitted a voluntary cancellation request, the application to the service of supporting cancellation will be verified.

This streamlined process aims to assist foreign investors in efficiently renewing their residence permits, ensuring compliance with government regulations.

[Note: This is a simplified version. Please refer to the official government portal for the most accurate and up-to-date information.]

Iqama Renewal Fee

To renew your Iqama, you'll need to make payments for various fees:

  • MOI Iqama Fee:

    • SAR 650 for one-year validity.

    • SAR 163 for 3-month validity.

    • SAR 325 for 6-month validity.

    • SAR 488 for 9-month validity.

  • Work Permit Fee:

    • Monthly cost of SAR 800.

    • Options for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, with corresponding fees.

  • Expat Dependent Fee:

    • SAR 400 per dependent per month.

    • Options for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, with corresponding fees.

Iqama Renewal Tracking

To check the status of your Iqama ID, visit the Ministry of Labour (MoL) portal for an Iqama check.

Iqama Renewal Processing Time

The Iqama renewal process typically takes a minimum of 15 days.

For more details and a comprehensive understanding, visit our blog: Iqama Renewal: How To Renew Your KSA Resident Identity Card.

Iqama Renewal Fees for Expatriates and Family Dependents in 2024

Residence permits in Saudi Arabia necessitate periodic renewal, involving specific fees such as work permit fees and MOI Iqama fees. For expatriates sponsoring family members, the renewal process in 2024 includes paying the dependent levy for each family member.


  • House drivers (Saiq Khas), homemakers, and certain domestic workers are exempt from work permit fees (Maktab Amal Fees).

  • Small establishments with five or fewer employees are exempt from work permit fees if the firm's owner is registered as a worker.

Payment Flexibility:

  • Saudi Arabia now allows the issuance and renewal of residency permits and work permits for a minimum period of three months. This enables individuals and companies to pay Iqama renewal fees quarterly rather than annually.

Work Permit Fees (Maktab Amal Levy):

  • SR 700 or SR 800 per month (Based on Saudization in Company).

  • Maktab Amal fee for 3 months: SR 2400.

  • Maktab Amal fee for 6 months: SR 4800.

  • Maktab Amal fee for 9 months: SR 7200.

  • Maktab Amal fee for 1 year: SR 9600.

MOI Iqama Fees:

  • Iqama Fee for 3 months: SR 163.

  • Iqama Fee for 6 months: SR 325.

  • Iqama Fee for 9 months: SR 488.

  • Iqama Fee for 1 year: SR 650.

Dependent Tax (Levy):

  • SR 400 each family member per month.

  • Dependent Fee for 3 months: SR 1200 per dependent.

  • Dependent Fee for 6 months: SR 2400 per dependent.

  • Dependent Fee for 9 months: SR 3600 per dependent.

  • Dependent Fee for 1 year: SR 4800 per dependent.

Penalties for Iqama Expiry:

  • First time: SR 500.

  • Second time: SR 1,000.

  • Grace period: Three days after expiry.

Responsibility for Iqama Renewal:

  • As per Saudi Labor Law Article 40 (1), the employer is responsible for the renewal of Iqama, health care, and insurance for the employee.

Steps to Obtain Iqama for Family Members in Saudi Arabia

In order to obtain Iqama for your family members (dependants) in Saudi Arabia, certain steps need to be followed:

  • Get a Saudi Permanent Resident Visa:

    • Also known as the Resident visa, it grants foreigners the legal right to live and work in Saudi Arabia.

    • Documents required from your family include valid travel documents, proof of kinship (marriage or birth certificate), passed medical testing, and proof of qualifications if applicable.

    • These documents need to be officially translated into Arabic.

  • Arrive in Saudi Arabia and Undergo Medical Testing:

    • Even if medical testing has been conducted in the home country, another test is required upon arrival in Saudi Arabia to prevent the spread of disease.

    • The results must be reported to the Ministry of Interior.

  • Pay the Dependent Fee:

    • While the issuance of Iqama itself is free, a residence fee for dependants of SAR 400 per month is applicable.

    • The first 90 days in the country are free, and the fee must be paid for the entire period of the sponsor's Iqama, excluding the initial 90 days.

  • Submit a Family Iqama Application:

    • Prepare the application form, two photographs of each family member, passport copies, Saudi visa photocopies, Iqama and passport copy of the family's head, and medical insurance issued by the employer.

    • Apply for Iqama online through the Ministry of Interior website (Absher) or a Jawazat office.

  • Iqama Photo Requirements:

    • The submitted photo must meet specific criteria, including a size of 4x6 cm, color, plain white background, open eyes looking straight at the camera, and no retouching.

    • Eyeglasses are allowed only for medical purposes, with proper documentation.

  • Iqama Processing and Collection:

    • After submission, you will be notified when the Iqama is ready and where to collect it.

  • Professional Iqama Photos Online:

    • To streamline the process, consider getting professional Iqama photos online using tools like Visafoto.

    • Upload a photo meeting the specified requirements, and receive both a digital version for online applications and a print-ready version.

Cost of Iqama for Family Members:

  • The issuance of Iqama itself is free.

  • The residence fee for dependants is SAR 500 per year.

Iqama Validity and Renewal Rules:

  • Iqama is typically valid for five years.

  • Renewal is done through the Absher portal, ensuring all residence fees are paid and no outstanding obligations exist.

Important Considerations:

1. Renewal Period:

  • Iqama renewal is typically done annually.

  • It is advisable to initiate the renewal process well in advance of the expiration date.

2. Penalties for Delay:

  • Late renewals may incur fines, so it's crucial to adhere to the renewal timeline.

3. Verification Process:

  • The government may conduct a verification process, so provide accurate and up-to-date information.

Renewing your Iqama is a fundamental responsibility for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. By following this comprehensive guide and staying informed about the process, you can ensure a smooth renewal experience and continue to enjoy your lawful residence in the Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia

1. What is Iqama?

  • Iqama is a residence permit issued by the Saudi Arabian government for expatriates living and working in the country.

2. Why is Iqama Renewal Necessary?

  • Renewing Iqama is essential to maintain legal residence status in Saudi Arabia and access various services.

3. When Should I Initiate the Renewal Process?

  • It is advisable to start the renewal process well before the expiration date of your current Iqama, usually within 3 days of expiry.

4. What Documents are Required for Iqama Renewal?

  • Common documents include a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, a valid employment contract, and any additional documents specified by the authorities.

5. How Often Should I Renew My Iqama?

  • Iqama renewal is typically an annual process. Expatriates need to renew their Iqama within the specified timeframe.

6. Can I Renew Iqama Online?

  • Yes, the renewal process can be initiated online through the official portal provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

7. Are There Penalties for Late Renewal?

  • Yes, late renewals may incur fines. It's crucial to adhere to the renewal timeline to avoid penalties.

8. Can I Check the Status of My Iqama Renewal Online?

  • Yes, you can check the status of your Iqama renewal through the Ministry of Interior's online portal.

9. What Happens if I Fail to Renew My Iqama on Time?

  • Failure to renew your Iqama on time may lead to fines and legal consequences, including potential deportation.

10. Is the Iqama Renewal Process the Same for Everyone?

  • The process may vary based on individual circumstances. It's important to follow the guidelines provided by the government and fulfill specific requirements.

11. Can I Travel Outside Saudi Arabia During the Iqama Renewal Process?

  • It is advisable to avoid international travel during the renewal process to ensure a smooth and timely renewal without complications.

Note: These FAQs are for general guidance. Always refer to the official government portal for the latest and most accurate information regarding Iqama renewal processes.

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