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About Our Company

Company Overview:
Ennismore is a dynamic hospitality company that fosters purpose-driven, entrepreneurial brands across the globe. Founded in 2011 by entrepreneur Sharan Pasricha, Ennismore has cultivated a diverse portfolio of brands, each with a unique identity and a commitment to enriching guest experiences. In 2021, Ennismore joined forces with Accor, forming a groundbreaking joint venture that has propelled it to become the world's fastest-growing lifestyle and leisure hospitality company.

Under the visionary leadership of Sharan Pasricha, Founder & Co-CEO, and Gaurav Bhushan, Co-CEO, Ennismore has flourished, boasting an unparalleled ecosystem of 17 distinctive brands. These brands include iconic luxury venues under Paris Society, immersive resorts by Rixos, and a lifestyle collective deeply rooted in culture and community.

Global Presence:
Ennismore's influence extends across over 30 countries, with a portfolio encompassing more than 140 operating hotels, resorts, and branded residences. With an additional 130 properties in the pipeline, Ennismore continues to expand its reach and redefine hospitality in exciting destinations worldwide.

Commitment to Innovation:
Innovation lies at the heart of Ennismore's ethos, driving its relentless pursuit of excellence. The company houses four specialized in-house studios, each dedicated to pushing boundaries in their respective fields. From Carte Blanched, a pioneering F&B concept platform, to AIME Studios, an award-winning interior and graphic design studio, Ennismore is at the forefront of creativity and innovation.

Community Impact:
Ennismore is not just about hospitality; it's about building inclusive communities and making a positive impact on the world. The company is deeply committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity among its teams and in the places it operates, ensuring that everyone feels valued and empowered.

Brand Portfolio:
Ennismore's brand portfolio reflects its commitment to diversity and innovation. From the art-centric 21c Museum Hotel to the vibrant and eclectic Mama Shelter, each brand offers a unique experience tailored to modern travelers. Other notable brands include 25hours Hotels, Delano, Hyde, JO&JOE, Mondrian, Morgans Originals, SLS, SO/, The Hoxton, and Working From_.

Dis-loyalty Membership:
Ennismore's Dis-loyalty membership is revolutionizing travel and dining experiences, offering members exclusive access to curated experiences that defy the ordinary and celebrate creativity.

At Ennismore, hospitality is not just a business; it's a passion for creating unforgettable moments and shaping the future of travel and leisure.

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