Regional Sales Manager

IKK Group of Companies

  • Saudi Arabia


  • SAR 13000 - SAR per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Description: Sales Manager

Job Responsibilities:

1. Contribute to the preparation of the department's annual budget and monitor financial performance standards, including revenue, costs, collection, and profits.
2. Develop a joint business strategy with sales managers and other departments.
3. Prepare an annual sales action plan for the department, including a set of key initiatives and activities that the department will undertake throughout the year.
4. Prepare periodic reports on the department's performance, including expected monthly targets.
5. Administrative supervision of department staff and representatives, coordinating their daily activities, and providing support and guidance for major or complex sales proposals.
6. Monitor customer account statements, supervise collection and deposits by representatives with financial management.
7. Develop and implement a monthly follow-up plan for current and new customers.
8. Make suggestions for product development based on customer insight and coordinate a plan with the marketing department.
9. Manage recruitment operations for the sales department.
10. Prepare periodic sales reports for key accounts, including business volume and profitability compared to targeted sales for each account.
11. Evaluate the operations, tasks, and activities performed by the sales department team continuously.
12. Provide suggestions to improve the company's performance.


1. Excellent communication skills and the ability to build strong working relationships.
2. Initiative and the ability to face challenges to achieve results that exceed expectations.
3. Persuasion, high sales, and negotiation skills.
4. Strong business acumen.
5. Effective team management skills.
6. Excellent skills in guidance, training, and personnel management.
7. High ability to analyze the market, identify trends, and build sales opportunities both internally and externally.
8. Experience in planning and preparing reports.
9. Proficiency in MS Office applications.
10. Experience in effective sales strategies.

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