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Leave Application for Mother's Illness


Shini Ramith

September 14, 2023 · 9 min read
Leave Application for Mother's Illness - TalentPoint

A leave application for a mother illness allows you to take time off from your job to attend to this type of situation. Therefore, you should write it professionally and honestly for your boss or superior to consider. However, it should not be a lengthy letter or request, it should just focus on being clear about why.

In this article, you can find multiple examples of what one of these cards should look like. Nevertheless, you should not strictly adhere to the formats we provide you but use them as examples and adapt them. Let us see:

1. General formats for leave application for mother’s illness

2. Examples of leave application for mother’s illness

3. How can we help you with the application for leave for mother’s illness?

1. General formats for leave application for mother illness

A mother’s illness is an important situation that can make you ask for a leave from work. This is one of the scenarios that can affect the performance of an employee or a student. However, not delivering the letter or application at the right time can have negative consequences.

Therefore, here are some examples of a leave letter for a mother’s illness. Nevertheless, these are just samples of what one of these letters should look like, so you can modify it. Therefore, you just need to be sincere and clearly show the intent of the request.

1.1 How to write an application for leave for mother illness - Template

As we said before, sending a mother’s illness letter is the best way to request a permit for this purpose. Hence, the examples that follow are a general format for making the request but later you will have some examples for various situations.

Therefore, learn how to efficiently write an application for a mother’s illness. Thus, the general structure should contain the following aspects:

  • First, you should include a friendly greeting.

  • Then, you must include the subject.

  • Afterward, include the reason for the request.

  • Specify the duration of the permission. If you need it, you can deliver a leave extension letter due to my mother’s illness.

  • Then, put your contact information.

  • Lastly, include your name and signature.

1.1.1 Request form for leave application for mother illness No. 1



(Name of the company),

(Company Address)

(Date of application)

Subject: Leave for mother’s illness (You can briefly specify the particular situation if you wish).


Here you can use Dear/ Respected Sir/ Madam, as the situation warrants.

Body of the letter or request:


Reason for the request

Number of days of leave

Request to approve the permit


Yours sincerely (optional),

Put your name and sign the petition.

Therefore, this block format can be used for a formal mother illness application. Also, make sure the subject of the letter accurately summarizes the mail, as superiors only read important letters.

1.1.2 Format to write an application to the principal for mother illness (for student)

Likewise, we offer you an application for leave due to the mother’s illness for students. However, the format is similar to the one above and you can adapt it to your particular situation.



(Name of the institute),



Subject: Mother’s sick leave application from (your name) for (number of days).

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I am (your name) a student of (specify major/section/class) this institution. Unfortunately, I must inform you that my mother has been ill for the last (number of days) days. Therefore, I find it necessary to be absent for (number of days). Therefore, I hope you can grant me a license to remedy the situation.

I will return as soon as possible.

Thank you

Yours obediently,

(Your name),

(Class and section)

Thus, here are two forms you can use if you need a leave application due to mother’s illness. The reasons may be diverse but both formats show your professionalism and respect for authority.

2. Examples of leave application for mother illness

There are various reasons for properly writing a leave application for a mother’s illness. Then, some of the reasons that require urgency in the request are the following:

  • Illness

  • Some kind of surgery

  • Operations

  • Heart attack

  • High blood pressure, and other reasons.

Afterward, we will give you some examples of requests for mother illness leave which will be useful in various situations. However, you can adapt it to your needs, always being clear about the reasons without including details that are not necessary. We include 12 examples to help you get a better idea of what you need.

2.1 General letter for a mother illness leave application

Dear Sir / Madam,

Right now my mother is in critical condition and is hospitalized. Therefore, I appreciate that you can grant me a leave of absence from the office and be with her for a few days. I appreciate in advance that you can permit me to be absent (number of days).

Sincerely yours,

(your name)

You can also use this form for a leave application for a father hospitalized.

2.2 Leave application for mother treatment

November 24, 2021



(Company XXXX)

Subject: Leave application for medical treatment of the mother.

Respected Sir /Madam,

I am writing cordially to request a leave of absence due to my mother’s illness. She is suffering from a serious illness and I need to take her to the hospital to receive the treatment she requires. Hence, I will have to take time off from my job for the next 2 days.

