How to Get Labour Card Number in UAE Online


Raymond Albert Bridges

June 4, 2024 · 8 min read

Do you want to know what your UAE labor card number is?

Are you not aware where to look for it?

Your labor card is actually your work permit and it is of utmost necessity for working in the UAE. As it is required by every organization you work with for various purposes, you must keep it safe. It will help you in job-related services, visa applications, labor contracts and a lot other tasks. 

Through this article, we will guide you on How to Get a Labour Card Number in UAE Online and relevant information.

Where Can I Find My Labor Card Number Online?

There are many channels of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) that you can access to find your labor card number. Here we are listing them down:

Use MOHRE (MOHRE UAE) smartphone application:

Through the MOHRE App, you can conveniently access your Labor Card number, issue date, and expiry date. Additionally, you can view a digital copy of your Labor Card by selecting 'View Labor Card' after scrolling down. Obtaining your UAE Labor Card number via the MOHRE App is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Download MOHRE Mobile Application on your phone. Both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store have it.

Step 2: Now create your account to select from the following category of user registration:

  • Employer

  • Employee

  • Domestic worker sponsor

  • PRO

  • Domestic worker

If you're selecting an employee, start registration with your Emirates ID and Passport to get your Labor Card Number. Now provide your registered email address and mobile number to receive an account activation link. Complete the sign up process by following the instructions thoroughly.

Step 3: Now log in to your account through the credentials provided to you in the email

Step 4: Now click on the dashboard to find your essential information related to your residency and work, including your personal ID code, nationality, DOB, existing profession, details of Labor Card, details of passport, and Labor Contract.

You can get your employment related details quickly and efficiently through this method. However, you must not share the credentials of your MOHRE account to anyone to keep it safe and secure.

2. Use UAE Pass App:

Follow these steps to acquire your UAE labor card number:

  • Search for the UAE Pass app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store and Download.

  • Add the details of your labor card by following the instructions given.

  • You will receive the notification upon the document uploading is complete.

  • You will see the tab “Labour Card”. 

  • Click it to get your labor card number and employment details.

3. Tas'heel Service Centers:

  • Tas'heel service centers are available throughout the UAE and facilitate transactions related to MOHRE.

  • Visit your nearest Tas'heel center to request information about your employment, including your labor card number and employment contract copy.

Knowing where to find your labor card number empowers you to navigate various official processes with ease. Whether you choose the MOHRE app, UAE Pass, or a nearby Tas'heel center, you have convenient options to access this vital information.

Labour Card Number: Why It Is Important In The UAE?

As we have discussed that labor card serves as your work permit, there are many purposes that labor card number fulfills, which are:

  • You can file your salary complaint to the authorities in the UAE through it.

  • You can provide it as a requirement for employment details necessary to apply for specific visa services.

  • It is useful when it comes to streamlining the procedures for the Golden Visa application.

Labour card Number: What Happens If It Gets Expired? 

The expiry of your UAE labor card number indicates that your labor card needs to be renewed. As we have already discussed that the labor card is crucial for your employment in the UAE on legal grounds, you may face the following consequences if it is expired:

  • You Cannot Work In UAE Legally: 

You will not be allowed to work in the UAE in case you do not have a valid labor card. Therefore, in case of its expiry, you may face legal issues as well your employer may also encounter legalities.

  • Fines: 

Fines and legal penalties may be imposed on you and your employer if you do not apply for the labor card renewal. These penalties may vary according to the city you are working in and the policies of the labor department.

  • Restrict Access to Services: 

You may be restricted to avail of various services in the UAE if you have an expired labor card including bank account opening, visa application, process in the government agencies.

  • Issues In Visa Renewal: 

Your employment visa renewal can be hindered in case of an expired labor card as your visa is aligned with the validity of your labor card. You may face complications while renewing your UAE residency visa.

  • Employment Issues: 

You may be suspended from your job if your labor card is expired and you are not renewing it. This may lead to your income disruption and discontinuity of your job.

