Check Muqeem Visa Validity 2024 - All Saudi Visa Status


Shini Ramith

November 16, 2023 · 5 min read

2023 Guide: Checking Your Saudi Visa Status with Muqeem

Traveling or residing in a new country like Saudi Arabia demands vigilance over your visa status. Forgetting to check it regularly might lead to unexpected issues – imagine being detained at the border, facing hefty fines, or even legal troubles just because your visa expired without your knowledge. Fortunately, there's a solution – a handy service known as Muqeem. Let's delve deeper into why using Muqeem to monitor your Saudi visa is a smart move, preventing visa headaches during your stay.


  • Check Muqeem Visa Validity 2024 - All Saudi Visa Status

  • Muqeem: Simplifying Visa and Residency Management in Saudi Arabia

  • Services provided by Muqeem are:

    • Checking Your Visa Validity through Muqeem

    • Checking Other Visa Validities via Muqeem

    • ● Muqeem Exit/Re-entry Visa Validity Check

    • ● Muqeem Final Exit Visa Validity Check

    • ● Muqeem Iqama Expiry Date

      • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Muqeem: Simplifying Visa and Residency Management in Saudi Arabia

Muqeem, an online service by the Saudi government through the Ministry of Interior, functions as an integrated platform for managing various visa and residency-related procedures for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. It offers a suite of functionalities facilitating visa status checks, issuance or renewal, and residency permit management.

Services provided by Muqeem are:

Visa Related Services: Muqeem allows individuals and organizations to issue, cancel, or reprint single exit re-entry visas or final exit visas. It streamlines the issuance or renewal of all types of residence permits, offering a convenient online platform for these transactions.

Document Management: Users can review and print passports, obtain reports from the Traffic Department, and access various interactive services for subscriptions, transactions, or payments related to residence permits.

Administrative Changes: Muqeem facilitates Sponsorship Transfers, Profession Modifications, and Residence Permit printing, effectively streamlining administrative processes.

Electronic Form Completion: Users can conveniently complete different forms electronically by inputting their Iqama number, simplifying various formalities.

Moreover, Muqeem operates as a centralized database, enabling organizations to access resident workers' data, conduct transactions online, and minimize physical visits to government offices, offering convenience, efficiency, and a streamlined approach to managing visa and residency affairs for expatriates.

Checking Your Visa Validity through Muqeem

Verifying visa validity through Muqeem is a straightforward process, whether you're a resident or visitor. Confirming your Saudi visa status is easily accomplished without complex login requirements. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Muqeem service to check your visa validity:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1 :- Access the Muqeem Portal:  Initiate the process by visiting the official Muqeem portal through any web browser.

Step 2 :- Enter Relevant Information:  Input your Iqama number or visa number into the respective fields. Optionally, provide additional details such as date of birth, passport number, name, iqama expiry date, or visa expiry date for a comprehensive check.

Step 3 :- Submission and Verification: Click the 'Check' button to submit your information and initiate the validation process.

Step 4 :- View Visa Information: Instantly access your visa validity status, type, issuance date, and other pertinent details on the following page.

By following these steps, you can efficiently ensure the accuracy of your Saudi visa details without any hassle, all through the Muqeem platform.

Checking Other Visa Validities via Muqeem

  • Muqeem Exit/Re-entry Visa Validity Check

Saudi Arabia's exit/re-entry visa is essential for individuals with family members or domestic workers abroad, or for employees intending temporary departure from Saudi Arabia.

To verify the validity of an exit/re-entry visa using Muqeem:

  1. Access Muqeem Portal: Visit the Muqeem portal via your web browser.

  2. Enter Required Information: Input your Iqama number and select 'date of birth' for cross-verification.

  3. Submit Information: Click the 'Check' button after providing the necessary details.

Once submitted, the Muqeem platform displays essential exit/re-entry visa information, including its status (valid/expired), visa type and number, duration, issuance date, return before date, and the visa holder's location.

  • Muqeem Final Exit Visa Validity Check

While Muqeem facilitates the issuance of final exit visas for expat workers by employers, it currently doesn't provide a feature to check final exit visa statuses. To check your final exit visa status:

Utilize Ministry of Labor’s Portal or Absher: Employ the Ministry of Labor’s portal or the Absher platform for checking final exit visa statuses.

  • Muqeem Iqama Expiry Date

At present, the Muqeem portal doesn't offer the functionality to verify the expiry date of your Iqama. If you're seeking to check your Iqama's status and expiry date but lack access to the Absher platform, please refer to our detailed Iqama check article for alternative methods.

Last Say

Muqeem stands as a vital tool for expatriates in Saudi Arabia, streamlining visa and residency-related processes. Checking your visa status through Muqeem ensures a hassle-free experience, avoiding potential complications. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the process, providing essential information swiftly and efficiently. Embracing Muqeem empowers individuals to manage their visa affairs with ease, ensuring a smooth stay in the kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is Muqeem accessible to everyone?

Muqeem is primarily designed for expatriates and residents living or working in Saudi Arabia. Access to specific services may require authentication through an Iqama number or other official identification linked to the kingdom.

2. Can Muqeem be accessed from anywhere in the world?

Muqeem's online platform is accessible from any location globally with internet access. However, some services may have restrictions based on user authentication and legal residency status within Saudi Arabia.

3. Are there any fees associated with using Muqeem services?

Muqeem, as a government service, generally doesn't charge fees for accessing its platform or conducting basic visa status checks. However, specific transactions or services may have associated fees, depending on the nature of the service being availed.

4. How accurate is the information provided by Muqeem?

Muqeem's database is maintained by the Saudi government and is considered highly reliable. However, it's recommended to cross-verify critical information if discrepancies arise or for legal purposes.

5. Can Muqeem assist in resolving visa-related issues or complications?

Muqeem serves as an information platform, providing details about visa statuses, issuance, and renewals. For specific issues or complications, it's recommended to consult with authorized legal representatives or government offices specializing in visa affairs.

6. What should I do if I encounter discrepancies in my visa information on Muqeem?

In case of discrepancies in visa information displayed on Muqeem, individuals can contact the Ministry of Interior or the Saudi Jawazat for clarification and resolution

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