Therefore, I hope to receive your authorization to leave and return to work on the 27th of this month.

Thank you in advance.


(your name).

(Position held in the company).

2.3 Letter for emergency leave for mother’s serious condition (accident)


(Boss or immediate superior),

(Name of the Institute or company)


Respected Sir /Madam,

Unfortunately, I must report that I have a family emergency, as my mother has suffered an accident (briefly explain the situation). Also, I am the only person who can take care of her because (give your valid reasons). Therefore, I appreciate your being able to approve my application.


(your name),


(Contact phone)

2.4 Emergency leave letter for mother operation

The leave application for mother operation can be written following this example:

Dear Madam /Sir,

I am (your name), (title), and I am writing this request letter to be away for (number of days) days. This is because my mother requires an urgent operation and I want to go to the hospital to accompany her and take care of her. Thus, I would like you to approve the request I am making to you to take a leave of absence starting tomorrow.

Thanks in advance,

(your name).

2.5 Application for leave for mother’s illness (emergency)

Dear manager,

On this occasion, I am contacting you to request an urgent leave of absence since my mother is in poor health. (here you can explain the health situation). I just received a call/message asking me to come to her house. Please, I would be grateful if you would permit me to withdraw at this time.

Sincerely, yours,

(your name).

2.6 Leave application for mother illness and hospitalization

Subject: request for permission for hospitalization of my mother

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Right now my mother is being admitted to the hospital for (reason). For this reason, I am writing to request a leave of absence from (date) to (date). I would be grateful if you can authorize my leave of absence.


(Your name).

2.7 Leave application for mother operation

Permission request for the surgery of my mother

Dear Sir / Madam,

The reason I am writing this letter is to request (number of days) leave for my mother’s (name of the procedure) surgery. Which is why I would like to be with her during the beginning of her recovery. However, I will be available in case of any questions or queries regarding my work.

Therefore, I would appreciate it if you could approve my leave days from (date) to (date).


(your name).

2.8 Leave application mother illness to take her to the hospital

This is an example of part-time leave in case you have to take your mother to the hospital for an illness. You can also use it as an emergency leave letter for a father sick.

Dear Mr / Mrs,

My name is (your name), (title) and I would like permission to take my mother/father to the hospital. This would only be for half a day because I received a call in which he told me that he is not feeling well. Thus, I will be grateful if you grant me this permission.


(your name).

Also, in case you need to take more time, you can send a leave extension letter for the mother’s medical treatment.

2.9 Request for a license for ocular operation of the mother


Subject: license application for the eye operation of my mother.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you with all due respect to request a license from (date) to (date) for the eye operation of my mother. She is going to have surgery at (write the name of the hospital or clinic) and I must accompany her. Also, I can give you copies of the medical reports that certify the need for said operation.

Sincerely greets you,

(your name).

2.10 Application for mother’s illness due to stomach pain

Subject: Request for leave due to the stomach illness of my mother.

Dear (charge),

The reason for this letter is to inform you that my mother has had severe stomach pains for the last few days. This has caused me to take her to the hospital several times, although she has not improved. Therefore, I request permission to travel to her home and take her to the hospital for treatment.

Thus, I would be grateful if you would please permit me.

Thanks in advance,


(your name).

2.11 Application for leave for mother illness

Subject: Leave for my mother’s sickness

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like you to please grant me a permit for the day (date) to be able to take care of my mother. At the moment she is at home, as the doctors have recommended absolute rest due to the seriousness of the matter. Therefore, since the family member who was taking care of her cannot take care of her on that date, I would like to be able to be at home to take care of her.

I would like you to please permit me if it is within your possibilities.

I thank you in advance,

Yours sincerely,

(your name).

2.12 Application for leave for mother’s illness (fracture)

Subject: request a permit for a health problem of my mother.

Dear Mr / Mrs,

Today my mother suffered a fracture (you can specify where) and I have to take her to the hospital quickly. Therefore, I would be grateful if you would grant me a leave of absence from work. I will be grateful if you could grant it to me.


(your name).

3. How can we help you with the application for leave for your mother’s illness?

There are a few things that could take you away from your work and an illness of your mother may be one of them. Therefore, you must know how to write a leave of absence letter due to family illness so that you can do it correctly. Also, in each of the examples, we have provided you can adapt to your particular situation.

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