Regional Agency Manager


  • Kuwait


  • KWD 500 - KWD 1000 per month

Job Type

  • Part-Time

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  • 15

Job Description

The BitNest Regional Director is responsible for leading and managing the marketing and operations of BitNest in the assigned region. The Regional Director is required to develop and execute the market strategy in the region, drive the development of BitNest in the local market, and expand the market share and user base. They are responsible for building and maintaining relationships with partners, potential customers and the local community, ensuring business growth in the region.

Support Description:

1. Financial Sponsorship:

· As the city agent of BitNest, when your team members exceed 5000, you will receive 50000USDT sponsorship from BitNest Community and 200000 MEC tokens as a reward. It will be released in two months, with 100,000 released at the beginning of each month.

· BitNest will provide the regional director with a certain amount of financial sponsorship for marketing, organizing activities and other business development expenses. This will help regional directors better promote BitNest's business expansion and market development in their regions.

· Regional directors can use these funds to develop offline activities, advertising, team building, etc. In the region to increase BitNest's visibility in the local market.

· The specific amount and use of sponsorship will be customized according to the market demand and business development of the region where the regional director is located, so as to ensure the best promotion effect.

2. Marketing resource support:

BitNest will provide rich marketing resources, such as promotional materials, brand image materials, market analysis reports, etc., for regional directors to carry out promotional activities in the local market.

3. Team building support:

Regional directors can grow their teams by recruiting and training team members with the support of BitNest. BitNest will provide training and management guidance to help regional directors build effective teams.

4. Market analysis and strategy support:

BitNest will provide regional directors with local market analysis reports to help them understand market demand and competitive situation, and develop effective marketing strategies.

5. Brand Image Support:

The Regional Director will be granted the right to use the BitNest brand and will be supported by the BitNest global brand image. This will enhance the brand influence of the regional director in the local market.

Qualification requirements:

Qualifications to apply to become a BitNest city agent usually include the following:

1. Experience and background:

· Strong experience in marketing, sales or related fields, and familiar with marketing and sales processes.

· Strong industry background and market resources in the local market, able to quickly identify and meet customer needs.

2. Team leadership:

Have the ability of team leadership and management, can effectively organize and motivate the team, improve the overall efficiency and performance of the team.

· Familiar with team building and development, able to lead the team to conduct business in the local market.

3. Market insight:

· Have keen insight into local market and industry trends, and be able to quickly understand and analyze market changes and formulate corresponding strategies.

· Be able to accurately judge the changes of competitors and market environment, and formulate appropriate coping strategies.

4. Human Resources:

· Have a wide range of local contacts and resources, and be able to establish and maintain good customer relationships and partnerships.

· Have a certain degree of influence and visibility in the community, industry organizations or related fields.

5. Financial Stability:

Have a stable financial position, able to bear the initial investment and operating costs, to ensure the sustainable development of the business.

6. Business Acumen:

· In-depth knowledge of BitNest's products and services and ability to accurately communicate BitNest's value proposition and features.

· Strong business development and expansion capabilities, able to develop new markets and customers.

7. Compliance Awareness:

· Familiar with relevant local regulations and policies to ensure the legal and compliant operation of the business.

· Adhere to BitNest's corporate policies and code of ethics and uphold the company's image and reputation.

8. Proactive attitude:

· Proactive attitude, willing to accept challenges and strive to explore new markets.

· Be able to quickly adapt to business changes and development trends, and constantly learn and improve themselves.

These qualifications will help you succeed in your application to become a BitNest Regional Director and excel in your agency role.

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