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Oman visa for UAE Residents 2023-2024 - Cost & Visa Validity


Shini Ramith

November 20, 2023 · 11 min read
Oman visa for UAE Residents 2023-2024 - Cost & Visa Validity - TalentPoint

OMAN Visa for UAE Residents - Your Essential Guide

Embarking on a journey to Oman from the UAE requires an in-depth understanding of visa requirements. Our guide provides insights into visa types, application steps, and key details sourced exclusively from trusted government platforms like the Royal Oman Police and Oman’s Foreign Ministry. 

Covering visa necessity, application procedures, documentation, and status checks, this concise guide ensures a seamless journey into Oman, relying on the most current and reliable information sources. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of obtaining an Oman visa for UAE residents.

Oman Visa for UAE Residents: A Quick Guide

Visa Types:

1. Visa on Arrival (14 Days):

   - UAE residents can obtain a visa on arrival at the border, allowing a stay of up to 14 days.

   - No prior application is required.

2. eVisa (Up to 30 Days):

   - For stays longer than 14 days, an eVisa must be applied for in advance.

   - The eVisa allows a stay of up to 30 days in Oman.

Visa Costs:

- Visa on Arrival Fee: 5 OMR (Dh47)

- Exit Fee: Dh35 (payable when exiting the UAE border)

- Motor Insurance: Dh106 or higher, if existing coverage does not include Oman driving.

Required Documents:

- Valid Emirates ID.

- Passport with at least six months' validity.

Application Process:

1. Visa on Arrival:

   - Obtain the visa at the border, stamped on your passport.

2. eVisa:

   - Apply through the official Oman eVisa website.

   - Complete the application form.

   - Pay the required fees.

   - Receive the eVisa via email.

Entry Points from the UAE:

1. Al Darah Border Post:

   - Connects to Khasab in Musandam.

2. UAE/Oman Dibba Border Post:

   - Connects to the southern part of Musandam.

3. Khatmat Milaha Border Post:

   - Connects to the northern part of Oman, including Sohar and Muscat.

4. Hatta Crossing/Al Wajajah Border Post:

   - Connects to Muscat and the northern regions of Oman.

5. Mezyad Border Post:

   - Connects to the southern part of Oman, including Salalah.

Contact Information:

- Helpline: +968-2-284-8200 | 800-80011

- Office Hours: 07:00 am to 09:00 pm (GMT+4)

- Email: [email protected]


- Paper Application at Border: Apply via the website; paper applications may be accepted in exceptional cases.

- Applicant's Profession: All professions accepted, except for specific categories.

- Reprinting a Visa: Log in to your account on the eVisa website.

- Visa Validity: One month for unsponsored resident tourist visas.

- Processing Time: Varies; apply at least four days in advance.

- GCC Residents: No sponsorship needed; visa valid for 30 days.

Visa Necessity for Entry into Oman

A visa isn't required for Oman if you're a citizen of a GCC nation such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, or the United Arab Emirates. As a result, traveling to Oman doesn't necessitate a visa application. Nevertheless, specific documents are still necessary for entry into Oman.

Are Visas Mandatory for UAE Residents Traveling to Oman?

Indeed, UAE residents need the GCC Resident Tourist Visa (Type 29A) to enter Oman for a stay of up to 28 days.

The application process via the Royal Oman Police website necessitates certain documentation, including proof of residency in the UAE, passport details, and additional particulars. Understanding the visa conditions and regulations, such as possible extensions or restrictions, is crucial for a well-prepared and compliant visit to Oman.

Is an On-Arrival Visa Available for UAE Residents in Oman?

No, an on-arrival visa facility isn't extended to UAE residents visiting Oman. The requisite procedure involves obtaining an Oman e-visa tailored specifically for GCC residents before embarking on the trip.

This e-visa application typically mandates essential documentation, including proof of UAE residency and passport particulars. Familiarizing oneself with the e-visa requirements, processing duration, and any specific stipulations attached to the visa issuance is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free entry into Oman.

Essential Criteria for Obtaining an Oman Visa from the UAE

The prerequisites for obtaining an Oman visa from the UAE encompass specific criteria:

  • Application from Outside Oman: The visa application must be initiated while outside Oman's borders.

  • GCC Residency Requirement: Residency in a GCC country is mandatory, with at least six months' validity upon entry into Oman.

