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How to answer: What makes you an ideal candidate for this job?


Shini Ramith

September 21, 2023 · 10 min read
How to answer: What makes you an ideal candidate for this job? - TalentPoint

When an individual is in a job search, there are several things to keep in mind. First of all, the interview is the most important part of this process. This is because it is the initial occasion in which the person is seeing their employer or someone from the company. Therefore, they must take many things into account when being called for one. As a consequence, obtaining the position depends on a good interview.

In this article, we will cover one of the most frequently asked questions when attending an interview. We will give you information regarding the importance of answering this question in the best possible manner. Also, we will present some ways in which this question can be presented; depending on the business.

  1. Why is it important to answer this question correctly?

  2. What are other ways for recruiters to ask this question?

  3. How to answer this question?

  4. What is the type of body language and presentation you should have?

  5. Some replica examples

  6. Benefits of giving a good answer

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Why is it important to answer this question correctly?

We can say that the interview is the most important moment of the process in the best job search. In addition to being the most significant, it is the first face-to-face contact that those involved have; that is, the employer of the company with the applicant. As a consequence, it is necessary to make the best possible impression; and answer the questions as accurately as possible.

At the time of doing the best job search; the stage that presents the most difficulties to applicants is the interview. This is because it depends on it if you meet the company’s standards and can get the job. For this reason, you must prepare in advance, as depending on your answers you will be accepted or rejected.

The questions at the time of an interview do not change much because companies look for one type of prospect. For this reason, the same interrogation always arises; it is the most fundamental for the company to make a decision. Accordingly, answering this request in the best way is what will make you stand out above others.

Due to the significance of this question when finding a job; you must prepare to respond in the best way and cause the greatest positive impact on the interviewer. There is no need for extensive or elaborate preparation, but you must have a plan and thus avoid causing a negative impact. What is essential is to leave no doubt in the interviewer that you are the best for this job.

What are other ways for recruiters to ask this question?

Generally, this question comes in many different presentations, depending on each company. As it is so common that they mention it in one way or another companies, decide to change the way they say it. This is to ensure that the applicant’s response is as natural as possible, instead of rehearsed. Next, we will show you some examples of how company interviewers mention this question:

  • What can you contribute to this company that other people cannot?

  • Why do you think you are ideal for this job?

  • Explain why you are the best postulant.

  • What makes you believe that you are the best for this position?

  • Why do you think you would fit in this position?

  • What makes you different from other applicants?

  • What skills make you stand out for this job?

How to answer this question?

When being in a job search, and a company calls you for an interview, you must be prepared. Generally, the question we mentioned never fails; therefore, you must be ready for it. In this section, we will provide you with a series of steps to answer not only this question; but any other.

Prepare in advance of your job search

If you are preparing for the best job search, you must consider that this is the key to success. Take some time to think about the ideal answer to this question. Contemplate several options while you wait to get called back, as you have time to choose the best one. Consequently, on the day of the interview, you will not be nervous.

Make a list of your strengths

Before the interview, it is important to consider what your strengths are. This is because when this question is presented, the applicant should highlight their strengths for the position in question. Thus, you will leave a good impression on the interviewer.

Research the company for your job search

A great job search tip is to research the company. Before the interview, it is good to make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the corporation. Also, you can add how you can help solve these problems or contribute to their solution. Thus, when they call you for the interview, you can use this information to demonstrate that you are interested. This can be very useful as it confirms that you know what you are offering to the company.

Associate your skills to solve the weak points of the company

Another job searching idea is to unite all the researched information. Having a list of your skills and having knowledge of the weak points of the company; you can join the two points to find solutions. As a result, the owner of the company will know that you can be a tool for their growth.

Write down everything

To have a successful interview, you must answer this question in the best way. This interrogation is key to any job interview. Therefore, it is necessary to write everything we mentioned. You can have a clear idea of ​​what you are going to say and hence, avoid clutter, or skip anything important.


When being in an interview, you need to show the employer that you are confident. In other words, you must show that there is confidence in the answer. A good way to do this is to practice all the things in your Curriculum Vitae. Do not memorize it because the naturalness is lost, but you must not miss any detail that makes you look striking. Note that there are no wrong answers.

