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The Top 15 Best Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia For 2024


Shahmir Azhar

March 6, 2024 · 12 min read
The Top 15 Best Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia For 2024 - TalentPoint

In today's dynamic world, the quest for the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia has notably intensified. This surge in interest can be attributed to the diverse opportunities these roles provide, ranging from skill enhancement to financial stability.

In this article, we delve deep into the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia, offering insights that serve as an essential guide for those navigating the part-time job market. Read more about this topic!

Why Securing Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia is Beneficial

Here are the main reasons:

  • Firstly, securing the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia offers unparalleled flexibility. This flexibility allows individuals to balance work with personal commitments or studies. 

  • Additionally, these roles can significantly enhance one's skill set. Through diverse job experiences, individuals acquire new skills and refine existing ones.

  • Moreover, part-time jobs provide a valuable source of extra income. In today's economy, having an additional income stream can lead to financial stability and independence. 

  • Furthermore, these roles often offer unique networking opportunities. By working in different sectors, individuals connect with professionals across various industries, which can open doors to future career prospects.

  • Another key advantage is the exposure to real-world experiences. Part-time jobs in Saudi Arabia often present challenges that develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills. 

  • Also, for those looking to enter a new field, part-time positions can serve as an excellent entry point. These roles provide practical experience that is often required for full-time positions in the future.

  • Lastly, part-time work promotes personal growth. Juggling work and other responsibilities cultivates time management and organizational skills, crucial for personal and professional development. 

The 20 Best Part Time Jobs Saudi Arabia

The best part time jobs Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Freelancing.

  2. Social Media Marketing.

  3. Data Entry.

  4. Home Tutor.

  5. Driver.

  6. Virtual Assistant.

  7. Online Tutor.

  8. Content Creator.

  9. Customer Service Representative.

  10. Event Planner.

  11. Data Scientist.

  12. Web Designer.

  13. Sales Representative.

  14. Executive Secretary.

  15. Storekeeper.

  16. Training Coordinator.

  17. Sales Supervisor.

  18. Contract Engineer.

  19. Payroll Administrator.

  20. Construction Lead-Mechanical. 

Want to know the reasons and what makes each job special? Pay attention. We tell you all about each one below.

1. Freelancing

Firstly, freelancing stands out as one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. It offers unmatched flexibility. Freelancers choose their projects and work hours. Consequently, this autonomy makes it ideal for balancing personal life and work. 

Additionally, the digital era has expanded freelancing opportunities. Fields like writing, graphic design, and programming are in high demand.

Moreover, building a strong portfolio is crucial for success. Freelancers showcase their skills and attract potential clients through their portfolios. So, networking also plays a vital role. Engaging in online forums and using social media can help freelancers connect with clients globally.

To succeed in freelancing, one should specialize in a niche. This specialization makes a freelancer stand out. It also increases their value to potential clients.

Recommendations to Secure a Freelancing Job:

  • Build a compelling portfolio.

  • For example, network actively online and offline.

  • Also, specialize in a niche.

  • Keep skills up-to-date through continuous learning.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another best part time job in Saudi Arabia. The digital world's expansion has skyrocketed demand for this skill. Social media marketers help brands engage with their audience. They also drive sales through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally, creativity and analytics go hand in hand in this role. Marketers must craft engaging content. They also analyze data to refine their strategies. Therefore, staying abreast of the latest social media trends is crucial.

Furthermore, building a successful track record can open doors to more opportunities. Start with small projects to build your portfolio. Over time, your experience can lead to higher-paying roles.

Recommendations to Secure a Social Media Marketing Job:

  • Develop a strong understanding of different social media platforms.

  • For instance, build a portfolio of successful campaigns.

  • Also, stay updated with the latest trends.

  • Learn analytics tools to measure campaign success.

3. Data Entry

Data entry is among the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia for those starting their career. It requires minimal experience. Yet, it offers a pathway to enter the workforce. Accuracy and speed are crucial in this role. Data entry clerks input data into databases and maintain records.

Moreover, this job enhances typing and organizational skills. These skills are transferable to many other roles. Consequently, data entry can be a stepping stone to more advanced positions.

Therefore, securing a data entry job often requires demonstrating proficiency. Passing typing speed and accuracy tests can help. Also, familiarity with common data management systems is beneficial.

Recommendations to Secure a Data Entry Job:

  • Practice typing to increase speed and accuracy.

  • For instance, learn basic data management software.

  • Also, highlight any relevant experience in your resume.

  • Pass proficiency tests if required.

4. Home Tutor

Home tutoring is a rewarding best part time job in Saudi Arabia. It allows tutors to share their knowledge. Tutors help students achieve academic success. This job is flexible. Tutors set their schedules and rates.