  • Approved Professions: The application is restricted to individuals belonging to an approved list of professions. The roster of sanctioned professions is comprehensive: Accountant, Architect, Agricultural Engineer, Advisor, Archaeologist, Athletic Organizer, Artist, Author, Actor, Athlete, Agriculture Supervisor, Businessperson, Banker, Broker, Computer Engineer/Manager, Counselor, Co-pilot, Commercial Delegate, Captain, Chemist, Coordinator, Cameraperson, Doctor, Dental Technician/Surgeon, Deputy Director, Electronics Engineer/Technician, Expert, Employee, Electrician, Flight Engineer, First Counselor, Film Cameraperson, Geologist Engineer, Geologist, General Manager, Generator Operator, Head of Section, Host, Health Observer, Investor, Interior Designer, Jeweler, Journalist, Land Surveyor, Lecturer, Laboratory Technician, Lawyer, Musician, Marketing Agent/Specialist, Media Specialist, Mechanical Engineer, Military Officer, Mechanic, Nurse Assistant, Nurse, Navigator, Network Engineer, Officer, Pilot, Programmer, Physicist, Project Author/Manager, Preacher, Prosecutor, Prospector, Production Assistant/Executive, Pharmacist, Painter, Printing Operator, Referee, Software Analyst, Sports Coach, Sales Representative, Section Supervisor, Specialist, Store Inspector, School Guidance Officer, Supervisor, Social Specialist, Scientist, Sales and Marketing Representative, Technologist, Teacher, Technical Support Engineer, Temperament Specialist, Trading Partner, University Professor, Writer, Wireless Operator, X-Ray Technician.

Meeting these specific criteria is imperative for a successful Oman visa application process for individuals residing in the UAE.

Required Documents for Oman E-Visa Application

The necessary documentation for an Oman E-Visa also includes:

  1. Passport Validity: Ensure your passport remains valid for at least an additional 6 months from your intended arrival date in Oman. Visa applications will be denied if the passport expires within this timeframe.

  2. Clear Scans of Passport: Ensure high-quality and clear scans of your passport. Blurry or unclear scans may result in complications; therefore, double-check the attached documents for accuracy.

  3. Digital Photograph Criteria: A crucial aspect impacting visa approval is the digital photograph. It must meet specific criteria:

  4. Recent Photo: Not older than 6 months.

  5. Background: Taken against a white background.

  6. Attire: No headwear is allowed unless mandated by religious beliefs (such as a hijab), ensuring your face is entirely visible from forehead to chin.

  7. Restrictions: Avoid wearing glasses or smiling in the picture for a successful application.

  8. Resident Permit: A copy of your valid resident permit, which should remain valid upon your entry into Oman.

Guide to Applying for an Oman Visa from the UAE

For acquiring an Oman visa from the UAE, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the Royal Oman Police Website

Visit the official platform - https://evisa.rop.gov.om/en/home used for Oman Visit visa applications. Look for the Tourist Visa option at the website's bottom.

Step 2: Account Setup

Register by providing your email, creating a password, and stating your nationality. Verify your account through the email received.

Step 3: Visa Application

Navigate to "Apply for visa" > "Apply for unsponsored visa." Fill in necessary details, including your nationality.

Step 4: Visa Type Selection

Choose the appropriate visa type, such as the UAE residents' specific visa (Type 29A), from the available options.

Step 5: Initiate Application Process

Input essential details: travel document particulars, personal information like name, birth date, and prior visa details.

Step 6: Document Attachment

Ensure compliance with document guidelines. Resize large files to fit upload requirements seamlessly.

Step 7: Payment of Visa Fees

Securely complete the visa fee payment through the website's provided method. Once approved, the visa will be sent via email for download and printing.

Checking Oman Visa Status Online

To ascertain your Oman visa status, use the following steps on the Royal Oman Police website:

  • Data Entry: Input your web application number, passport number, country of passport issuance, and the Captcha code.

  • Submission: Click on the "Submit" button.

Upon completion, access a new page presenting your visa status.

Exploring Oman Visa for UAE Residents: Vital Insights

Cost of Oman Visa for UAE Residents: 

The Oman visa incurs a fee of OMR 5, non-refundable regardless of application cancellation or visa rejection.

Processing Time for Oman E-Visa: 

Expect a processing duration of approximately 3-4 business days, excluding UAE weekends and public holidays.

Duration of Stay on Oman Visa for UAE Residents: 

With the Type 29A GCC Residents visa, enjoy a maximum stay of 28 days in Oman. Overstaying may result in fines, deportation, and a ban from future entry into Oman.

Visa Extension Opportunities: 

Yes, extensions are possible for an additional week. Apply for an extension before your current visa expires for a seamless continuation of your stay.

Visa Requirements for UAE Residents Traveling to Oman by Road

For a stay of up to 14 days, a visa on arrival can be obtained at the border, stamped on the passport. However, if the stay extends beyond 14 days, an advance eVisa application is necessary, allowing a maximum stay of 30 days.

