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Renew Ejari in Dubai : as Per RERA , Process, Documents, Centers


Shini Ramith

December 14, 2023 · 8 min read
Renew Ejari in Dubai : as Per RERA , Process, Documents, Centers - TalentPoint

Ejari renewal Dubai is mandatory for all leasing agreements, requiring registration with Ejari each year, as per RERA tenancy laws. So, had you been interested in topics like How to Check Fugitive Status in UAE? Well, this post will interest you.

In this article, discover the wher you can renew yourEjari,  Ejari renewal process, necessary documents, and where to renew Ejari in Dubai.

Ejari Renewal Made Easy: A Comprehensive Guide

Renewing your lease in Dubai? Ejari renewal Dubai is a must! Annual renewal of tenancy contracts necessitates compliance with Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) tenancy laws.

Understanding the Process

So, Ejari renewal, an obligation on landlords, aligns with RERA tenancy laws. This mandates timely registration of all tenancy contracts with Ejari. Crucially, the documents required for renewal may vary from initial registration, subject to RERA and Dubai Land Development (DLD) discretion.

Renewal Mediums

Landlords, property managers, and real estate brokers enjoy flexibility in renewing Ejari. Therefore, approved typing centers, Real Estate Services Trustee offices, the Ejari portal on the Dubai Land Development website, and mobile applications like Dubai REST and DubaiNow are available avenues.

Required Documents for Ejari Renewal:

So, for Property Owners/Landlords:

  • Submission of expat owners' passport copy

  • Copy of Emirates ID

  • Property ownership documents

Also, for Company/Business Owners:

  • Copy of trade license

  • Property ownership documents

  • Also, the passport and Emirates ID copy (for expats) of the company’s official representative

  • Authorization letter listing employees authorized to use the Ejari system

  • Passport and Emirates ID copies of mentioned employees

Property Management Companies

So, in cases where property management handles Ejari renewal Dubai on the company’s behalf, additional documentation is necessary. Therefore, understanding these requisites streamlines the Ejari renewal process and ensures compliance with the legal framework.

Renewal Channels

Whether it is Ejari-approved typing centers, Real Estate Services Trustee offices, the Ejari portal, or mobile applications, the choice is yours. Therefore, this diversity caters to different preferences and requirements.

Also, completing Ejari renewal involves submitting necessary documents, verification, and issuance of the renewed Ejari certificate. Therefore, timely completion ensures a hassle-free experience.

Ejari Renewal Documents

So, the documents required for renewal differ based on the type of property owner. Consequently, expatriate property owners submit passports, Emirates IDs, and property ownership documents. Consequently, companies provide trade licenses, property ownership documents, and the representative’s passport and Emirates ID.

Company-Specific Requirements

Companies, with expatriate representatives, submit additional documents such as an authorization letter and passports with Emirates IDs of authorized employees.

Property Management Protocols

Property management companies handling Ejari renewal on behalf of the employers must adhere to specific documentation processes. Therefore, clear guidelines ensure a smooth renewal process.

Agent Facilitating Landlord's Ejari Renewal

When a landlord, especially an expatriate, needs Ejari renewal Dubai, specific documents are essential. So, these include a copy of the landlord's passport and Emirates ID. Also, simultaneously, the agent must provide their passport copy, Emirates ID, and a copy of the Power of Attorney (PoA) or legal guardianship order.

Tenant's Obligations

Tenants undertaking Ejari renewal must present crucial documents. For this reason, these include the original lease agreement, Emirates ID copy, and, if represented by an agent, a copy of the PoA. The PoA number is necessary if the attorney is issued in Dubai; otherwise, a PoA copy from another Emirate suffices. 

Also, for apartments or villas, additional documents include a recent DEWA bill or a letter with the meter number if electricity meters are shared, an undertaking form for renewal via Real Estate Services Trustee, tenant's visa, Emirates ID, passport copies, title deed, and a copy of the previous Ejari.

Navigating Ejari Renewal Centers:

Renewing Ejari at designated centers involves a systematic process:

  • Document Submission. Also, visit the relevant counter at the chosen Ejari renewal center and submit the necessary documents.

  • Verification Process. Therefore, the representative meticulously reviews the details on the submitted documents to ensure accuracy.

  • Fee Payment. Upon successful verification, proceed to pay the requisite fees and obtain a payment receipt.

  • Swift Certification. So, following these steps, a renewed Ejari certificate is promptly issued within a timeframe ranging from seven to fifteen minutes.

  • Efficiency and Convenience. So, renewing Ejari through Real Estate Trustees provides an efficient and convenient avenue for both landlords and tenants. The process, from document submission to certification, is streamlined to save time and ensure a hassle-free experience.

  • Enhancing Ejari Renewal Experience. Ejari renewal Dubai is a vital aspect of Dubai's real estate landscape. Leveraging Real Estate Trustee centers not only adheres to the legal requirements set by RERA but also enhances the overall Ejari renewal experience.

  • Convenient Renewal at Physical Centers. Therefore, for a seamless Ejari renewal Dubai, consider visiting Real Estate Services Trustees' offices or dedicated typing centers. Also, a range of options is available, but it is essential to note each office's operating hours to plan your visit effectively.

Real Estate Service Trustee Centers


  • Location: Al Twar Center, AlNahda Road, next to AlQusais Metro Station (First Floor)

  • Timings: 09:00 am to 03:00 pm and 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Saturday to Thursday)


  • Locations: Multiple, including Dubai Municipality, Alkifaf – Za’abeel.

