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  • Egypt


  • EGP 13000 - EGP per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Description: Travel Package Designer


1. Design Travel Packages:

- Develop attractive and comprehensive travel packages for various destinations worldwide.

- Tailor packages to meet the diverse needs and preferences of clients.

2. Client Consultation:

- Meet with clients to understand their travel preferences and help them choose suitable destinations.

- Provide expert advice on travel options and itineraries.

3. Package Management:

- Handle outgoing travel packages from initiation to completion, including accommodation, flights, visas, tours, etc.

- Arrange both Tailor Made and Fixed Outbound Packages.

4. B2B Online Reservation:

- Utilize B2B Online Reservation systems efficiently.

- Collaborate with key suppliers worldwide, including travel agents, hotels, and booking systems.

5. Client Presentation:

- Prepare final presentations for clients, detailing all aspects of their chosen destinations.

6. Departmental Involvement:

- Engage with various departments such as honeymoon, family tourism, reservations, sales, and marketing.

- Hold regular team meetings to enhance communication and align objectives.

7. Information Management:

- Ensure up-to-date information on tour operators and representatives through briefings and breaking news.


- Experience: Minimum of 5 years in the tourism industry.

- Computer Skills: Strong basic computer skills.

- Supplier Knowledge: Excellent knowledge of key suppliers worldwide, including travel agents, hotels, and booking systems.

- Language: Excellent proficiency in English (both written and verbal).

- Sales: Strong sales skills to promote travel packages effectively.

- Destination Knowledge: Familiarity with key holiday destinations.

- IT Skills: Very good expertise in Microsoft Outlook and Office programs.

- Customer Service: Customer service-oriented approach.

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