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Salary Certificates in the UAE: Sample + Attestation Guidelines


Tom Mullens

May 20, 2024 · 11 min read
Salary Certificates in the UAE: Sample + Attestation Guidelines - TalentPoint


After paying every employee monthly salary, companies generate a pay slip through their accounting department. However, few conditions in UAE require Salary Certificate. This official document serves different purpose and is crucial for varied conditions which we will be discussing below.  


Scroll down to go through every hook and nook of salary certificate.


Salary Certificate in the UAE – The Crucial Document!

A Salary certificate is a formal document that is a foolproof testament of employment. This official notice is issued by the employers to their registered employees. If not provided by the company, the worker has every right to ask for it. This piece of paper showcases the comprehensive breakdown of income that includes basic wage, gross salary and monthly deductions.


In simpler terms, the salary certificate is mandatory to be generated by their employers. They are obliged to share the details of income and employment record upon the demand of the employees. thus, acquiring this document will ensure your financial position in UAE.



Why You May Need A Salary Certificate In The UAE?

You may need this important certificate for various sectors and formal purposes.  This can range from home loans, mortgages to the applying for credit card.  The bank also asks for this document to begin with their processes and solve your concern. Other than this, it is also required by the schools in UAE, making it mandatory for your kid’s admission.

Even if you plan to travel across the borders and are employed at any firm, then it’s a must to verify your financial status. This moves further to proceed with the visa application.


What must a salary certificate include in UAE?

As crucial as this document is, it must consist of specific information to be filled authentically. A typical salary certificate in the United Arab Emirates must include the following aspects.


Employee Information:

The detailed information of the employee must be filled.


·       Full name

·       Passport number and other identification details (e.g., Emirates ID number)

·       Job title or position

·       Company Information:

·       Company name

·       Company trade license number

·       Address of the company's registered office

·       Company’s contact information (for instance, phone number)


Salary Details:

Following are the basic aspects that needs to be entered.

·       Basic monthly salary - the core wage before any allocated amount.

·       Allowances - transportation support, housing assistance or any other allowances that are contributed to the total compensation.

·       Overtime pay, if applicable.

·       Any other additional pay or incentives given by the company.

·       Total Monthly Salary along with the addition of allowances.

·       The Payment Frequency with which the employee is getting paid.

·       The Joining Date of the office.


Employment Status:

·       Determine whether the employee is on full-time, part-time, contractual, temporary or permanent basis.


Purpose Of Certificate:

·       Give the reason behind issuance of certificate such as loan application , visa application etc.


Validity Period:

·        Clarify the duration or exact period by which the certificate will not stay valid anymore (If Applicable)


Certification and Authorization:

·       The salary certificate should be duly signed along with the date of issuance by authorized person or sole representative of the company. Usually, HR manager or company's authorized signatory fits for these criteria.


Company Seal or Stamp:

·       Company's official seal or stamp is required to be applied by many official documents in the UAE



·       As advised by the local regulations and requirements, the salary certificate should be generated in both English and Arabic.


Please note that this is an ideal and standardized format for a salary certificate in the UAE. However, selective requirements may differ depending on the reason of issuance, the company providing or the position requesting the document. Before initiating the process, make sure to keep a check with the relevant parties or legal professionals to ensure agreement with the current lawful aspects in the UAE. Moreover, consider reaching out to your HR department or legal person to generate a template that aligns with your company's required standards.



Sample Of Simple Issuance Request Of Salary Certificate Letter :

A request letter must be submitted to your company’s authorized person to ask them for a salary certificate. If you wonder how to write it and what information should be added, then give this example a view.

[Company Letter Head]                                                                                                             
[Email ID]
[Contact Number]


Subject: Salary Certificate

[Employee Signature]

This is to verify that Mr. /Ms. [Employee Name], a resident of [Employee Address] and owner of [Nationality], [ID Number], has been employed by [Company Name] since [Date, Month, and Year of Joining]. She/he is a [Employment status of employee] of the organization and works in the [Department Title] as [Designation]. Currently, she/he gets paid monthly in the following proportions:

·       Basic Salary: AED [Monthly Basic Salary Amount]

·       Housing Allowance: AED [Monthly Housing Allowance Amount]

·       Transportation Allowance: AED [Monthly Transportation Allowance Amount]

·       Other Allowances: AED [Monthly Other Allowance Amounts, if applicable]

·       Total Monthly Salary: AED [Total Monthly Salary Amount]

Payment Schedule: The employee gets paid every month.

Employment Status: The employee is serving on a full-time/permanent employment contract with the company.


This certificate is being given at the request of the above-mentioned employee as per the reason of [Specify the purpose, e.g., "visa application," "bank loan," "rental agreement," etc.].

Validity: This salary certificate holds validity until- Expiration Date [if applicable].


Additional Notes:

·       This document is for official use only and should not be altered in any way.

·       For any further verification, please feel free to contact the undersigned at [Your Contact Information].


