Business Support Executive / Officer - Abracadabra

Egyptian Tabletop Trading Company

  • Egypt


  • EGP - EGP per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

No. of Vacancies

  • 8000

Job Description

Position: Business Support Executive/Officer


As a Business Support Executive/Officer, your role involves handling data processing procedures, drafting business transaction reports, and coordinating with various team members for ongoing production and sales requests. Your responsibilities include:

Overseeing both on-site and off-site production and sales activities, while providing customer support and ensuring accuracy in document proofreading.

Developing and completing data sheets to support business operations and decision-making.


Proficient in creating error-free spreadsheets with extensive numerical data.

Verifying data accuracy by cross-referencing information from original sources (e.g., sales orders, emails, catalogs) to maintain precision consistently.

Processing invoices and accounts payable, including follow-ups with vendors regarding discrepancies or late payments.

Managing incoming and outgoing mail and packages, ensuring efficient distribution within the organization.

Following up on sales orders and production processes with relevant departments to ensure smooth progress.

Providing administrative support to managers by managing calendars, scheduling meetings, and maintaining contact lists.

Offering clerical support, including document filing and maintaining organized records.

Ensuring received quantities and qualities match the order and description.

Prioritizing ongoing self-development in both technical and soft skills to enhance expertise in the field.

Adhering strictly to job instructions and company policies and procedures.

Cultivating healthy work relationships with colleagues and superiors.

Maintaining confidentiality regarding company information, both internal and external matters.

Adhering to safety, occupational health, and legal measures in accordance with country laws, company policies, and management announcements.

This role offers the opportunity for an individual with a strong organizational skill set to contribute to the efficient functioning of production and sales operations while upholding confidentiality and adhering to industry and safety standards.

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