What is the type of body language and presentation you should have?

Now, an excellent job search idea for an interview is to show a good presence. When you manage to get a meeting; you must show your potential employer that your image is consistent with the company. Also, when you want to answer “Why do you think you would fit in this position?” you must show security. Next, we will show you some tips so that your body language is pleasant for the company.

You must show up in good attire

This is a factor that varies depending on the job. For instance, if you are applying for a management position; present yourself with a suit and tie (for men). And women, often choose to show up with heels and a feminine suit. This will cause a good impact on the interviewer. In addition, it speaks very well of you; as it shows that your appearance is consistent with the company and the job applied for.

You must be well-presented

When you go to an interview, you must be well-presented. Ironed clothes, clean shoes, and a good perfume are nice touches. For example, women must wear their hair and makeup well. Men must be combed and well-groomed. This shows that the person has a good presence.

Be confident

When you go to an interview and the question “Why do you think you are ideal for this job?” arises; you must respond safely and with great confidence. This will give the employer peace of mind when hiring. The key is to stick with it and follow the steps in the previous section. Of course, in addition to saying all you previously rehearsed, very naturally and safely.

Be honest

This is the most important piece of advice, as you must keep honest at all times. Both when delivering the CV and in the interview. Thus, one of the things to avoid is that there is a discrepancy. In addition, as we pointed out, it is easier to give information safely and naturally. This is in contrast to thinking about any lies you wrote in your resume.

Highlight your qualities

Earlier, we told you to write down a list of your strengths. Do not be afraid to express those qualities. During the interview, while the subject comes up, it is good to discuss your skills. However, you should not exaggerate them.

Some replica examples

At the moment of facing this question in an interview when you search for a job in the UAE; you must have a little preparation to do well. Knowing some great interview tips will help you in the process. Following are some examples that may help you when you come across this question:

If you are young and have no work experience

When you are in an interview, one way to help you stand out is by explaining your previous experience. However, when this resource is not available, you must show how you can contribute to the company. When you do this, you must demonstrate that you can do the job better than anyone else.

When this happens, you must speak with confidence and rely on your skills: “I know that I do not have the work experience of other applicants; but I can bring new insights and much higher performance. I am very proactive and have the energy to work on important projects and also propose new projects”.

When you have work experience

Knowing how to use your experience is a great help to find the best possible job. For this reason, you must speak in such a way that the interviewer understands how you can benefit the company. An example of this would be the following:

“In previous jobs, I have developed certain skills that will help in the position you are looking for; I have worked in very similar areas and have achieved positive results. I am open to new projects and I think that all my previous experience will greatly help the company”.


Next, we will see an example in frequent areas that help others:

  • Lawyer job: “I have years of experience in different firms of great importance and that has given me a unique vision. I have studied abroad and gained a lot of experience during this period. I am very dedicated to my work and very responsible, which greatly benefits the image of the buffet”.

  • Teacher job: “Throughout my career, I have developed different teaching methodologies for the benefit of my students. I am always studying new teaching strategies, in addition to doing master’s degrees to increase my abilities. I am very responsible and capable in all aspects; my classes are very practical; I help my students a lot”.

  • Manager or executive position: “Throughout my profession, I have developed the necessary skills for a good leader. I am great at talking with my work team to have the best performance. My social skills are well above what is needed for this position and continue to improve constantly”.

Benefits of giving a good answer

Giving an adequate answer to this question in the interview will indeed help you. Following, we will present the benefits of giving this answer in the most accurate way possible:

  • It may be the reason you get the job.

  • Get an advantage over other applicants.

  • It is the way to show the company why you would be important in its future.

  • The interviewer can find in you the requirements for the vacant position.

  • You can demonstrate confidence in your experience and what you can offer to the company.

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As you could see, it is totally necessary to prepare for your work interview. This is the most crucial step when you want to opt for a position. Here, you can easily understand how good answers can give you opportunities for your present and future professional life. Especially, in Dubai and the UAE.

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