  • Difficulties in Dispute Resolving: 

In case of labor-related disputes, you will likely encounter challenges while resolving them. You cannot file a complaint with an expired labor card or access services related to dispute resolution.

In case your labor card has expired, immediately contact your HR Department to kick start your renewal process. You must submit renewal fee and necessary documents to the relevant labor authority. Also, you must check the specific requirements by the local body for a seamless process.

UAE Labour Card: Steps To Take If It Gets Expired

Renew your labor card proactively before its expiry to protect you from legal complications, employment issues, or financial penalties. Always keep your communication open with your employer to ensure your labor card renewal process is seamless and smooth.

You must take prompt action as soon as your labor card expires in the UAE to save yourself from getting swarmed with various legal issues and hurdles in your employment in the UAE. Here are the steps to follow and the associated costs:

  • Contact Your Employer: Inform your employer about the expiration of your labor card. They are responsible for initiating the renewal process. Request that they begin the renewal process as soon as possible.

  • Visa Renewal: If your residence visa is linked to your labor card, you'll need to renew your residence visa along with the labor card. An individual must communicate with the employer and the UAE immigration to process this. The visa renewal cost may vary, however it is around 300 AED.

  • Medical Test: Depending on your profession and visa category, you may need to undergo a medical test as part of the renewal process. The cost of the medical test can range from 250 AED to 500 AED.

  • Labor Card Renewal Fees: The cost of renewing your labor card varies based on your employment contract and the specific emirate in which you work. It typically ranges from 500 AED to 2,000 AED.

  • Penalties: If your labor card has already expired, you may be subject to fines for overstaying your legal residency. Overstay fines can range from 125 AED to 25 AED per day, depending on your visa category and the length of the overstay. For a labor cardholder, these fines can accumulate quickly. Therefore, it's crucial to renew your labor card before it expires to avoid overstay penalties.

  • Legal Assistance: If you encounter difficulties or disputes in the renewal process, you may need legal assistance. Legal assistance fee may vary according to the case complexity and the legal service provider.


The costs for all things mentioned above are just estimations and may be different in the future. It's recommended to check most up-to-date information with the MOHRE i.e., the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or the other relevant authorities.

UAE Labor Card Number: Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How can I get online access to Labor Card details?

You can access your Labor Card Details conveniently through multiple online platforms of Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation i.e., MOHRE:

  • Through the official MOHRE smartphone app 'MOHRE UAE' available on the App Store and Google Play Store

  • Through the UAE Pass App

  • Through Tas'heel service centers.

2. How do I download my UAE Labor Card using the MOHRE mobile App?

To download your UAE Labor Card through the MOHRE App, follow these steps:

  • Register or log in to the MOHRE app.

  • Access the "Services" section.

  • Choose "My Contract."

  • Enter your passport number, nationality, and date of birth.

  • Confirm by clicking "Done."

  • Wait for your card details to appear.

  • Capture a screenshot of your card for future reference.

3. How can I use the UAE Pass App to download my UAE Labor Card online?

You can use the UAE Pass App to obtain UAE Labor Card by following these steps:

  • Open the UAE Pass app and select 'Add document.'

  • Locate 'Labour Card' under the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and tap on it.

  • Your Emirates ID number will be pre-filled, and you need to grant consent.

  • Confirm your request and await a notification.

  • Navigate to the 'Documents' section at the bottom of the app's menu.

  • Click 'Labour Card' to view your labor card number and employment particulars.

4. Where can I find my Labor Card number other than MOHRE mobile App or UAE Pass app?

You can visit a nearby Tas'heel service center to get your UAE labor card number if you cannot use MOHRE mobile app or UAE pass app. Tas'heel centers are all over the UAE and can assist you in obtaining your employment related information, including your Labor Card number.

5. Why is my Labor Card number important?

A Labor Card number is required to process various applications and requests in the UAE. Here are some purposes it is required for: 

  • Filing a salary complaint

  • Applying for specific visa services, such as the Golden Visa

  • Signing employment contract

  • Accessing various public services in the UAE like bank account opening or healthcare

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