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New Rules for Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia in 2024 - Fees & Requirements


Shini Ramith

November 28, 2023 · 9 min read
New Rules for Final Exit Visa Saudi Arabia in 2024 - Fees & Requirements - TalentPoint

New Rules in Saudi Arabia for Final Exit - 2023 2024

The final exit visa in Saudi Arabia is a crucial document for expatriates who are leaving the country permanently. It is a formal approval from the Saudi government that allows foreign residents to depart and terminate their residency status. Here's what you need to know about the final exit visa in Saudi Arabia:

  • The final exit visa is required for expatriates who are leaving Saudi Arabia permanently and do not intend to return.

  • It is necessary to settle all financial and legal matters before applying for the final exit visa.

In Saudi Arabia, the final exit visa is essential for foreigners leaving the country, now subject to employer approval, placing responsibility on employers for their employees' exit processes. So, do you want to know the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit

In this article, you will discover the intricacies of the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, providing an indispensable guide for individuals navigating this process.

Unveiling the Significance of the Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Firstly, the final exit visa, also known as Khurooj Nihai, holds paramount importance for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is a mandatory requirement for individuals wishing to depart from the country. So, the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit underscore the need for expats to obtain this visa.

So, to initiate the exit process, expatriates must submit a visa application, a pivotal step that necessitates approval from their respective employers. Also, this underscores the employer's role as a key determinant in the approval of the final exit visa, aligning with the recent changes in Saudi regulations.

In essence, the final exit visa is a legal requirement, marking the culmination of an expatriate's tenure in Saudi Arabia. Consequently, it is a testament to the adherence to regulatory protocols and serves as an essential document for those ready to embark on a new chapter outside the kingdom.

However, it is crucial to note that the visa application process is not a mere formality. For this reason, the approval by employers underscores their responsibility in the departure process, signifying a collaborative effort between expatriates and their workplaces. As a result, the final exit visa becomes a tangible manifestation of compliance with Saudi regulations, emphasizing the significance of legal procedures.

In other words, expatriates are bound by the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, which dictate that the final exit visa is the gateway to their departure. Also, the reliance on employer approval adds a layer of accountability, ensuring a thorough and sanctioned exit from the country.

Additionally, the final exit visa plays a pivotal role in regulating the movement of expatriates, aligning with the broader framework of immigration protocols. Therefore, this ensures that departures are organized, authorized, and in accordance with the established rules.

Saudi Arabia Final Exit Visa Requirements

Before applying for a new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, consider essential factors. So, to complete the process in accordance with Saudi law, follow mandatory and optional steps.

Mandatory Steps

Upon final exit visa issuance in Saudi Arabia, ensure fee payment for 60 days. Also, terminate the contract with a proper notice period, clear traffic fines, sell or transfer vehicle ownership, and maintain a valid Iqama.

Optional Steps

Alternatively, obtain a Saudi Arabian Police Background Certificate, transfer end-of-service benefits, settle postpaid bills, and address financial obligations. For this reason, decide whether to cancel or continue the Ejar lease, disconnect utilities, settle loans and credit card bills, and close the bank account before the final exit.

Moreover, for a hassle-free departure, consider utilizing cargo services, as flights typically allow 46 kg of luggage per passenger.

In essence, the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit necessitate meticulous attention to mandatory steps while providing flexibility with optional measures. Therefore, this ensures a smooth transition for individuals navigating the final exit visa process.

Navigating the Final Exit Visa Application Process

To adhere to the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, individuals must follow a systematic process, utilizing platforms like Absher and Muqeem.

Applying Through Absher

So, in accordance with the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, employees using Absher for visa petitions must meet specific criteria:

  • The employee should not have any vehicle under their name.

  • A final exit visa covers all dependents.

  • Individuals with family visit visas should have already left Saudi Arabia.

Now, we will delve into the steps for applying through Absher:

  • Open and log in to Absher.

  • Navigate to the services option in the “my services” entry.

  • Select passport and then visa applications.

  • Proceed to the next page.

  • Scroll down to find the option to create a visa application.

  • In the request type, choose the definitive exit visa.

  • Accept the provided terms and conditions.

  • Confirm and request the final exit visa.

However, failing to meet these requirements will trigger an error message, indicating ineligibility to create a visa application. For this reason, in such cases, individuals are advised to contact the General Directorate of Passports.

Applying Through Muqeem

Alternatively, individuals can follow a similar process on the Muqeem platform with the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit:

  • Open and log in to Muqeem.

  • Click on electronic transactions.

  • Select electronic final exit visa.

  • Enter the requested security code.

  • Input the resident's data.

  • The system will display the relevant information.

  • Click on the accept box.

  • Select confirm and then print.