Moreover, tutors can specialize in subjects they are passionate about. Whether math, science, or languages, specializing can attract more students. Building a reputation through success stories is key. Satisfied clients often refer others.

Additionally, adapting teaching methods to meet student needs is crucial. Effective communication enhances the learning experience. It also leads to better outcomes for students.

Recommendations to Secure a Home Tutor Job:

  • Specialize in a subject you are passionate about.

  • Build a reputation through success stories.

  • Adapt teaching methods to individual student needs.

  • Communicate effectively.

5. Driver

Driving is a flexible best part time job in Saudi Arabia. It suits those who love being on the road. Drivers can work for delivery services or as personal drivers. They choose their working hours, especially with ride-sharing apps.

Moreover, drivers need to maintain a good safety record. Customer service skills also enhance a driver’s reputation. Consequently, a positive attitude can lead to more job opportunities.

Additionally, understanding local traffic laws and routes is essential. This knowledge ensures timely and safe delivery of people or products.

Recommendations to Secure a Driving Job:

  • Firstly, maintain a good safety record.

  • Develop customer service skills.

  • Understand local traffic laws and routes.

  • Own a well-maintained vehicle.

6. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assisting has become one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia due to its flexibility. So, Virtual assistants (VAs) support businesses or entrepreneurs remotely. They manage emails, schedule appointments, and handle social media. Therefore, strong organizational skills are crucial.

Above all, VAs must be proficient in various online tools and platforms. Familiarity with email management software, calendar applications, and social media is necessary. Consequently, continuous learning and adaptability are key traits for success in this role.

Additionally, effective communication skills enhance the ability to work remotely. VAs often liaise between multiple parties. Thus, clear and concise communication is essential.

Recommendations to Secure a Virtual Assistant Job:

  • Develop strong organizational skills.

  • Learn to use various online tools and platforms.

  • Enhance communication skills for remote work.

  • Most importantly, build a portfolio showcasing your abilities.

7. Online Tutor

Online tutoring extends beyond traditional subjects, making it one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. Tutors can teach languages, music, coding, and more. The digital platform removes geographical barriers. Thus, tutors can reach students worldwide.

Furthermore, creating engaging online content is crucial. Tutors use videos, quizzes, and interactive tools to enhance learning. Consequently, technical skills for using educational platforms are necessary.

To clarify, building a strong online presence can attract more students. Tutors can use social media, blogging, or tutor marketplace websites. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable.

Recommendations to Secure an Online Tutor Job:

  • Specialize in a subject or skill in demand.

  • Develop engaging online content.

  • Build a strong online presence.

  • Collect positive reviews from satisfied students.

8. Content Creator

Content creation is a dynamic best part time job in Saudi Arabia. Creators produce videos, blogs, or podcasts on various platforms. Creativity and originality are vital to stand out. Therefore, understanding the target audience is essential.

Additionally, content creators must stay updated with trends. They adapt their content to keep the audience engaged. Consequently, research and planning play a significant role in success.

So, mastering the tools of the trade is necessary. Knowledge of video editing software, SEO, and social media algorithms can enhance visibility.

Recommendations to Secure a Content Creator Job:

  • Understand your target audience.

  • Stay updated with the latest trends.

  • Master the necessary technical skills.

  • Consistently produce high-quality, original content.

9. Customer Service Representative

Customer service is an indispensable best part time job in Saudi Arabia. Representatives handle inquiries, complaints, and orders. They provide support via phone, email, or chat. Therefore, excellent communication skills are necessary.

Furthermore, empathy and problem-solving skills enhance the ability to resolve issues satisfactorily. Representatives must understand the customer’s perspective. Consequently, patience and a positive attitude are key qualities.

In addition, familiarity with customer service software and tools is beneficial. It allows for efficient handling of multiple queries.

Recommendations to Secure a Customer Service Representative Job:

  • Develop excellent communication skills.

  • For example, practice empathy and problem-solving.

  • Learn to use customer service software.

  • Maintain a positive attitude under pressure.

10. Event Planner

Event planning offers creative individuals a best part time job in Saudi Arabia. Planners organize weddings, corporate events, and parties. Creativity, organization, and attention to detail are essential.

Moreover, event planners must communicate effectively with clients and vendors. They negotiate contracts and ensure all details meet client expectations. Consequently, strong negotiation and communication skills are vital.

Additionally, a successful portfolio can attract new clients. Showcasing past events highlights a planner’s style and capability.

Recommendations to Secure an Event Planner Job:

  • Develop strong organizational and planning skills.

  • Build effective communication and negotiation skills.

  • Create a portfolio showcasing past events.

  • Stay updated with the latest event trends.

11. Data Scientist

So, the demand for Data Scientists has surged, positioning it as one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. This role involves analyzing and interpreting complex data to help companies make informed decisions. As a result, proficiency in statistical analysis and machine learning is crucial.