[Your Name]

[Your Title/Position]

[Company Name]

[Company Contact Information]



Please note that this is a universal template. Adjustments can be made based on your specific organization’s policies and the purpose for which you require the salary certificate. To make sure that the information is authentic, consider taking assistance from your HR or legal department. This will ensure submission with UAE labor law. Additionally, you may need to translate the certificate into Arabic if it is required by a government agency or organization.


A salary certificate should be direct. It should contain all the information regarding the complete income details of an individual. You can customize this template depending on the information the company is asking. However, most of the data stays same on the document.


Why Do You Need an Attested Salary Certificate in UAE?

 Attestation of salary certificate is a must-done step. Attestation is a process to confirm the validity of the seal and signature on documents issued in the UAE or abroad. This determines its authenticity and then, can be easily accepted by official entities. The citizens of the country and the expat living in UAE, both need to get their certificates attested for any formal task that you are planning to get done such as sending your child abroad for education or dealing with the tax return processes.

Besides, this attested document is required upon various places outside the UAE as well like submitting to foreign tax authorities, verifying immigration application, confirming the ability to sponsor a student to study abroad. Whereas, it’s also needed when you have to share financial information in court case

Documents Required for Attestation Of Salary Certificate

Make sure you have a complete set of documents before applying for the attestation of your documents. You must have a salary certificate that is written with the company’s letterhead.  Moreover, a copy of passport with a valid UAE residence visa is also requested.



How to Get Your Salary Certificate Attested in UAE Online via MOFAIC

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) is the medium between UAE and foreign bodies. It provides document attestation services and takes care of all kind of your attestation concerns.


These following steps are required to follow if you are looking to attest your salary certificate:

Select one way:

Steps for Online Attestation:

Registration>Select services>Attestation of Official Documents, Documents, Certificates, and Commercial Invoices >Click on Star Services>Select the Courier Service You Prefer>

·       Also, you need to choose the preferred authority for attestation of your salary certificate.

·   The option will be given whether you want to submit your document through service or by visiting in-person.

·   The details about the delivery location and usage of attested document will be asked.

·       You will be able to pay the charges online once your application is approved.  


The collection of your document that needs to be attested would be courier service. After attestation, it will be delivered to your address. However, other than this process, you can go for manual typing center for attestation services. This will charge nominal service fees.



Cost of Salary Certificate Attestation UAE

The charges for the attestation of salary certificate attestation are based on the specific authorities involved. You will bear the damage of following fees breakdown:

·       Standard Fee : 150AED

·       Additional Fee : 6.06 AED

·       Affidavit fee + their services : 30 AED + 54 AED


Why do Banks in the UAE often ask for an employment salary certificate?


Banks in the UAE often ask for an employment salary certificate to proceed with the several tasks. This document helps them to verify  the validity of all of your income and to sustain your bank balance. However, the possible reasons may include:


·       Income Verification

·       Loan Eligibility

·       Creditworthiness

·       Loan Amount

·       Interest Rates

·       Repayment Capacity

·       Risk Assessment

·       Legal Compliance

In conclusion, employment salary certificates are considered to be a foolproof method to determine you financial stability. This single piece of paper is enough for all kind of ban-related work such as the loan application process, money transactions etc.



Although we have concluded this topic in comprehensive way but we understand, there are different queries depending on different purpose for salary certificate in UAE. The commonly asked inquiries are answered below.


·       What is an employment salary certificate?

o   It refers to the document that determines the validity of employment along with the important details like monthly pay, allowances, deductions etc.

·       How can I obtain an employment salary certificate from my employer?

o   The employees possess the right to ask for salary certificate from their employers.

·       What information should be included in the employment salary certificate?

o   The authentic and basic information of employee’s personal data, bank details etc should be mentioned over it.

·       Is it mandatory for all employers to issue salary certificates?

o   No, it is not an obligation by the UAE law to issue alary certificate by the employers. However, they should provide this certificate upon the request of their workers to help them solve their concerns.

·       Can I use a salary certificate for a loan application in the UAE?

o   Yes. The procedure for the loan application must require Salary certificate in the UAE.

·       Is there a specific format or template for an employment salary certificate in the UAE?

o   There is standardized format for this certificate. Although, few adherence can be made depending on the need and the type of company.

·       What is the validity period of an employment salary certificate?

o   There is no specific validity period for it. It varies with the purpose of needing it. Some may ask for recent information or some require past month’s income data.

·       Is a salary certificate the same as a pay slip or pay stub?

o   These two are not same. Pay slip contains detailed breakdown of income whereas, Certificate lacks detailed overview.

·       Can I request a salary certificate for a previous period of employment?

o   Yes, you can. There is no legal restriction against it.

·       Can I request an employment salary certificate in a language other than Arabic or English?

o   Yes, you can ask for this certificate in either English or Arabic language.

·       Is there a fee for obtaining an employment salary certificate?

o   There is no fee for obtaining salary certificate. It’s free of cost.

·       What is the standard processing time for an employment salary certificate?

o   The standard process usually falls between 3 to 5 working days but it can be prolonged as well.

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