Oman Visa Costs and Additional Fees:

  • Visa on arrival fee: 5 OMR (Dh47)

  • Exit fee: Dh35 (payable when exiting the UAE border)

  • Motor insurance (if existing coverage does not include Oman driving): Dh106 or higher, depending on coverage.

Required Documents:

  • Valid Emirates ID

  • Passport with at least six months' validity

For those contemplating a road trip to Oman from the UAE, here are five key border crossing points to be aware of:

  • Al Darah Border Post:

    • Route Ell, through Ras Al Khaimah, connects to Oman's Khasab area in Musandam, known for its scenic boat cruises and natural beauty.

  • UAE/Oman Dibba Border Post:

    • Route E99, through Fujairah, connects to the southern part of Musandam, including Dibba and Zaghi.

  • Khatmat Milaha Border Post:

    • Driving along Route E99 in the opposite direction through Fujairah connects to the northern part of Oman, reaching cities like Sohar and Muscat.

  • Hatta Crossing/Al Wajajah Border Post:

    • Al Wajajah Crossing, accessible via Route E44, provides access to Muscat and the northern regions of Oman.

  • Mezyad Border Post:

    • Another border crossing through Al Ain, reachable via Route E40, connects to the southern part of Oman, including Salalah, known for its monsoon season from June to September.

Before embarking on the journey, travelers should ensure compliance with visa requirements, carry essential documents, and be aware of the specific entry points for a seamless road trip experience.

Wrapping Up

In summary, getting an Oman visa for UAE residents is key for a smooth trip. This guide covered visa types, how to apply, needed papers, and checking your visa status. Following these steps ensures a hassle-free entry into Oman, so you're all set for a great adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Oman Visas for UAE Residents

  1. How do UAE residents go about applying for an Oman tourist visa?

UAE residents can apply for an Oman tourist visa via the Oman eVisa system, accessible through the official Royal Oman Police website.

  1. What visa options are accessible for UAE residents planning to travel to Oman?

Oman offers various visa types, including tourist visas, business visas, and visit visas, based on the purpose of the visit.

  1. Are Oman family visit visas attainable for UAE residents?

Certainly! UAE residents have the option to apply for an Oman family visit visa to visit their relatives in Oman. Usually, this process necessitates sponsorship from an individual residing in Oman.

  1. Is it feasible for UAE residents to acquire a visa upon arrival (VOA) in Oman?

In the past, Oman provided Visa on Arrival (VOA) for UAE residents; however, it has been substituted with the eVisa system. Hence, UAE residents are advised to apply for an eVisa beforehand.

  1. Do UAE citizens have the privilege to travel to Oman without a visa?

Absolutely, UAE citizens can travel visa-free to Oman for tourism purposes for up to 30 days.

  1. Can UAE residents pursue an Oman business visa?

Certainly, UAE residents can apply for an Oman business visa for business-related travel, often requiring additional documentation such as an invitation letter from an Omani company.

  1. Is it plausible for UAE residents with dual citizenship to apply for an Oman visa?

UAE residents holding dual citizenship should use the passport of the eligible visa-free country or adhere to visa requirements applicable to their UAE residence status.

  1. Are there specific limitations or conditions for UAE citizens entering Oman without a visa?

While UAE citizens can enter Oman visa-free for tourism, it's crucial to ensure their passport has a minimum of six months' validity and proof of adequate funds for their stay.

  1. What procedures should UAE citizens follow if they desire an extended stay in Oman beyond 30 days?

For stays longer than 30 days, UAE citizens should exit Oman before their initial 30-day period expires and apply for an appropriate visa, such as a tourist visa or visit visa.

  1. Can UAE residents proceed with an Oman visa application if their UAE passport has less than six months' validity?

No, UAE residents must have passports valid for at least six months beyond their planned stay in Oman to prevent entry complications.

More FAQs About Oman Visa for UAE Residents:

Can UAE Residents Obtain a Visa Through Paper Application at Oman's Border Posts?

It is recommended to apply through the website, but in exceptional circumstances, a paper application at the border post may be accepted.

Does the Applicant's Profession Matter?

Previously, certain professions had restrictions, but now all professions are accepted except for housekeepers, students, private drivers, or spouses of residents.

How to Reprint a Visa After Approval?

Visit the eVisa website, log in to your account, search for your visa application, fill at least one field (travel document number), click "view visa details," generate PDF, and download/print it.

What is the Validity Period of the Visa?

The validity period for an unsponsored resident tourist visa is one month.

How Long Does it Take to Get an E-Visa?

Processing time varies case by case. It is advisable to apply at least four days before you need the visa to be approved.

Do GCC Residents Need a Visa for Oman?

GCC residents do not require a sponsor from Oman for visa approval. Note that the visa is valid for thirty days.

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