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Quality Checking Jobs- Who are Quality Checkers, Job Description


Shini Ramith

September 21, 2023 · 7 min read
Quality Checking Jobs- Who are Quality Checkers, Job Description - TalentPoint

The quality of services and products provided by companies is very important. Satisfying customers is key to having a successful business and customers expect quality products for money. Consequently, organizations are bringing quality management to the forefront and providing quality checking jobs to ensure that their products and services are under the quality standard.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of quality checking jobs. We will explain their main roles, responsibilities, key duties, and more. Companies must understand that it is essential to have a quality checker within their workforce, as they bring the necessary expertise to help them succeed. 

  1. What is a quality checker?

  2. What does a quality checker do?

  3. How do quality checking job descriptions look?

  4. What are the qualities and skills that are necessary for quality checking jobs?

  5. How can The Talent Point help you find jobs in this field?

1. What is a quality checkers role in an organization?

A quality checker is an individual that works in a company to make sure that products and services comply with the business standards. These workers are in charge of identifying if the outcome of a service or product will be under the standard. Consequently, they will provide their professional advice to help companies find solutions to improve. 

Individuals working in quality checking jobs in the United Arab Emirates make sure to put the client’s satisfaction first. Subsequently, they provide their services to secure the company’s interests, doing the necessary tests to monitor the quality of the goods or services they provide. Lastly, ensuring that the organization provides products that are safe for distribution and sale.

The role of a quality checker is to conduct tests, analyze measurements, and monitor the production phase in a company. Therefore, if you are qualified to cover these roles, The Talent Point can help you boost your career and find quality checking jobs in the region. Thus, if you become a quality checker, you will make sure that the goods and services of a company meet quality standards. As a result, you will be helping it streamline the production process and minimize the chances of failure.

1.1 What are the responsibilities and key duties of a quality checker?

The responsibilities of people working in quality checking jobs change depending on the industry. Hence, if you are thinking about changing jobs or entering this field, you must know about the common responsibilities of this job position. Let us observe:

  • Execute quality assurance measures on all finished goods and incoming raw materials.

  • Examine the plans, specifications, and blueprints carefully to understand the product requirements.

  • Reject all arriving raw materials that do not comply with quality expectations and report the issue to the appropriate subdivision as soon as possible.

  • Resolving quality concerns while also meeting deadlines.

  • Giving the quality assurance team training and more.

If you feel that you have the qualifications and skills to take on these responsibilities and duties, then you should seek quality checking jobs. It is important to note that, before accepting a job offer in this field, you must ask some fundamental questions. As a result, you will be more informed about the company that you will be working for and the position.

2. What does a quality checker do?

At their core, people with a quality checking job in Saudi Arabia or any other region legally, have the task of monitoring products procured or produced. Consequently, ensuring that they are up to the regulatory body and the company’s standards. Individuals working in quality checking jobs must be concerned about the value of the services or goods provided by a company. 

Quality checkers, also called quality assurance officers and quality control inspectors, are in charge of ensuring that materials or products meet manufacturer specifications. Their day-to-day operations may include:

  • Overseeing processes.

  • Inspecting blueprints.

  • Testing materials.

  • Measuring results and more. 

In addition, a quality checker also identifies processes that need to be updated to meet quality standards, reports findings, and recommends improvements to production procedures. Industries that often need to cover quality checking jobs are manufacturing, banking, automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, textile, technology, universities, government agencies, and more. 

Consequently, if your company is urgently looking for a quality checker to smooth operations, you can post a new job on The Talent Point. There you can find qualified candidates to build your team of quality checkers to strengthen your production line. 

3. How do quality checking job descriptions look?

Now, we will give you some resume tips so you can build it according to the job position you expect to obtain. Here are the typical responsibilities, duties, and tasks that usually make up quality checking jobs descriptions:

  • Keeps track of the number and types of defects discovered or encountered while sampling some products.

  • Performs tests to ensure the durability of the organization’s products.

  • Maintains contact with the appropriate regulatory authorities in a given geographical location.

  • Supervises the organization’s operations to ensure that all operations involved are capable of producing the desired results.

  • Provides advice to management on how to maintain high product standards.

  • Collaborates with warehouse keepers or checkers to keep track of the products the company purchases and any changes to their quality.

  • Regularly inspects the incoming goods for quality to make sure they meet the requirements.

3.1 How is the job description for the resume of a quality checker?

If you have experience with quality checking jobs and you are drafting your curriculum vitae or resume, you can add the quality checker job description to create an effective professional experience section for your CV. 

The professional or work experience section of your resume is a key area where you can emphasize the tasks and responsibilities that you completed or are currently carrying out as a quality checker. There you can do the most to describe the roles you took on previously for your new warehouse checker job description.

This section demonstrates to your future employer that you have the necessary experience to succeed in the role for which you are applying if the role requires quality checker work experience. 

Do not forget that on The Talent Point you can find expert advice on how to create a strong resume according to your career. In addition, you can also find specialized consultancy, tips for interviews, available quality checking jobs, and more.

4. What are the qualities and skills necessary for quality checking jobs?

These are the requirements you must have if you are searching for jobs as a quality checker: 

4.1 Education

The educational requirements for the job of quality control inspector vary depending on the industry in which you are looking to work. The following is a list of educational requirements for this position:

  • You must have a high school diploma or other comparable education.

  • A bachelor’s degree can broaden your job opportunities and earnings potential.

In addition, quality checkers must have two years minimum of experience in the field, working in a similar role as the one they are seeking to obtain. Similarly, they must have enough knowledge about the basic processes involved in monitoring product quality. Furthermore, they must know everything about their rights and duties stated in the UAE Labor Law; in addition to other guidelines related to the industry.

4.2 Skills

To obtain a UAE job in the quality control field, quality checkers must have the following skills:

  • Communication: to determine their requirements, quality control inspectors must be proficient in both written and verbal communication. 

  • Organizational skills: to review and inspect products, the quality control inspector should have excellent organizational skills.

  • Physical strength: quality checkers must be able to stand for extended periods. For inspection purposes, they must be able to lift heavy packages and more.

  • Technical skills: quality control inspectors should know the types of tools and computer programs being used while abiding by the organization’s safety regulations.

  • Training skills: quality checkers might need to provide some specific processes and procedures training for their staff. 

5. How can The Talent Point help you find jobs in this field?

Quality checkers are essential in every industry, as they support the success and survival of goods and businesses. When a product is of poor quality, customers are dissatisfied, and the business suffers as a result. The quality control inspector is responsible for ensuring that standards are met and that quality is always a top priority.

Our company is your key ally when looking for jobs in the UAE. As one of the most reliable job sites in the region, The Talent Point can easily help you navigate through the job market. On our page, employers and jobseekers can find a meeting point to satisfy each other’s necessities.

Employers can easily register on our platform and post their current vacancies or they can conduct a more specific candidate search. On the other hand, job hunters can easily submit their CVs; subsequently, they can wait for an employer to notice them or conduct an active job search.

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