  • Timings: Varied, so plan visits according to specified time slots.


  • Address: Business Venue Building – Oud Metha

  • Timings: 08:00 am to 05:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday)

Ejari Typing Centers for Your Convenience

Explore these Ejari typing centers in Dubai for efficient services:


  • Location: Near West Zone Supermarket, Al Karama, Dubai

  • Contact: 04-3708401


  • Address: Mazaya Center, Sheikh Zayed Road

  • Contact: 050-5689699


  • Address: Creek Tower Behind Dubai Land Department, Al Bateen

  • Contact: 04-2989090


  • Address: Shop NO.19 Rigga, Deira

  • Contact: 050-2457217


  • Address: Al Qusais, Dubai

  • Contact: 04-2614880

Effortless Ejari Renewal Dubai Online:

So, complete your Ejari contract renewal conveniently through various online channels:

  • Dubai REST app

  • DubaiNow app

  • Dubai Land Department's official website (Ejari system)

Procedure for Online Ejari Renewal:

  • Log in to the DLD official website with your Emirates ID.

  • Also, upload scanned copies of required documents.

  • Pay Ejari renewal fees via Noqodi or Credit/Debit card.

  • Later, submit the form for review by a representative.

  • Upon successful verification, receive a renewed Ejari certificate, attested leasing agreement, and fee receipt via email.

Key Points to Remember

  • So, Ejari renewal Dubai centers cater to both physical and online renewal needs.

  • Document submission at centers is followed by meticulous verification.

  • Online renewal is exclusive to landlords, representatives, agents, and property management companies.

Seamless Ejari Renewal through Online Platforms

Embarking on the journey of Ejari renewal Dubai has never been more convenient, thanks to online avenues like the Dubai REST app, DubaiNow app, and the Dubai Land Department’s (DLD) official website featuring the Ejari system.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that the privilege of online Ejari renewal Dubai extends exclusively to landlords, their representatives, real estate agents, and property management companies. Therefore, this limitation ensures a secure and authorized renewal process.

Navigating Online Ejari Renewal on the DLD Website

To comprehend the intricate steps involved in online Ejari renewal Dubai, let's delve into the process on the Dubai Land Department's official website:

  • Login with Ease. Access the DLD official website using your Emirates ID for a seamless login experience.

  • Document Submission Simplified. Effortlessly upload scanned copies of the necessary documents, fostering a user-friendly interface.

  • Secure Fee Transactions. Facilitate the renewal process by conveniently paying Ejari fees through Noqodi or Credit/Debit card transactions.

  • Form Submission for Evaluation. So, submit the completed form, initiating a meticulous review by a dedicated representative.

  • Document Verification for Assurance. So, the representative ensures precision by scrutinizing application details and verifying accompanying documents.

  • Reaping the Rewards of Renewal. So, upon successful completion of the online Ejari renewal process, reap the rewards:

  • New Ejari Certificate. Therefore, receive a freshly minted Ejari certificate, a testament to the successful renewal of your tenancy agreement.

  • Comprehensive Documentation. Also, obtain a fee receipt and an attested leasing agreement carrying the Ejari number, ensuring a comprehensive record of the renewal.

  • Convenient Email Delivery. So, experience the ease of document retrieval as all renewed documents are promptly delivered to registered members via email.

Effortless Ejari Renewal Dubai via Smartphone App

Renewing Ejari in Dubai becomes a seamless experience through the user-friendly Dubai REST app. Therefore, the process mirrors registering a new tenancy contract with Ejari since each renewal essentially creates a new agreement that necessitates registration.

Navigating the App:

  • Select RERA to initiate the renewal process.

  • Opt for 'Register Ejari Contract.'

  • Later, fill the form with accurate details.

  • So, upload necessary scanned documents.

  • Conveniently pay renewal fees online.

  • Understanding Ejari Renewal Dubai Fees:

So, the cost for Ejari renewal Dubai is AED 155, excluding VAT, with an additional Knowledge and Innovation fee of around AED 20. Alternatively, registering a renewed tenancy contract at a Real Estate Services Trustee office costs AED 219.75, including VAT.

Addressing Common Queries

Learn about this topic:

  • Can I Renew Without Prior Registration? No, you cannot renew a tenancy contract if the previous ones are unregistered. Ensure all pending agreements are registered with Ejari in Dubai before applying for renewal.

  • Do Tenants Need to Renew Every Time? Yes, tenants must register renewed lease agreements with Ejari via the Dubai REST app or DubaiNow app. If renewing through the DLD website or at a Real Estate Services Trustee office, tenants must confirm the landlord or agent processes the renewal request.

  • Is Cancellation Possible? Yes, Ejari cancellation is feasible, subject to certain terms and conditions.

Final Steps and Contact Information

With this insight into Ejari renewal Dubai, direct any queries to [email protected], ensuring inclusion of your name and registered cell phone number. For this reason, for immediate assistance, customer support representatives are available at +971 – 8004488. DLD representatives operate from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday).

Stay Informed with UAE Real Estate Laws:

Stay connected to the premier property blog of the UAE for continuous updates on diverse real estate laws across all Emirates. So, empower yourself with knowledge in the dynamic landscape of real estate regulations.

In conclusion, navigating Ejari renewal Dubai is simplified through a plethora of options, from physical centers to online platforms. Whether choosing the traditional route or embracing digital convenience, the process ensures compliance with regulations for a hassle-free experience. For expert guidance on your Ejari renewal journey, connect with The Talent Point, your go-to resource for real estate-related queries in the UAE. 

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