By meticulously following these steps, individuals can avoid errors in the Saudi Arabia final exit visa application process.

Navigating Final Exit Visa Rules for Individuals

When adhering to the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, applicants using Absher must observe detailed regulations, as outlined below:

  • Upon employer approval, workers must issue the Saudi Arabia exit visa within 5 days.

  • Employers have a 10-day window to approve or reject the request.

  • If the employer rejects the visa, the MOL will review and decide within 10 days.

  • If the employer remains silent for 10 days, the visa is deemed accepted.

Permanent Exit Visa for Dependents

  • Under the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, dependents must meet specific conditions:

  • Dependents must not own any automobile or vehicle.

  • Within 60 days, dependents must pay the visa fee.

  • Possession of a valid Iqama is mandatory.

  • Passport validity should average 60 days.

  • Dependents must be within Saudi Arabia.

  • Compliance with all committed or unpaid violations is necessary.

How to Apply for Dependents

Also, dependent applicants should follow the final exit procedure on the Absher page:

  • Open and log in to Absher.

  • Click on services in the Family Members tab.

  • Select visa services and proceed to the next page.

  • Choose the corresponding dependent, click on more detail.

  • Select the option to issue the final visa.

  • Accept the terms and conditions to proceed.

  • Click on accept and select the issue final visa tab.

  • Choose the print option for a physical copy of the visa application.

In essence, following these steps ensures compliance with the detailed new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, guaranteeing a smooth process for individuals and dependents alike.

Verifying Final Exit Visa Status: A Comprehensive Guide

There are two methods for checking the final exit visa status, available through the MOL (Ministry of Labor) website and the Absher web platform. We will delve into the details.

MOL Website Verification

  • Access the MOL website.

  • Complete the requested identification number.

  • Click the green box.

  • If the employer issued the final exit visa, find the result in the employment status as خروج نهايي.

  • If the visa is not issued, the result appears as علي رأس العمل.

  • This process also serves for exit and re-entry visa validity checks.

Absher Platform Consultation

Under the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, individuals can check exit visa status on Absher.

  • Visit the Absher website.

  • Select the individuals option.

  • Choose English or Arabic.

  • Sign in to the Absher platform.

  • Go to the control panel and click on the more details tab.

  • Look for the visa class option in the visa information box.

  • Upon confirming the final exit visa validity, it will display as FINAL.

Common Questions Clarified

Here are the main questions of the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit:

  • How long to wait for a final exit visa? Issued within 60 days following Saudi Arabia final exit rules.

  • Duration after final exit in Saudi Arabia? Valid for 60 days post-issuance. The visa requested from the employer is valid for 15 days after approval. However, Iqama validity becomes irrelevant after visa issuance in Saudi Arabia.

  • Penalties for overstaying? Overstaying results in a penalty for an expired final exit visa. No charges for canceling a valid final exit visa.

In summary, the visa consultation and application process, as per the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit, is straightforward through Absher and Muqeem. Understanding both mandatory and optional processes ensures a smooth exit for individuals.

Unlocking 10 Benefits of the Final Exit Visa in Saudi Arabia

Embarking on the journey of obtaining a final exit visa in Saudi Arabia comes with a myriad of advantages. Therefore, we will delve into the ten notable benefits, shedding light on the transformative aspects of this process.

  • Facilitates Seamless Departure. So, acquiring a final exit visa streamlines the departure process, allowing individuals to leave the country smoothly and efficiently.

  • Employer Approval Empowers Workers. For this reason, worker empowerment is evident as employees issue the Saudi Arabia exit visa promptly upon employer approval, typically within a maximum period of 5 days.

  • Transparent Application Process. Therefore, the application process, facilitated through platforms like Absher and Muqeem, ensures transparency, making it easily accessible for individuals to navigate.

  • Swift Employer Response. Also, employers are required to respond within 10 days, either approving or rejecting the exit visa request, providing a swift and decisive turnaround.

  • Flexibility for Visa Acceptance. So, in the absence of employer response within 10 days, the visa is automatically considered accepted, offering a degree of flexibility in the process.

  • Ease of Dependents' Exit. Consequently, the new rules for final exit extend benefits to dependents, providing a clear and uncomplicated path for them to fulfill exit requirements.

  • Efficient Verification Methods. Therefore, verification methods through both the MOL website and the Absher platform offer efficiency, allowing individuals to confirm their visa status with ease.

  • Defined Validity Periods. So, the visa's clear validity periods – 60 days after issuance and 15 days after employer approval – provide individuals with well-defined timelines for planning their departure.

In summary, understanding the visa process through Absher and Muqeem is crucial, coupled with knowledge of mandatory and optional steps under the new rules in Saudi Arabia for final exit. For further assistance in your career journey or different type of visas, explore opportunities our insights section now! 

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