In addition, a strong foundation in programming languages like Python or R is essential. Therefore, problem-solving skills and the ability to communicate complex concepts clearly are key.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Master statistical analysis and machine learning concepts.

  • Also, gain proficiency in Python or R.

  • Develop a portfolio showcasing your data analysis projects.

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12. Web Designer

Secondly, Web Designers hold a pivotal role in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites, making this one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. This job demands creativity and a good understanding of web design principles. 

Consequently, proficiency in design software like Adobe Photoshop and web development languages is beneficial. So, a keen eye for design and the ability to stay updated with the latest web trends are important.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Learn web development languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript).

  • Master key design software.

  • Build a portfolio of your web design projects.

13. Sales Representative

Moreover, the position of a Sales Representative is crucial for businesses aiming to boost their sales. It ranks among the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia due to the role's flexibility and the opportunity for high earnings through commissions. 

Therefore, excellent communication skills and the ability to persuade are vital. Additionally, understanding customer needs and product knowledge is key to success.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Develop strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Gain thorough product knowledge.

  • Learn sales techniques and customer service skills.

14. Executive Secretary

Furthermore, the role of an Executive Secretary is integral to the smooth operation of any business, making it one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. This job involves managing schedules, preparing reports, and handling correspondence. Consequently, organizational skills and proficiency in office software are essential.

To clarify, discretion and the ability to handle confidential information are also crucial.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Master office software (e.g., Microsoft Office).

  • Develop excellent organizational and time-management skills.

  • Gain experience in administrative tasks.

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15. Storekeeper

The position of Storekeeper is essential in managing inventory and ensuring the availability of products. It stands out among the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia for those with good organizational skills and attention to detail. 

For example, this role involves keeping track of stock levels, ordering supplies, and maintaining records. Above all, experience in inventory management software and the ability to perform physical tasks are important.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Learn inventory management software.

  • Develop skills in record-keeping and organization.

  • Gain experience in logistics or warehouse management.

16. Training Coordinator

Also, the role of a Training Coordinator is increasingly recognized as one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. This position involves organizing professional training programs and workshops for employees. Therefore, strong organizational skills and a deep understanding of training methods are necessary.

Additionally, the ability to assess training needs and develop programs accordingly is crucial.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Develop skills in identifying training needs and program development.

  • Gain knowledge of various training methods and technologies.

  • Build experience in coordinating and facilitating training sessions.

17. Sales Supervisor

Furthermore, being a Sales Supervisor ranks among the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia due to the role's pivotal position in guiding sales teams towards meeting targets. This job requires leadership skills and the ability to motivate a team. 

Consequently, experience in sales and a proven track record of achieving targets are essential. Now, excellent communication skills and strategic planning abilities are vital.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Prove your ability to meet or exceed sales targets.

  • Develop leadership and team management skills.

  • Gain experience in sales strategies and customer relationship management.

18. Contract Engineer

Moreover, the role of a Contract Engineer is considered one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia, especially for those with a background in engineering and law. This job involves preparing, negotiating, and reviewing company contracts to ensure compliance and protect company interests. 

As a result, knowledge of contract law and engineering principles is essential. In addition, strong negotiation and analytical skills are important.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Acquire knowledge in both engineering principles and contract law.

  • Develop negotiation and analytical skills.

  • Gain experience in contract preparation and management.

19. Payroll Administrator

The position of Payroll Administrator is crucial for managing employee compensation, making it one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia. This role requires accuracy and attention to detail in processing payroll, taxes, and benefits.

For this reason, familiarity with payroll software and a strong understanding of payroll regulations are necessary. To clarify, confidentiality and integrity are also key traits.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Learn payroll software and regulations.

  • Develop skills in accurate data entry and financial record-keeping.

  • Gain experience in handling confidential information.

20. Construction Lead-Mechanical

Lastly, the role of Construction Lead-Mechanical is pivotal in overseeing mechanical aspects of construction projects. It is considered one of the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia for those with a strong background in mechanical engineering. 

This position involves leading mechanical construction activities, ensuring quality standards, and meeting project timelines. Consequently, strong leadership skills and extensive knowledge of mechanical construction processes are essential.

Furthermore, the ability to coordinate with other construction disciplines and manage subcontractors is important.

Recommendations for obtaining this position:

  • Gain a solid background in mechanical engineering.

  • Develop leadership and project management skills.

  • Acquire experience in mechanical construction and contractor management.

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In conclusion, the best part time jobs Saudi Arabia offer diverse opportunities for individuals looking to enhance their skills or earn extra income. This guide aims to empower job seekers by providing a comprehensive overview of viable part-time roles. 

For more information and to discover your next opportunity, visit The Talent Point.

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