Marketing Executive

Emagine Solutions FZE

  • United Arab Emirates


  • AED 4000 - AED 5000 per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Job Description: Marketing Executive


Market Research and Negotiation with Distributors:

1. Market Research:
- Conduct thorough research on the construction and mining equipment market in the Middle East.
- Analyze market trends, customer preferences, and competitors' activities.

2. Negotiation with DB:
- Collaborate with distributors to establish partnerships and negotiate terms, including pricing and distribution agreements.
- Build and maintain strong relationships with distributors.

Selection of Equipment Specifications:

- Work closely with engineering and product development teams to understand the specific needs and requirements of customers in the Middle East.
- Tailor equipment specifications to meet local regulations, industry standards, and customer preferences.

Preparation of Quotations, Orders Receiving, Order Registrations:

- Prepare detailed and competitive quotations for potential customers.
- Facilitate the order receiving process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transaction.
- Accurately register orders and maintain organized records of transactions.

Improvement of Distributor's Skills and Training:

- Develop training programs for distributors to enhance their product knowledge, sales skills, and customer service capabilities.
- Provide ongoing support and resources to help distributors improve their performance and meet sales targets.

Sales Promotion Activities:

- Devise and implement strategies to promote the company's equipment and increase brand awareness.
- Plan and execute sales promotions, advertising campaigns, and participate in industry events and trade shows to showcase products.

Increasing Sales and Market Share:

- Set ambitious sales targets and work with the sales team and distributors to achieve them.
- Monitor market share and implement strategies to increase the company's presence in the construction and mining equipment market.


Marketing and Sales Experience:
Candidates should have a solid foundation in either marketing or sales, demonstrating a proven track record of successfully promoting and selling products or services. This experience is essential for understanding customer needs, developing effective marketing strategies, and achieving sales targets.

Industry Knowledge - Heavy Equipment or Similar:
Candidates with experience in heavy equipment or a related industry have an advantage. This familiarity suggests that the candidate is likely to have an understanding of the unique challenges, regulations, and market dynamics associated with selling or marketing heavy machinery, construction equipment, or similar products.

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