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Top 7 Expo 2020 Jobs In Dubai For 2024


Kate Williams

February 7, 2024 · 10 min read
Top 7 Expo 2020 Jobs In Dubai For 2024 - TalentPoint

This transformative event, set to be the most technologically advanced and interconnected World Expo ever, transcends entertainment. It is a springboard for innovation, a platform for cultural exchange, and, crucially, a gateway to diverse and enriching career paths. Explore how Expo 2020 jobs in Dubai for 2024 empower individuals to hone their skills, network with global leaders, and contribute to a legacy that transcends the event itself.

In this article, we will embark on a captivating journey through the Expo 2020 Dubai careers landscape. Dive into the multitude of roles available across various sectors. From cutting-edge technology and sustainability to immersive entertainment and global diplomacy. Moreover, discover the unique culture and values that foster collaboration, growth, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience within the Expo team. 

Manager – Workforce Operations

This work role in Workforce Operations is a vital aspect of ensuring the health and functionality of the daily running activities at Expo from all staff members. You will be the conductor, balancing output timelines woven with deliveries while ensuring trajectory runs undeterred across catering, transport and donation.

  • Designing and streamlining operations: You will be in charge of improving the way things are done in this department and making sure that everything runs well.

  • Keeping your finger on the pulse: Playing a central role in reporting and planning. You will anticipate workforce issues before they happen and develop the necessary responses.

  • Collaboration is key: You will be a link between various team. Such as Catering, Transport and volunteers ensuring everyone works in harmony.

  • You will get the opportunity to work with and under our fantastic volunteer human resource that will form the spirit of cooperation throughout all departments.

What are your key skills?

  • Experience counts: We seek to have a person who has worked for at least 6 years as a professional.

  • Education is key: A Bachelor’s degree is mandatory 

  • Leadership savvy: A plus is having the experience of working with senior management.

  • Planning pro: You are a master in operational plans management and presentation.

  • Event experience is a must: You are familiar with the high pressure and hype practice associated with big events.

  • Volunteer champion: You love working with and supporting volunteers

If you are someone who loves to be an authoritative player in a team-based environment and quickly takes care of professional results, then this could be your dream job!

Director – Digital Strategy and Platforms

This Director-level position enables you to steer the efforts of formulating a winning digital strategy for Expo where this message reverberates around the world. Here is the job description:

  • Engaging mobile app: You will supervise it by its building and operation, which is going to be a perfect match for any Expo participant.

  • Interactive kiosks: Shape their content and user experience into interactive moments, touchpoints throughout the Expo.

  • Strategic mastermind: Following the data, there must be strategies that could help you reach your audience perfectly so as to have a good engagement.

  • Content captain: Manage email communications, ensuring brand voice consistency and delivery of critical messages.

  • Team maestro: Lead and motivate your digital marketing team, as you direct them to incubate their creative minds.

  • Collaboration champion: Collaborate closely with a number of teams to generate traffic to the digital platforms of Expo.

  • Investor whisperer: Advise stakeholders on the best ways to use digital opportunities that are available within Expo.

  • Campaign conductor: Have regular meetings to ensure that campaigns do not get ahead. Once they are conducted consistently, evaluate their efficiency.

Do you have what it takes?

  • Experience the symphony: We need at least 15 years of experience to manage this job position.

  • Harmony of knowledge: A Bachelor's degree is your foundational score.

  • Unravel digital mysteries: The ability to solve problems is indeed the secret to successful navigation of the dynamic digital world.

  • Compose winning strategies: Your strategic planning skills will chart the course.

  • Data maestro: Transform complex data into clear insights that guide your decisions.

  • Bridge the gaps: Your ability to influence and collaborate across teams is essential.

Assistant Manager – Customs and Freight Forwarding

This position as a mid-senior Assistant Manager puts you right in the middle of the Customs and Freight Forwarding department, where smooth logistics are essential.

  • Collaboration is key: Work in collaboration with multiple internal and external teams to ensure that the supply chain of logistics runs smoothly.

  • Big picture, small details: Manage daily activities while staying focused on the bigger picture of what the department needs to achieve.

  • Adaptability matters: Adjust the updates in procedures and policies according to this incredibly dynamic customs and freight forwarding world.

  • Customs guru: Promote customs core, facilitating smooth import and export of Expo devices.

  • Knowledge sharer: Develop training programs for teams that combine different cultures.  Following this, you create awareness about the customs regulations and procedures in place.

Are you up for the job?

  • Experience counts: At least 4 years of practical experience in logistics or a related sector is also mandatory

  • Education is key: A Bachelor’s helps you lay the groundwork.

  • People person: Also, the marked feature of collaborating is that it takes with it excellent interpersonal and relationship skills.

  • Stakeholder savvy: You can interact with both high level and ground level stakeholders. Passing on a clear message of needs and solutions.

  • Communication maestro: The training and documentation process requires an individual with strong writing as well as oral communication skills.

  • Able to claim the title of customs and freight forwarding champion in the Expo?

In this position, you will have a chance to be part of something global while being able to use and develop your logistics know-how and teamwork abilities. Do not miss the chance to change something for the better and guarantee the best effort made so that people can have a spectacular Expo.

Manager – Production Supervisor

This mid-senior position in Communications puts you at the frontline of airing the event to media houses globally. This job position includes:

  • Lure in the spotlight: Be creative in framing stories and approaches to interest major global media houses as well as local stations.

