Farm Engineer Manager

Mubaader Services

  • Kuwait


  • KWD 1400 - KWD per month

Job Type

  • Full-Time

Job Description

Position Title: Farm Manager

Job Description:

We are seeking candidates with agricultural experience, specifically in palm trees agriculture and date production, for the position of Farm Manager. The selected candidate will be responsible for overseeing all farm operations, including greenhouse management, palm dates production, and livestock management.


1. Farm Operations: Oversee and manage all aspects of farm operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

2. Palm Tree Expertise: Possess expertise in palm tree management, including propagation and the date harvest process.

3. Greenhouse Management: Supervise greenhouse activities, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

4. Livestock Management: Manage livestock, if applicable, ensuring their well-being and proper care.

5. Hands-On Approach: Willingness to be hands-on and actively participate in daily farm activities.

6. Leadership: Demonstrate strong leadership skills in managing a large quantity of foremen and laborers.

7. Problem-Solving: Address challenges and problems that may arise in day-to-day farm operations.

Skills and Qualities:

1. Agricultural Experience: Proven experience in agriculture, specifically in palm trees and date production.

2. Palm Tree Management: Expertise in palm tree management, propagation, and the date harvest process.

3. Management Skills: Strong leadership and management skills to oversee a large team of foremen and laborers.

4. Hands-On Approach: Willingness to actively participate in farm activities.

5. Strong-Willed: Possess a strong-willed and determined attitude.

6. Problem-Solving: Ability to address challenges and solve problems effectively.

If you have a background in agriculture, specifically with palm trees and date production, and possess the skills and qualities mentioned, we invite you to apply for the position of Farm Manager. Your expertise will be crucial in ensuring the success and productivity of our farm operations.

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