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  • EGP 8000 - EGP per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Description

Amazon Vendor Specialist (AVS)

Key Job Responsibilities:

The Amazon Vendor Specialist (AVS) plays a crucial role in supporting vendor growth with a focus on the following key responsibilities:

1. Increasing Vendor Selection:

- Strategically work towards expanding the vendor selection on the Amazon platform.

2. Enhancing Discoverability of Vendor Products:

- Implement initiatives to improve the discoverability of vendor products on Amazon.

3. Improving Content on Vendor Product Detail Pages:

- Enhance the content on vendor product detail pages to provide a more informative and engaging customer experience.

4. Deal Strategy Execution:

- Support vendors in executing effective deal strategies to boost sales and customer engagement.

5. Securing Product Availability:

- Assist vendors in ensuring the consistent availability of their products on the Amazon platform.

6. Increasing Vendor Traffic:

- Develop and implement strategies to increase traffic to vendor pages on Amazon.

7. Providing Valuable Insights:

- Offer valuable insights into the vendor's Amazon Business, helping them make informed decisions.

8. Vendor Account Management:

- Act as a vendor account manager, overseeing the following areas:

- Education & knowledge about Amazon systems, tools, and processes.

- Building up selection & catalog quality.

- Optimizing supply chain & inventory operations.

- Driving increased traffic/conversion using a "Working Backwards" approach.

- Sharing targets on business metrics to measure the success of the program during the subscription period.

- Providing detailed monthly reports covering catalogue and traffic metrics to track progress.

9. Vendor Support and Training:

- Provide vendors with the option for callbacks to address questions on reports.

- Conduct trainings and deliver timely updates on internal changes, programs, and tools relevant to growing their business on Amazon.


Basic Qualifications:

- 1+ years of account management, project or program management, or buying experience.

- Bachelor's degree.

- Experience using analytical tools such as Google Analytics, SQL, or HTML.

Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience in process improvement.

- Experience managing large amounts of data.

If you are passionate about driving vendor success on the Amazon platform and possess the necessary skills and qualifications, we invite you to apply for this dynamic role as an Amazon Vendor Specialist.

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