  • Video maestro: Supervise the editing of videos, making sure each frame reflects Expo 2020 Dubai careers

  • Stakeholder whisperer: Partner with a diverse pool of stakeholders to meet their media needs.

  • Behind-the-scenes magic: Collaborate with the production team on unforgettable masterpieces in video formats.

  • Host Broadcast maestro: Making the Host Broadcaster works and guiding while having the media covered.

Are you the right person in terms of talent and experience?

  • The candidate must have a minimum of 6 years’ experience on work in broadcast operations, especially with major events.

  • A Bachelor's degree gives you the basic framework.

  • Certainly, you will need to be a super client handler, and you know what to offer the clients whatever they need.

  • Competent management for a production team very effectively.

  • Able to identify and respond to any possible challenges that could interfere with effective transits.

You get a chance to use all your unique media skills in this role on an international level. Grab this opportunity to be in the making of history. Meet and interact with people from all walks of life, and stamp your footprints not only on history but also on the world stage!

Associate – Schools Ticket Sales

As the sales department gets running with talks of Expo 2020, it is undoubtedly a very busy place. This Associate-level role provides a great opportunity to help out the international sales team and cause a generalized enthusiasm throughout all the schools for the event.

Join the team and:

  • Assist the Ticket Manager: Keep track of your plan. This can be done by integrating schedules, conferences and managing every single activity to ensure that all the activities are smooth.

  • Spread the Expo Buzz: Interact and engage with Arabic speaking school groups, through a series of compelling presentations concerning Expo 2020 Dubai careers.

  • Champion School Sales: At this point, the organizers stir excitement of Expo ticket sales outside school premises.

  • Track Progress: Maintain records of ticket sales in a register and have logs for tracking the reports.

  • Problem-Solver Extraordinaire: Oversee any stray ticket issues that might surface during school visits, so this experience is as smooth as possible.

Are you the perfect fit?

  • At least 1 year of experience either in the field of sales or administrative.

  • The Bachelor degree is the evidence that you have a corresponding background level.

  • You are good with planning, coordinating and ensuring everything goes as programed.

  • One of the main components that you should have while engaging with diverse audience is good writing and communication skills.

  • Having proficiency in MS Office and CRM systems is also a great way to make sure you are one step ahead.

  • During peak periods, flexible working hours on holidays, weekends nee to be offered.

This position provides an interesting opportunity as a part of the Expo 2020 Dubai careers success. Therefore, it is important to maintain the engagement with youth audiences, and enhance career through sales skills. 


Are you keen on world events, and want to demonstrate your talents on an international level? You would love this Translator position, which is dedicated to you at Expo 2020.

  • Connecting the world: Work with multi-legged stakeholders and localize content while connecting communication gaps for smooth international participation.

  • Content creation maestro: Provide creative Arabic content that conveys the spirit of the Expo 2020 Dubai careers and attracts the interest of people from all over the world.

  • Media magic: Multi-lingual translation and adaptation for print (media outlets) and internal communications. Making sure to keep the message clear and effective.

  • Press powerhouse: Participate in the positive media publications by translating press releases, interviews, and other press materials.

Are you the word experts we are looking out?

  • Experience is your translator: Two language translators should have at least four years of experience with preferential demands on the field of work regarding this type of position.

  • Journalism savvy: With the foundation provided by a Bachelor’s degree in journalism (or any discipline related to it), your knowledge is enough.

  • Communication mastermind: You are a pro in both strategic communication planning and audience engagement with a diverse population.

  • Social media whiz: Use your social media know how to further help Expo 2020 deliver its ken.

  • Media maestro: You have the skills that you understand the subtleties of media attitude and can therefore adjust any translations by this.

  • Linguistic prowess: Perfect eloquence in English, Arabic and French is a fundamental imperative.

Undoubtedly, such a rare chance enables you to perfect your language proficiency, help shape an epoch-making endeavor, and assimilate individuals from all over the world. Therefore, do not let your opportunity of being a part of a historic moment and leaving your mark on Expo 2020 Dubai careers pass you by.

Executive Assistant

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist in terms of organizing? Can you identify what needs to be done before it is due to be done? Are you able to perform well in dynamic environments and enjoy surpassing what is expected of you? If yes, then this mid-senior level Executive Assistant role of Expo 2020 Dubai careers could well be your dream job.

  • Master of Calendars: Ensure a smooth and effective schedule for the VP’s appointments.

  • Information Hub: Keep accurate records, prepare documentation for every meeting and keep everyone in the loop.

  • Drafting Dynamo: Write professional letters and craft presentations that summarize the VP’s vision well.

  • Travel Guru: Help arrange travel itineraries to ensure smooth international travels for the VP and team.

  • Discretion and Diplomacy: Always foster a sense of trust in all interactions by maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Are you prepared to take what is necessary to get the job done?

  • A must is at least 4 years of experience as an Executive Assistant or any other related job area.

  • A Bachelor degree, on the other hand, shows that you have an academic foundation.

  • Impeccable English communication.  This should be taken into consideration during the international operations.

  • Your ability to organize, plan, and prepare for the future is remarkable.

  • Detail oriented is to ensure proper operation and minimizes costly mistakes.

  • Good written and verbal communication skills. Certainly it helps you communicate while engaging various stakeholders in an effective way.

  • Always keep the information from a client confidential and all the details are discussed professionally.

The applicant has the chance of a lifetime to participate in Expo 2020 Dubai careers. Moreover, improve your organizational abilities and receive great experience in international operations. 

If you have any questions related, please contact us. We will be happy to clarify any concern or doubt!

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